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  1. Clyde 1 -1 Dumbarton Cove 3 -1 Airdrie Falkirk 1 - 2 Montrose Peterhead 3 - 0 Forfar
  2. Suddenly, this thread doesn't seem important anymore.
  3. Well done Peterheed but the Falkirk and Clyde threads are much better entertainment tonight. #IMPLOSION
  4. They'll do anything to cover their own arses. I hope this is the start of something big.
  5. Anyway, back on subject,...I think we all agree this has been one monumental f**k up and I'm hoping the blame lies with the governing body rather than Clyde or East Fife. I still maintain this season should have been declared null and void. A totally pointless exercise from the very beginning. This whole split carry on looks as though it was put together by school kids. Scottish football is a joke and governed by incompetent fucking idiots. If ever there was a need for a radical shake up, its now.
  6. I'll ask her tonight. Could well be a local government thing but as far as I know she was told to do it.
  7. My missus is a teacher and she has to test twice per week.
  8. Under normal circumstances yes, but we're not currently living under normal circumstances. Nasty disease kicking about.
  9. As for the Clyde statement, personally I don't see much wrong with it. They've said it as it is without going into to much detail. More to follow no doubt.
  10. I've simmered 👌 Fucked up in the sense that we're relying on a network of incompetent idiots running the game into the ground in this country. Fucked up as in to me it sounds like they called this completely wrong. Clyde following the protocols is a big ask (no disrespect intended). They're young guys and we all know how that goes. Relying on them being responsible and socially distancing? No chance. How can they possibly prove that? I'm 100% certain EF made the right call and I'd probably feel the same if the boot was on the other foot. I cannot for the life of me understand why this particular bunch of cretins thought it OK for this game to go ahead. Maybe I'm missing something but no doubt we'll find out more tomorrow.
  11. I've said it from the very beginning and to be honest we've never put a run together to stare at the summit. Thanks for playing though.
  12. East Fife 2-1 Peterhead Forfar Athletic 1-1 Clyde Montrose 2 - 2 Cove Rangers Partick Thistle 3 -1 Falkirk
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