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  1. Seems unfortunate for Tollcross Thistle that they didn't get to enter the Scottish Cup this year. Looks like they won the 2020 cup in April 2022 because of all the Covid delays. On a side note, are they related to Tollcross United? Looks like they formed around the same time Tynecastle took over Tollcross United.
  2. If relegation opens up a bit more, it wouldn't suprise me to see an ex-SPFL club get relegated from the Lowland League at some point over the next few years. I think one or two of them might struggle a bit long term as more sides get promoted from the EoS/WoS.
  3. I honestly really enjoyed the Si Ferry interviews years. He did quite a few with ex-Hearts players so it wasn't just Old Firm guys. Stopped watching as soon as it became a group thing.
  4. Leaving aside the B team debate, I think the biggest issue with the league is the lack of relegation spots meaning there's a gulf in quality between some of the sides. As burnieman has said, none of the sides coming down from the SPFL have won the league yet. Last season they were 6th and 8th. None of them have made great starts so far although it's extremely early in the season so too predict where they will finish. The promoted sides from below tend to do well although Bo'ness have struggled until this season. I don't think they are all going to come up from the WoS/EoS and walk the league. Give it a few more years and replace Gretna, Dalbeattie, Cumbernauld, Edinburgh Uni etc. with Auchinleck, Pollok, Clydebank, Linlithgow etc. and you'll have a very good league. Unfortunately, with 1 (and potentially 0) relegation spots, it's going to take far longer than it should to change the quality of the league. Regardless of the quality of the league or the teams in it, 1 relegation spot from a 16-team league (minus the B teams) is always going to create problems. The bottom few sides in the Lowland League are clearly not very strong. Every single relegated side over the years (and there aren't many) have struggled in the EoS so far. I still think it's going to be a few years before a side is relegated from the Lowland League and then seriously challenges for promotion in Level 6 (except for Gretna/Dalbeattie if they're relegated to the SoS). Despite that, I think the top half are quite strong now and the league will only continue to improve over the next few years. Over the next few years if you 1) remove the B teams and 2) increase the number of relegation spots then there will be a very strong league.
  5. LTL always seems to be going on about how everyone is obsessed with the senior/junior divide when it seems to be him referencing it 99% of the time.
  6. Do those claiming this is a pro-central belt issue realise that people still want the SoS teams to be part of the pyramid? No-one is saying to remove them. If the teams are as strong as some on this thread seems to think then they'll end up in the WoS Premier anyway. Can anyone point me in the direction of posts saying that the leagues in the north should be removed from the pyramid or moved down? I haven't seen anyone ever advocating for the Highland League being stripped of its tier 5 status. The only argument I've seen is to make it north/east/west replicating the old junior structure.
  7. Agreed that they done quite well throughout the years but the lack of relegations in that time also makes it easier to do well as there aren't many stronger teams coming in. I think they'll struggle over the next few years (if they even survive).
  8. Not too difficult to stay in a league with four relegations in nine years.
  9. Have definitely read posts in the past couple of days denying this. I think there's no big issue now but there will be when the Lowland League eventually starts increasing the number of relegation spots.
  10. 18 teams in the Strathclyde Demolition Cup last year. Three have become licensed (Bonnyton, Kilwinning & Rutherglen). Still in the cup: Drumchapel, Neilston, St. Cadoc's, Forth Wanderers, Port Glasgow, Finnart, BSC, Campbeltown, Glenvale, Harmony Row, Kilsyth Athletic, St. Peter's New to the cup (dropped out of juniors): Whitletts, Renfrew, Kello New to the cup (and new to the league): Easterhouse, Eglinton, Rossvale Academy, Thorn Athletic, West Park United Rejoined the SJFA: Royal Albert, Vale of Clyde. Bellshill
  11. They got a bye in the first round (along with many others) and played Thorniewood in the second round.
  12. That's a fair point although there's only been one unlicensed club since the Scottish Cup scrapped the qualifying cup in 2007 (plus once when Stranraer reserves won so no club got in). Of course, the chances will be higher now with Threave leaving.
  13. I think that means Fauldhouse United have resigned from the SJFA so we'll only have Armadale, Bathgate, Harthill, Livingston United, Stoneyburn, West Calder and Syngenta (TBC) in it from the EoS unless any of the licensed clubs have rejoined.
  14. Of course, who doesn't want the whole country to be represented? Which parts are being considered more important than others? This would be about the SoS being linked to the west region or further down the system, not about it being removed from the pyramid. If we're going to have small regions at tier 6 then why wouldn't you have a borders league there too rather than at amateur level?
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