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  1. Pretty poor set of results for the Highland League today including losses v Preston, Dunipace, Sauchie and Jeanfield. I'd imagine it's a sign of things to come over the next few years as more East/West sides get licensed.
  2. Also a mention of Berwick being the only English club to play in Scotland despite that being factually untrue. Even on their Twitter page, they incorrectly state "England's only club to play in the Scottish senior leagues".
  3. Banks O'Dee will win their league but not sure if Golspie are highly likely. They've never really dominated the league like BoD have.
  4. What system for promotion/relegation would you propose for the Lowland League?
  5. Yeah, I know it's extremely unlikely but the fact that the possibility exists for a team to end on 0 points and stay up is ridiculous.
  6. They aren't much of a match for the weaker teams either having lost (I think) 26 in-a-row and not having picked up any points since 2019. Still, if the tier 4/5 promotions/relegations go their way, they'll be safe for another year.
  7. Unless they merge with the WoS, they can't drop down a tier. Dropping down a tier would mean promoting into the WoS Premier which doesn't make sense either.
  8. About time to remove the B teams entirely from the cup.
  9. Isn't it far better that the best non-league sides face the SPFL sides rather than minnows who haven't got a hope of beating them? The only reason clubs like Golspie had any chance of playing an SPFL side is because of the senior/junior divide. A quick look at their record (I might have missed some results) doesn't exactly make good reading. Golspie - never played a league side as far as I can tell St. Cuthbert Wanderers - 1-3 v Elgin in 2012/13, 0-9 v Stranraer in 2010/11 then you've got to go back to the 70s when they last played a league side. Wigtown & Bladnoch - 0-9 to Stranraer in 2011/12, 0-9 v Dunfermline in 1961/62 plus some matches in the 50s when there was no qualifying.
  10. Very glad that only the 12 premier teams get a bye into round four. Couldn't they use a different system instead of byes in the preliminary round? Rewarding teams for their performance in the previous season? I know that would be difficult because of Covid wiping out last season but, in general, I think it would be a better system than random byes.
  11. 2010-11 west region is missing Stonehouse Violet. They finished 5th in Central Division Two with 35 points. They also took part in 2011-12 but withdrew during the season.
  12. Yes done the same. Listening to Sportsound commentary and just had to pause it for a while until the stream caught up.
  13. Leaving aside the obvious hilarity of Caledonia Braves having enough fans to vote "overwhelmingly", what on earth are they proud about?
  14. George Fraser has been nothing but outsranding for the LL He's just caused a massive amount of negative attention for the LL now. The league looks like a bit of a joke when it's willing to let the Old Firm colts buy a place in the league when there's only promotion spot on offer to tier 6.
  15. "League chairman George Fraser said: "Our league is fully committed to the integrity of the pyramid and we have shown this time and time again, so any suggestion we are not is ill-judged and misplaced."" Laughable comments from George Fraser. He's just undone years of the reputation of the Lowland League gradually getting better. The priority for the league should be opening up relegation at the bottom to bring in some bigger clubs from the EoS/WoS rather than selling out for the Old Firm colts.
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