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  1. Reminds me of the days of Watson, Baptie, Houston, Jimmy Gilmour, Gunner McWilliams, Sam McGivern and of course Kevin where players PLAYED FOR THE JERSEY. I don't know that team anymore now.
  2. Gordon Strachan was a belter at Southampton. He used to be worth watching MOTD just for his interviews, but then he calmed down a bit with Celtic and Scotland.
  3. Ah Clyde... I was dwithering Clyde or ICT... sticking with the Highland teams at the mo. e.t.a. Edinburgh City seem to have a bit of fight about them, but probably talking bollocks and will be knocked out whilst Clyde romp it.
  4. Premier League 2018-19

    No more offside than Liverpool were for their third.
  5. Premier League 2018-19

    Should've squared for De Bruyne one on one there...but who cares when 30 secs later your team can do that?
  6. Premier League 2018-19

    First touch in first two seconds, first game, first goal...Sturridge 4-0
  7. Bunch of cheating c*nts. Gerrard's message at ht? Go out their, fake injuries and dive. Pressure telling already. He is going to be found out in his first season.
  8. http://www.espn.co.uk/football/rangers/story/3585901/steven-gerrard-the-world-has-been-against-rangers-for-years?platform=amp I absolutely agree. We all hate your club and everything it stands for. (He's trying the Ferguson siege mentality thing again...good luck with that, third place if lucky)
  9. Expect to see Gerrard pointing at his watch from the touchline a la Fergie - it's on the cards...
  10. Gerrard isn't that daft - he's going for the same siege mentality that Fergie created at OT, but it won't work as the quality isn't there. Will add to the laughter years.
  11. Some smash from Stevie May. "YOU'RE GOIN' HOME IN AN ABERDEEN AMBULANCE"
  12. Bitter, bitter Bennett. You should be happy with a point! As far as I could see the ref gave you almost everything (apart from minus six minutes). Serves you right for all the time-wasting near the end of the 90.