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  1. Think of another club and set of fans widely known as starting with the capital letter "H".
  2. https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/coronavirus-3pm-tv-blackout-uefa-behind-closed-doors-a9446886.html?amp Guess whose team and their fans are going to say "no"? *unbelievable, they make up their own rules and histories to try please themselves.
  3. Dave King's just walked - a happy coincidence?
  4. Must admit, I like seeing the poor wee disappointed faces in the Ibrox crowd as the other team celebrates a goal in front of them in the pics in the Metro newspaper. Becoming a bit of a habit, but brightens up the commute to Glasgow in the mornings
  5. Moreorless, and Gerrard himself. Don't think Moreorless cares anymore.
  6. EASY! McGregor looks lost. Who's he staring and pointing at now?
  7. Gerrard, finger in mouth "Wotdoado, Wotdoado?" coach screaming at him "Change this! Move him there!FFS!" Gerrard "A dunno wotamdoinere"
  8. Potential virus check... whit's wee Moreorless chasing after the ref there for? ...Virus given as it should be!
  9. Yeah, Stainrod, Gunner and a Sammy McGivern diving header was the standout for me.
  10. I was thinking that this morning. We gave Hearts a much better game and were pretty unlucky in the last round. And, of course, Rangers really are shite.
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