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  1. Previous statement regarding your c**t status retracted, pal.
  2. Odd how it let me see it when I'm not a subscriber. Must ken I'm a good c**t. Not that I'm saying you're a bad c**t, Knightswood. Give me a minute and I'll copy and paste it. Here you go, cunto: Christopher Brookmyre, novelist The Tartan Special One by Barry Phillips (Teckle Books, £7.99) was an anarchic fantasy about the ongoing battle for the very soul of Scottish football, and that rare beast these days, a novel unashamedly comic in its intent. I frequently had tears running down my face as I laughed at Phillips's soaringly deranged imagination and joyfully inventive profanity.
  3. The women who work in Grant's local post office fucking hate him. With good cause; he's a bit of a c**t. Just kidding, Grant. I love you ya big ride. Teckle Hall of Famer Chris Brookmyre continues to spread the good word in the Herald's 'Book of 2013' section: http://www.heraldscotland.com/books-poetry/comment-debate/the-books-of-2013-part-two.22752612
  4. I'm going to be rescheduled to appear in the next couple of weeks. Cosgrove lives to fight another day. I've put his slice of Telt on ice.
  5. It's not me pal. Ask him anyway, the confused look on his face will be delightful!
  6. Off the Ball cancelled due to the helicopter crash in Glasgow last night.
  7. It is indeed. I'm hoping Stuart and Tam make him the main focus of ridicule (I'll probably drop in the odd "schmoke and a pancake?" myself), allowing me to plug the book and escape relatively unscathed. Cheers pal!
  8. Ha! Ken what Ross, I've often thought I looked a bit like that boy. Glad someone else has finally agreed.
  9. Off the Ball's webpage just got a damn sight more handsome. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0079mcc/broadcasts/upcoming
  10. When Reynard eventually bursts into angry flames and is rendered incapable of posting here or anywhere else, Div should retire the emoticon as a mark of respect for a man who purposefully flew too close to the sun because he wanted to call it a buckled solar c**t.
  11. My morning commute was improved considerably when I came across this. Great stuff. The launch party on Saturday night was a rousing success. There was boozing, schmoozing and some attempted breakdancing. Grant's good lady invented a cocktail called "Teckle" which consisted of red wine, Cava and Tartan Special. It may go some way to explaining why I woke up on Sunday in my girlfriend's dress with a fair bit of makeup on. Let the good times roll.
  12. We've got a load of Special in for the launch perty tonight. A most appropriate carry out!
  13. Shango RSVP'd to say he has a voodoo convention on and unfortunately can't attend. The ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage, however, will be there. You should abuse your connection with the event venue host and pop in, Jamie. We can discuss that WAP thread of yours over a beer or two.
  14. Your postie must be a Dee, Rusty. Telt! Now that books are arriving through letterboxes can I ask that the thread has NO SPOILERS. By all means discuss the book but please don't go giving too much away to those yet to read it. Cheers. Happy reading a'body.
  15. It was fun to a point, but the sheer volume of them was a nightmare. Good selling point though, worth it. All books now in the post, folks.
  16. I've got them gagged, bound and sufficiently greased to allow for fun times to be had should the mood take me. I'll set them free after the launch. Some books (including all international orders) went to the post office this afternoon, the rest are packaged and ready to go to the PO first thing tomorrow morning. Huge thanks to Div for supporting the book over the past few weeks! Cheers boss.
  18. Good book, I like Bryson's stuff a lot. We'll get it in the post for you tomorrow, Ross. Cheers Smurf. Absolutely. If P&B's bank of emoticons had one waving a dildo we'd be using it right now.
  19. Cheers jagfox. I'm fucking dying to get up to Dundee tomorrow so I can get my hands - and quite possibly penis - on this bad boy.
  20. I'd have left a dildo out in the background or something for the lulz. Not that I have dildos. Cheers J! Fair point. Nice, whatever it is.
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