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  1. The games on Fox in America are never shown over here.
  2. We probably should have won the last games 6 vs the Chiefs, we've lost 4 of them. Piss poor
  3. Super_A

    Week 9

    The amount of favourable refereeing decisions the Chiefs get is incredible. Manning era Broncos-esque.
  4. Super_A

    Week 3

    I disagree. The play calling for the most part is complete aids, he runs the offence like he still has shot to bits, noodle arm, Brees. Everything the Lions fans said about him is true. The only reason he has the job is because he was Staley's QB coach in college, he's to Staley what the old STC Stewart was to Lynn.
  5. Super_A

    Week 3

    The fact Joe Lombardi is a complete bum, who shouldn't be anywhere near a OC job, doesn't help either.
  6. Super_A

    Week 2

    Like i said. Should have at least 3
  7. Super_A

    Week 2

    It's offensive PI if anything. Valdez-Scantling just runs into Callahan and throws him over. In no world is that or should it be a defensive penalty.
  8. Super_A

    Week 2

    Should be 10-0 minimum. The flag on the pick was bullshit. Never seen a QB get away with Interceptions as much as Mahomes, whether its drops or dodgy flags, ridiculous.
  9. Super_A

    Week 2

    College Football is tremendous.
  10. Super_A

    Week 2

    Not watch CFB i take it then ? He's been on College Gameday and the Primetime Saturday night game commentator for years
  11. Considering ******s are Irish republicans and not necessarily catholic, I doubt they'll care in the slightest
  12. Naples is a manky shitehole. The food is obviously class though.
  13. Lowry is playing in the B team because he missed nearly all of pre-season with an injury. He needs game time. Also Davis' new deal is likely to have zero affect of Lowry's first team game time given they don't play the same position.
  14. The blog is written by a fan who goes to watch youth games, it's nothing to do with the club. He's only going to know the opposition players if he already knows them or if he's given a team sheet by the club. No need to get so worked up about it, settle yourselves down.
  15. Left back is a definite need, I liked the look of the Israeli boy that was linked but I've no idea if there was any actual interest from us or not. If Roofe was to go then another striker is needed. I would have said a keeper but I don't see that happening.
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