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  1. I had a vision of a naked Kylie Minogue or Emma Bunton in mind but I take on board your comments. Appreciated as always.
  2. We've got the boat out around 4 times using either the Misty Isle or Bella Jane. They drop us off and pick us up a couple of days later. Last time we did it we parked the car up at Sligachan Hotel and walked in, which took us around 5 hours. Was hell on earth as we were carrying tent, supplies etc. Great walk in/out but wouldn't do it again. Camping at sunset with only the sound of the cuckoos high up in the cliffs is not something you forget.
  3. Hawkhead Pier, Aberdour. Dates to around 1850 so tbf it's quite old.
  4. Cracking image. Have camped at Loch Coruisk many times. Stunning landscape all around.
  5. Cheers. Won internal competition in photographic society and have entered it into a few nationals so will see where it goes.
  6. The Boat & Ben. Old wreck at Corpach with Ben Nevis in background.
  7. I'm not sure if you're trying to make a point or not. Naysmith was sacked by QoTS and Edinburgh City. I simply don't think he would be a good option.
  8. Can't believe some folk would take Naysmith back. He's no better than Crawford and a track record of failure in lower league football. Yes, he got us promoted back in the day, but he also got us relegated in the first place. He was soon found out on stepping up a league. A bad choice imo.
  9. He be gone. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Feastfifefc.info%2Flatest-news%2F1216%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR1nh-ZQwyqLVFH4uY6Z_6sLwoRLpBbuJX7q0_REGn3Ww-SfysGgbfe5cp4&h=AT1WocUn55OcJ7RVlfBGbR_1CcHX5leJfxlB9noL5WR-TVwG-urdFBnoPPJpEVG3gC4x3nJR3wOlY4F35ggqHIyXh1ilK_a3bJm1yK-6ycWJfKquIN0zS4XnwmXcG-Zj7g&__tn__=-UK-R&c[0]=AT0SJnEJvk37pRepnYyhW3wA8Jao6N08bB2X-wpsefhUgDgNuwVF0XQrhMjUdooy5_SLMKK00OMLqgCJ7aY2bz_uKSPo5i2u61pH_SCzHNzEb8WBbmyN_GpeYLkxCt1dzaAGLoRR7UYkG2cs5fL_rb0wklV88cy2mSZ5V9B6T11SInX4ti3ndIPZjNk5ySeM-ziB2qmi7JcTUA
  10. Wise choice sir. A fantastic camera and I'm sure you'll get years of happy photography with it. The only fault I'm aware of is its not very good for video but that's not something I do anyway. Enjoy.
  11. I think he means you're a dick but just being polite about it.
  12. I was thinking more pay at the gate but yes, get your point.
  13. As much as I think you're a sound fella Scott, I find it difficult to back you on this one. I don't think supporters, whether it be our own or other clubs, are at fault here and fully understand the negativity surrounding the pricing. The board have made a significant f**k up with their pricing structure and the fact there has been zero communication from them as to why, speaks volumes. It's downright embarrassing to be honest. One of the board is on this very forum so they know exactly what public opinion is. The pricing structure just doesn't make sense given where we are at present. They need to grow some balls and either explain why or revert back to a price that reflects where we are at present. They (the board) are either very naïve or there's more going on at the club that we are aware of. If they think that hiking the prices up is the answer to any financial problems the club may (or may not) have, then there's no doubt that will come back and bite them hard on the arse fairly soon. Fans will vote with their feet. It's clearly a matter of principle and they are absolutely correct in doing so. It's fine saying follow your team through thick and thin etc. but the price has to reflect the league we are in. We're not any better than any other club in this league, far from it. It's a bit of a catch 22 for East Fife at present. They have increased pricing for a product that is pretty sore on the eyes which is a stupid decision as crowds will reduce regardless of pricing given where we are. If they think that hiking the prices up will reduce the deficit then we should be looking to install a new board as this shower are clueless. If I were a betting man, I'd put money on the club backtracking and prices being reduced fairly soon coupled with the usual minimalistic statement from "I'm the big man" Stevenson. If I'm wrong then we're in for a long hard season. I'm not convinced Crawford is up to the task in hand either but if his hands are tied financially then who are we to judge? He can only work with the tools he's got. I'm sure he's a decent fella but as a famous pundit once said, "you can't win anything with kids". Time will tell.
  14. And a fine chairman he is. It's all very well saying the clubs on an even keel but if they continue to charge what they are for season tickets whilst producing fucking dross every Saturday afternoon then fans will continue to walk away. If the club are not prepared to invest in a few experienced players to supplement the young lads then we're in for a long season. Crawford's had ample opportunity to bring players in. Question is, why hasn't he?
  15. I've got the D850 which I use for landscapes mostly and still one of the best DSLR's ever made. I'm starting to use it more and more and preferring it over the D500. With the battery pack your getting 9fps which is one shy of the D500. Colour rendering is stunning. I'm with you. I've looked at the Z range and apart from the Z9 I'm not impressed. Going to wait a few years until things are a bit more established before considering a change. Nikon are still investing in DSLR and the D850 is a solid, quality camera. I doubt glass will come down in price. More the opposite. I can highly recommend the D850. You'll pick one up brand new for around 2k grey import or slightly less used.
  16. Was speaking to a friend of Crawford's yesterday. According to him Crawford doesn't have much of a budget to play with. Begs the question why is the club in such a perilous state? I appreciate Darren Young's time was up but equally, why replace him with someone, who to be honest looks to be just as vulnerable?
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