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  1. Word in from Teckle Towers - The book has arrived. Yaassssssssssss!
  2. Definitely a ?. If Dundee's cultural campaign fails you'd have to assume lack of an "in cherge" approach was the deciding factor
  3. I'm happy to do a reading at the Harris assembly or such like, Graeme. Make it happen, cunto.
  4. Au contraire mon amis; had they jumped on my bandwagon they might have a better chance of winning. Eh'm cultural as f**k, ken?
  5. They're entirely different beasts, Biggie, but I'm going to make a bold predication and say my book's far better. You ken the score, chief. An exclusive extract from the book to come later in the week, folks, and if you've pre-ordered your copy will be in the post Thursday/Friday. Are you excited? I'm pretty fucking excited here.
  6. You've got the crash helmet and cape look working well, it's just a matter of upgrading from your BMX to a motor bike. I believe in you, pal.
  7. I love you too, Kyle. We'll always have our Derry Ehumba at Firhill.
  8. Only the behinning, my friend. Global domination awaits. Been out on Buchanan Street doing it for the last hour. Made £4.17 and a used subway ticket. I've had worse hours. Yassss! I do look fairly handsome in the photo, to be fair. I've already complained bitterly to the journalist for not using the topless shot. Page 29 of the Courier, Gus's old dear's fantasies and now Gordie's dreams - it's been a helluva good day for me. Will get you one signed no bother pal. I agree that it's good to support the independant retailers like Grouchos. Get in about Waterstone's too; the more people buying it there or even just asking about it there means they'll take on more copies of the book, which is braw for Grant.
  9. I've recently discovered Flat 0/1. Good bar, despite the musty smell all those old couches provide. In her youth my lass used to drink a "cocktail" called "Cherry Buckini" - Buckfast mixed with cherry Lambrini. Classy.
  10. Probably. Signed copies with letter from Jocky will be going for four or five times the retail price in a matter of weeks. Not that you'll want to sell it, Swarley. No refunds by the way people. If you think the book's shite then tough tits. Take it up with the publisher, I'll be too busy rubbing my crotch with the money you gave me to give a f**k.
  11. My past is fucking ripe with horror and wonderful moments of shame. The tabloids will have a fucking field day.
  12. Radio shows don't portray just how handsome I am, so TV appearances would be preferable.
  13. My response to nerves is alcohol, but I turning up pished is probably unprofessional and likely to lead to profanity. Two pint limit in place.
  14. Saturday 30th November, PA. Not sure what time, will post when I find out. I'd guess it's from about 1pm onward.
  15. Cheers Bob. Advance release orders have gone very well, hopefully it continues in the coming weeks. I've got an interview in the Dundee Courier coming out on Monday, will post a link if it's in the online content. Expect to see stuff in the Herald, Scotsman and Metro in the coming weeks too.
  16. This is true. If I'm allowed to use the word "fanny" on air I'll be taking him to task on the matter. Got a good text from my publisher today. "Stuart Cosgrove will be reading this thread, so don't say you're going to punch him in the crotch please." Fair doos I suppose.
  17. If asked I'll say nothing but good things about this place and the people who post here. P&B made me. I'm fully aware of that. This whole writing a book thing wouldn't be happening without it. The acknowledgements section of the book includes thanks to "Dave McDonald (Div) and everyone at Pie & Bovril". It's a genuine and heartfelt tip of the cap to this site and the good people who make it what it is. When I punch Stuart Cosgrove in the crotch live on Off the Ball I want you all to know I did it for P&B.
  18. Get them telt, jagfox. If any c**t wants to argue their non-calling-it-lorne point here I'm prepared to engage in physical combat over the matter. In other news I plan on presenting Stuart and Tam a signed, semi-naked author portrait of myself live on air on Off the Ball. The photo is dangerously erotic. It's me going taps aff holding a football. It's a whole new definition of Sexy Futba.
  19. That's my regular weekend headwear and tipple, Kid, so aye, nae bather. My manners are impeccable, Zen. I'll apologise profusely the first time a "c**t" slips out. One of the few things fellow Taysider Cosgrove and I will agree on is that it's Lorne, jagfox. HAIL BOOCHIR!
  20. Consider it done, NBB. I'll even throw in an elbow drop off the couch his guests sit on. I reckon I'll get the three count before I'm dragged kicking and screaming out the studio.
  21. Jocky's thoughts on Scotland v USA can be found here. Next week will see an exclusive excerpt from The Tartan Special One hit the P&B homepage. In further exciting but slightly terrifying news, I'm going to be a guest on Off the Ball on November 30th. Hiya Stuart and Tam! Hiya pals!
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