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  1. Alloa 2-0 Peterhead Clyde 1-1 Montrose Dumbarton 1-2 Queens Park East Fife 0-2 Cove Falkirk 1-2 Airdrie
  2. To be perfectly honest, "guru" is way too big a word for you. You're most definitely not the brightest little star in the sky. As much as I find you entertaining in a thick little c**t kinda way, consider yourself a member of the blocked club.
  3. I don't think there will have been a budget f**k up fella. We either have the funds or we don't. Given the current climate it's unlikely there will be much, if any funds available so every penny has to be spent wisely. No evidence of that on current showings. This is a poor team. In saying that, this will be the same for the majority of clubs so why have we suddenly become embarrassingly bad and on a downward trajectory that looks unlikely to be reversed? If the gap gets much bigger at the foot of table then its pretty obvious where we're heading. I agree...DY has been decent (past tense) and brought us some good moments, but we're going back 3 years. Since then he's done nothing more than keep us up which is fine in my book. I've always maintained we are a mid table 1st division club at best and we have to be realistic. Getting the additional income from reaching the play offs or a decent cup run is as far as we were ever going to go. All that said, we're now staring into the abyss and after a few years in the 1st it's hard to imagine going down. We've no divine right to stay up but the sudden transformation from being decent mid table side to being utter dross is a hard one to take. Losing key players for unexplained reasons tells us something isn't quite right. If the club are settling for basement league football 22-23 then that's something we have to accept but there will be a couple of hundred folk who won't accept it and wont be back. If DY can't turn this around very soon, put simply...we are fucked.
  4. As long as they want it would seem. It's like a conspiracy of silence is taking place. On current form we are heading down but that's maybe not bothering them too much. Back to 300 ish crowds and playing Cowdenbeath 4 times a season is about as bad as it gets.
  5. Airdrie 3 - 1 Clyde Alloa 2 - 1 Cove Falkirk 5 - 0 East Fife Peterhead 2 - 2 Dumbarton Queens Park 3 - 1 Montrose
  6. Here's the thing. Absolutely no-one listens to you, you utter moron. Not even the stewards it would seem, although I find your tedious little story a bit far fetched. School tomorrow. Get to yer feckin bed.
  7. No, certainly not to East Fife anyway. Would imagine Stevie Frail would make the step up, short term anyway. All hypothetical. Young needs to get into the sea first and foremost.
  8. Young clearly has a high opinion of himself with all those full time jobs he applied for. Clearly the fact we're still stuck with him tells its own story. Why are the board not recognising failure?
  9. Cove 2-1 Airdrie Dumbarton 2-2 Alloa East fife 0-0 Clyde Montrose 1-1 Falkirk Queens Park 3-0 Peterhead
  10. That shoogly peg snapped weeks ago. Surely to god he walks?
  11. Fully expecting to get beat this weekend but if we get another pumping, then Young should do the right thing and move on. Leave it too late and we are heading straight to the basement league.
  12. Alloa 1 - 1 Falkirk Cove 2 - 1 Montrose Dumbarton 2 - 0 East Fife Peterhead 2 - 2 Clyde Queens Park 2 - 1 Airdrie
  13. Aye, not convinced about the mirrorless. Like the idea of being lighter but restrictions on lens offerings put me off a bit. Never say never though. Could be worse. Could be a Canon shooter. (wait for it... @The Mantis)
  14. Will the TC not step you down to about F8? FFS I know we've had plenty of sun this summer but...
  15. Ahh. IIRC Kinnear and Methven played in the same team? (Same time)
  16. Lovely pup and sharp image You can never have enough lens. Saying that , depends what you want to shoot. A 250 will be more than enough for general stuff but if you're into wildlife (small bird, mammals etc) then a 250 will seem inadequate. If not, then a 250 is fine for general shooting and bigger subjects. You can pick up used Sigma Contemporary or Tamron (150-600) for around £500-£600, both decent glass. I used to carry a 150-600 Sigma (sport version) and whilst great for reach, it was impossible to hand hold due to the weight. Next to useless unless on a tripod or mono. Great lens though. Downsized to a 300 prime + 1.4 TC and I'm back to wanting more. Saving hard for the 500 prime and that will be the end of it.
  17. Harry Kinnear? Remember him well from the 70's. Decent player.
  18. Airdrie 2 - 2 Alloa Clyde 1 - 3 Cove East Fife 1 - 1 Peterhead Falkirk 1 - 1 Queen’s Park Montrose 3 - 0 Dumbarton
  19. Nice. Was up there last month. Lovely part of the country and so under rated.
  20. Various beaches, Isle of Coll. Spent 4 glorious days there and can highly recommend.
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