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  1. The GIRUY isn't aimed at Killie fans. The whole GIRFUY is aimed at sevco fans. The whole reason both mobs bother to turn up in numbers. Thought that was obvious. E.T.A. A bit like Stevie G kissing the camera at Old Trafford...wonder when it's gonna happen here.
  2. That was goin over the bar there
  3. Hahaha enjoy the train trip back from Dalmarnock later ya h*n starin pleb.
  4. Why do the poisonous twins think you support the other mob? Was on the train from Central to Hamilton full of Celtic fans this evening and had a Celtic boy staring at me saying "That fkn h** is staring at me" before getting off at Dalmarnock. Cheers lads, hoping you get beat now.
  5. Another birthday here today with fine and fond memories of getting sloshed in a pub in York and seeing the Administration Breaking News start rolling across the screen on Sky Sports. Jim White was crying. Carlsberg don't do birthdays, but if they did....
  6. The one that sent the original Rangers to their grave. All hands gave up from various owners and fans saying 'we can't stop this' or 'we don't care'. You choose their best effort. I go with the 'we don't care - let's kid ourselves ' syndrome.
  7. Livi v Rangers - 27th Jan

    Clubs should put a standing wall of stewards or police in front of their scum fans in their seats to stop this. And send the extra billing to them or increase away ticket prices to cover costs. You can see the very same treatment of away fans in ibrox.
  8. Livi v Rangers - 27th Jan

    Livi have more history than your diddy mob. Did Meadowbank Thistle go into administration and subsequent liquidation? No, thought not.
  9. Killie vs the new club

    Thought it must have been 2-1 sevco last night as the *** child upstairs didn't come in shouting and bawling at his g/f and slamming doors. Must be dawning on him. Happy days
  10. Killie vs the new club

    That would be up there with Leicester the other season.
  11. Partick Thistle vs Falkirk

    Fair play to Alloa - as long as we don't finish bottom (I think we'd win play-off) Alloa deserve some success this season. E.T.A. Fifers joining the relly battle? The more the merrier. Put your feet up scum.
  12. Ha ha ha - well done to Scott Brown for slowing the ball down. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/rangers-fan-outraged-after-bookie-13792675.amp
  13. Dinnae you bring Livi intae this thread in aw. So who is St Mirren*s derby? Greenock Morton? FFS! Ask Paisley locals.
  14. sev co v St. Mirren is as much a derby as Manchester City v Manchester Utd (Salford). Speak to Saint Mitten fans. As much a derby as the OF (IL).
  15. Never bet on a derby, anything can happen. sevco v St.Mirren cost me near on 500 on an acca a few years ago.