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  1. Yes, just read the post as meaning it was both suspended and null and void at the same time. Seems like it is currently suspended and will become null and void soon.
  2. Surely it can't be suspended until March and also declared null and void?
  3. I don't think the COVID situation will be significantly better in a month nor do I think lockdown will be lifted in February so I'm not confident that teams/the league will feel comfortable resuming next month. It is possible to finish the season at some point but I can't see it being finished in time for the promotion playoffs should any of the teams get licensed this year. I'm not arguing against pausing the leagues as it seems like the most sensible option. Just think that some people are very optimistic about when things will improve enough to continue playing at this level.
  4. Agreed (was only saying that the idea of stopping now and being able to finish the season later is unrealistic IMO).
  5. No, I mean when the set up moved to four divisions in 1994 (when ICT and Ross County joined) and it became Premier/First/Second/Third. There were two automatic relegation spots from the ten-team first/second divisions until 2007 when they changed it to one automatic relegation spot and second bottom in playoffs with the division below. Obviously it then became Premiership/Championship/League One/League Two later on.
  6. Stop now and I don't think the leagues will ever get finished. I don't think there's any chance of the lockdown ending in February.
  7. Good point. Wouldn't surprise me if eventually they came to a compromise involving increasing League Two to 12 teams and bringing in automatic two-up, two-down.
  8. When I say the old first and second division, I mean the current Championship and League One under their old name (not the original first division when it was the top league). Those were ten-team leagues with two automatic relegation spots until years ago when the playoffs were introduced.
  9. Don't think it being a 10-team division should make any difference. It wasn't too long ago that there were two teams automatically going down from the old first and second divisions.
  10. Just read that only levels 1-6 in England (down to National League North/South) will continue. Everything else suspended. Interesting to see what happens in Scotland. Would hope that the distinction will be made between senior and amateur and we can see LL etc. continue.
  11. I gave up on any hope of fans being allowed in at Hearts matches quite a while ago. Main focus for the Lowland League is just making sure the season gets finished and the promotion playoff goes ahead.
  12. Which levels of the pyramid count as elite sport?
  13. If it wasn't for weather issues, I think Buckie v ICT and Camelon/Brora v Hearts would have been the best options.
  14. Interesting to see what happens to the SOS. The WoS joining the pyramid and providing a league for the likes of Caley Braves, Cumbernauld etc. to drop to and the possibility that Gretna and Dalbeattie might choose the WoS (if they get an option) means they really have very few sources (if any) of new clubs. The old Dumfries amateur clubs have joined already and that league is now gone. They're down to just 14 clubs and two of them are reserves. The bigger issue for me is that having the SoS at tier 6 makes opening up the Lowland League to more relegation spots a little more complicated. If there was only the EoS/WoS at tier 6 then the Lowland League could easily open it up to two automatic relegation spots but having the SoS there adds in the complication of playoffs. 3 teams playing off for 2 promotion places potentially?
  15. Will they keep trying at Camelon or will they eventually try another ground? Not sure what dates they have tried so far. 26th (abandoned), 2nd and 4th and another?
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