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  1. Favourite win for Falkirk against Celtic was undoubtedly 1997 semi-final replay on a night against the likes of Cadete and D i Canio. Can't remember beating the other mob much, but they were always cheating by then. At least Celtic played fair and square.
  2. Rangers 2018/19 European Extravaganza!

    What is the aggregate score? Is it one-nil or something. Hope they get pumped out as per the wee team from Luxembourg.
  3. Croatia v England - semi final

    That is fucking brilliant! Thanks KK!
  4. England's Glorious Failure

    I agree with all of this. Smiles all round from the English media despite the fact they desperately wanted to win it. Fk you Lineker.
  5. France v Croatia - World Cup Final!

    https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/world-cup/world-cup-final-2018-france-win-croatia-violence-two-die-clashes-teargas-a8449021.html?amp Mental! Glad we don't win anything!
  6. Yup, Zidane was born in Marseille from immigrants. (Algerian descent.) Doesn't matter a jot though. An outstanding player.
  7. France v Croatia - World Cup Final!

    I'd definitely go with a vote for Modric. Unassuming but Outstanding.
  8. France v Croatia - World Cup Final!

    Every tournament is getting worse. It's the way the game is going.
  9. France v Croatia - World Cup Final!

    A great article, thankyou. Come on Croatia and Modric.
  10. France v Croatia - World Cup Final!

    Why are we getting all this english pish on the beeb. It's France v Croatia ffs. (Glad I don't pay my licence for this crap)
  11. France v Croatia - World Cup Final!

    Croatian Midfield all the way here
  12. France v Croatia - World Cup Final!

    I blame the OF in cohorts with the SFA. They keep their pounds rolling in and f*** the rest of Scottish Football as far as they are concerned.