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  1. Kong's an astute businessman, even if a crooked one. He must see what is coming...
  2. I think we should we should re-name this thread 'Meltdown Bennett' It's almost as if all those years of anguish, loss and disappointment have truly kicked in.
  3. He could have shouldered it to a welcoming opposition player.
  4. Fourth point there is bang on. Sixth point about Lewis is also on the money - he really got in about them in the second half.
  5. Brilliant second half from Aberdeen. In about them. Showed them up.
  6. The very same here in a bar in Glasgow - they all got a bit loud and excited, only to go quiet at the end.
  7. Alex Smith. He's a local lad with ties to the town and ex-player with great managerial experience. Ideal for the role to take the club forward. ETA and the fans would love him as manager.
  8. Coyle wouldn't be a bad shout actually. I never thought of it until you mentioned him. Good times at Brockville and plenty good contacts in the game.
  9. HaHaHa - "Not done their job" apparently, or sounds like the h** board and fans couldn't be bothered with the truth. HAHA! A link to their forgotten (they wish) past below... footballinsider247
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