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  1. Thoroughly entertaining game and that's one helluva team Gerrard has put together. All that in less than 3 years. I like the guy. Always comes across as decent and level headed. I don't think Rangers should fear anyone in the next round. Clearly confidence running through the team and great to watch from a neutral.
  2. You cut your cloth accordingly. Less games (more so during winter) may well see attendances increase over the course of a reduced season. Alternatively, we keep the status quo and we're still here in a few years time complaining how shit Scottish football really is.
  3. Haven't a clue big fella if I'm being honest. Leave the top tier as it is, so the can lump it about against each other 4 times per season? Have two leagues of say 16/18 playing each other twice. This is Scottish football we're talking about. Nothing should really surprise us. Remember the stooshy when the introduces the SPL split? As @jaggyness has highlighted above, a split might be the answer. I'm all for introducing a few more teams into the league but not Colts. Keep the pyramid system in place as this works. Playing each other twice a season is more than enough. Hell, we could even play less games. No big deal when you consider the practicality of winter football in this country.
  4. This has just gone way over your head dude. What a rocket.
  5. Yes, 3 divisions Haven't got a clue m8 regarding the split and how that would all work. It's what I'd like to see (bigger leagues playing each other twice). The current format is just monotonous. We could indeed look south for inspiration.
  6. Hunter and the Hunted Waterfront Alive and Kicking Mandela Day Belfast Child
  7. I fail to see the relevance of your point m9. I wasn't having a dig at Dumbarton. Merely pointing out 4 games a season against Dumbartion, Clyde whoever is tedious. Mwah x
  8. "Oh dear"? 3 divisions. Unlikely the top tier would change due to bigot brothers.
  9. Clearly nothing has been declared. The season is unlikely to finish at the rate we are going. To finish it after 18 games and run with promotion and relegation would be a farce and completely unfair. Then again, nothing would surprise me. If you read my initial post you'll see my thoughts. Bigger leagues and playing each other twice a season instead of four. I mean, who wants to play Dumbarton 4 times a season? Allow more clubs in and stick with the pyramid system which is about the only positive in the current set up.
  10. If it's declared null and void it's hardly going to be mid season is it? The pits in current format. Maybe reading and understanding isn't for you.
  11. Null and void it. Said from the beginning this season was never going to make it to the end. If ever there was a time to restructure the leagues, this is it. 3 bigger leagues playing each other twice. No more of this monotonous 4 times a season pish. It's brutal. Re-jig the cups too. Scottish football really is the pits in this current format.
  12. I've seen the Fallow deer in Glenshee and Mull but the stork caught my attention. Not aware of any up here at all although successfully breeding down south. Be interested to hear where LondonHMFC took those pics πŸ‘Œ
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