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  1. Now now boys play nice. Not the time for petty squabbling. Feel the love.
  2. A Tufted Duck on lock-down at my local pond. I do like a Tufty. Evasive little buggers at the best of times.
  3. A mere mention of codeword "Simple" and you pop up. Promoting or indeed relegating clubs without seeing out the season would be a travesty. See it out or null and void.
  4. Its fucking simple. Just like you're average lino fan. Play the season out, even if it goes to October. Its fair fucks. 2020-2021 season could be a half season. 1 home fixture and 1 away.None of this 4 times a season nonsense. f**k the cups. They screwed that up years ago.
  5. I'd rather see this season complete regardless of how long it takes. 20-21 could be a half season 1 home 1 away to enable things to catch up. That said, we could all be fucking dead and then it wont matter.
  6. Someone told me you can get the chairlift up with or without skis but I'm not a lazy b*****d and like a gid walk! :-) Enjoy.
  7. Walk Description STAGE 1 Park at the Glenshee Ski Centre; there is a car park by the cafe on the west side of the road, and a much larger parking area on the east side for use in the skiing season. Begin the walk from the cafe by heading past the main ski building and then turning left across a gravelled yard to join a track climbing steeply uphill. Follow this diagonally to the right to reach a ski-lift and an octagonal cafe building (used in winter only). Continue on the main track between two ski-lifts, climbing steeply uphill. The track then bends left and crosses over a ski-run. Once past the far snow fence turn right onto a slightly narrower, eroded track climbing steeply. This eventually recrosses a ski-run; when it forks take the left branch which aims straight uphill. STAGE 2 The track climbs to reach the ridge just west of Carn Aosda (with a Carn Aosda signpost). Ignore the track cutting across the slope to the right and instead head straight uphill on a stony path to soon reach the summit cairn. At 917 metres in height and with the high level start this is probably the easiest of all Munros to reach. Unfortunately the extensive ski developments badly scar its slopes and detract from the experience, though the views are good.
  8. And all going well here's what you'll see. Apart from us although you never know!
  9. Its actually a Munro (Carn Aosda i think) but a fairly easy one to climb and if memory serves me well took just under an hour to reach summit. You take the track up behind the ski center and just head up. Once at summit settle down and keep your eyes peeled. We saw loads of Ptarmigan and mountain hares despite a blowing gale.
  10. Think that's the same Crestie! 😊 It's a cracking place to go. Have you tried Glenshee for the Ptarmigan? Climbed up there a couple of years back in horrendous weather but got some decent shots of them and mountain hares.
  11. Yes mate. I always take various bags of seed to bring them in. I go up there every winter for the cresties so the Goldcrest was a bonus😃
  12. No mate, old guy in Aberdeen. Only 25k on clock and in great nick.
  13. Some crackin photos of recent. Trip up to one of my favorite haunts last week Loch Garten & the Cairngorms. Goldcrest which is a first for me as the wee shites are always on the move!
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