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  1. Fundamentally wrong that a team could finish bottom with 0 points and not be relegated. Fully understand that the EoS/SoS playoff situation makes an extra promotion spot complicated but something needs to be done long-term about the SoS's place in the pyramid. 12 first teams from D&G plus one from Ayrshire and two reserve sides can't have equal status with the EoS and potentially a WoS later on.
  2. The Fort William result must be one of the biggest shocks for a long time.
  3. Entered qualifying 78-79 until 2006-07 and qualified only in 85-86. 85-86 was their first season in Highland League and they finished 12th. Qualifying scrapped in 2007 and since then they've had one win (Preston in 2015-16).
  4. 85-86 they took Stirling Albion to a replay before losing 0-6 in Stirling. As far as I'm aware, only time they qualified for cup before the qualifying was scrapped and only time they've ever played league opposition in the cup until today.
  5. Does that leave only Vale of Leithen, Whitehill Welfare, Tranent, Crossgates and Musselburgh without lights in the LL/EoS Premier?
  6. The Highlands appear to have 0 clubs currently interested in promotion. The Lowlands have many. Other leagues being a mess when it comes to relegation is not a good argument for what the lowland league should do.
  7. It's crazy to think that a team could finish bottom with 0 points and still potentially avoid relegation. Not a good situation for the club or league.
  8. I've think I've read the Isthmian/Southern League example on here at least 20 times. It's not really relevant what England did in the 1970s/80s. Also, the Isthmian League traditionally has a lot of clubs in London and the surrounding areas. London alone counts for a huge percentage of the population. You ended up in England with two southern feeders and one northern feeder with Midlands clubs jumping between different leagues. Northern England accounts for a far smaller population than southern England so there is some logic involved in what happened there decades ago. In Scotland, population logic would suggest a north, West and East feeder at tier 5 (current north/south divide at tier 5 certainly isn't logical). It certainly wouldn't suggest two east feeders and what happened in England decades ago doesn't strengthen the two east feeders argument.
  9. This new "compromise" talk is really boring. The EoS already compromised massively by letting the East juniors join at the same level as existing EoS clubs last season culminating in a new EoS premier one year later consisting only of former junior clubs (plus Whitehill Welfare from the Lowland League). The east juniors had their chance to move. Even this season another two moved. There is no need for a compromise now and no reason for one. There is no problem to be solved. Any other east juniors wanting to move can do so and join the bottom tier just like Kinnoul and Glenrothes did. It's a complete myth to suggest the EoS have done anything wrong throughout this process or are doing anything wrong by objecting to the remaining East juniors somehow joining at tier 6.
  10. Which league do clubs get relegated to and who decides? Keep it simple. One east feeder and one west feeder (new league formed and invite applications from West Juniors, SoS etc). There's absolutely no reason for two east leagues at tier 6 no matter how many "compromises" you come up with...
  11. I'm not sure which is the right thread for this but the current LL standings make very interesting reading. Of course, it's very early days and clubs have games in hand (particularly Berwick). Top two are ex juniors. 3rd-6th are clubs which weren't in the seniors (or juniors) until the past few years (EK, BSC, Braves, Colts). Bottom ten currently made up of two former SPFL clubs and eight former EoS clubs (Dalbeattie obviously former EoS and SoS). You would still expect Berwick and East Stirling to rise and perhaps Spartans. Interested to see how Spartans do this season because I feel like they might just have missed out on their shot at the SPFL but I'm sure they are still hopeful. Certainly a fascinating league along with the EoS and very interesting to see what the league is like in a few years time.
  12. The Lowland League should add another relegation spot but it's incredibly harsh to criticise them for only having one relegation spot currently. Until the old juniors moved to the EoS, there were very few clubs licenced in the EoS and none of them were likely to ever challenge for promotion (Burntisland, Hawick etc). It wasn't until earlier this year that suddenly you had a group of licensed teams who would be able to enhance the Lowland League and, even now, only 8/16 are licensed. Yes, the number of relegation spots should be increased but until very very recently there were very few, if any, teams able to make the step up.
  13. I think most people with no agenda would think two feeders covering the same area is ridiculous. Most people would think merging the two east feeders into one would be normal. Bizarre to suggest that most people would think two east feeders makes sense.
  14. I'll be surprised if any club loses their licence to be honest. Perhaps they will be stricter this time but they tend to protect the historical members.
  15. Wouldn't waste your time arguing with RJ.
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