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  1. Think closer to home for second prize, Bunnett.
  2. That Fulham keeper is full of shit with his timewasting/lying on the ball/fake injury cramp. Fk it 2-0
  3. It's competitive and professional. What the hell do you expect with what's at stake?
  4. Hamilton to win. He's on pole. Bottas to protect a 1-2 strategy in second.
  5. Trouble in town already. Early kick off and there are sirens all over the place. Welcome to the new social distancing, welcome to the new season.
  6. STUBBLE MESS! TOO MUCH STRESS! FFS Stevie, have a shave.
  7. Ha Ha Ha, they're all over the place already! GIRFUT
  8. Look on the bright side Reds, at least you won't have their sectarian bile sing-song in the away end, and, as a bonus, you won't have your toilets smashed up on the first day of the season. E.T.A. 1 0, home win.
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