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  1. Seems a very likeable lad and look forward to seeing him at Bayview. Glad he finally managed to dislodge that bogie up his nose though.
  2. Partick Thistle Falkirk Airdrie East Fife Montrose Peterhead Forfar Cove Rangers Dumbarton Clyde
  3. A mere mention of master bakers and you appear.
  4. Does his mother know he's a master Baker?
  5. Surprised no one has been a bit pervy and introduced dill dough into this conversation. Then again, it might just be me.
  6. KK always has the last pun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No bun intended.
  7. You're right. Terrible grammar from our yank friend coupled with the fact you post the train pics and not me! He's clearly an in bread Lino licker.
  8. FFS we're all clearly bored in here eh. Met that Morrissy lad yesterday. Strange fella with brown hands. Had to leave as he was kneading a shite.
  9. Huge problem this year with regular Osprey nesting sites producing nothing. Various theories going round as to why, but I'd put it down to either a hard winter or issues prior to migration. Bit of a mystery tbh.
  10. Highland Osprey Collective. Wife was having a girly night in so me and the dug bailed and headed up the Cairngorm for a night in the van.
  11. Ya gotta luv red Squirrels. First decent trip out since lockdown to see these fellas. A gang of 5 young uns.
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