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  1. TGFITW, while they are winning and getting one over the other mob.
  2. It's good to see the minute's silence and black armbands being worn by all clubs down south in tribute to the passing of the great man Sean Connery.
  3. After a backwards start, killie are settling into this. The artificial surface may prove a leveller. A good job there's no ***scum allowed in to throw fireworks on the pitch.
  4. Unlike your gaff which is just crammed full of UJ's. The only club in the UK with a stadium like that. No wonder Sevco are fkn despised.
  5. Celtic's defence is a panicking mess. Duffy is the main culprit, a f*** up of a signing by Lennon.
  6. Duffy looks like the diddy signing that's going to stop ten.
  7. That was ball controlled by the arm right in front of the ref and he turned a blind eye.
  8. Goalkeepers throwing themselves to the ground and clutching the ball to their chest and staying prone on the ground from what should be an easy catch and kick out or throw out. Basically timewasting. Never noticed this as being so predominant until last season, more so this season.
  9. Stoke Gabriel FC, it may be worth a watch. The replies on the article, from nationwide, are very supportive of the club. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54507058?xtor=ES-211-[36638_PANUK_NLT_42_SCO_Roadkill_RET_O35]-20201019-[bbcsport_isthistheworstfootballteamstokegabriel_sportfootball]f
  10. Neighbour upstairs has a crowd in cheering there - gonna have to call Nicola's polis.
  11. Both Sky channels have the fake crowd noise, it's annoying. Had to hit the mute button for real match atmosphere.
  12. Yes, he had a good 4 year spell at Falkirk, scored in a cup final, but is now with Morton.
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