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  1. Serbia ? Croatia ? Ukraine ? Turkey spread over 3 teams but has only had 6 different winners, 2 only winning it once. Greece isn't much better. The notion that Scotland is the only country where a couple of teams dominate is utter pish.
  2. Charlo-Castano rematch is streaming on Youtube
  3. Given he joined us when he was 24, I'd say this was made up pish.
  4. Ross had a spine condition, missed a full year
  5. I'd be happy with Mcduffie or a trade back now tbh edit: i'd probably be happy with Zion Johnson
  6. We're taking Penning i think. I don't really like it but i'll talk my self into it no matter who it is.
  7. Garrett is the best WR in the draft and exactly what we need but if he doesn't go top 10 I'll be stunned. I like Olave and think he'll be good and the fact he seems to be a Chargers fan and wants to play for us makes me want him but i don't think he's a 17th pick, if we we're getting him in the 30's I'd be delighted. If Neal, Ekwonu or Cross somehow fall to us them that's the obvious pick.
  8. If Garrett Wilson was there at 17 and we passed on him Telesco should be executed in the middle of SoFI. RT is the obvious hole but the main tackle prospects will almost certainly be gone by the time we pick. The other options would be Davis, a pass rusher or a deep threat WR. I don't fancy Penning at 17 and I don't think London or Burks are the WR we need. I think McDuffie, Olave or Karlaftis are realistic picks
  9. This might be the worst televised fight i've ever seen
  10. The going for it was daft but the play call was horrific, like it has been all game. Lombardi need fired into the sun.
  11. That PI call is utterly horrific. The Raiders must have more DPI yards than passing yards this season. Also Harris and Murray are bums, get the benched.
  12. Good to see Carr's, chuck it deep and hope to get a PI tactic, backfire.
  13. Davis shouldn't be the no.1 CB though, half our d-line and CBs would at best be back ups on most other teams because like I said the team isn't a finished article. You're not going to be able to fix all that in 1 off-season, if we are still doing the same shite next year or the year after then fine but I'm mostly happy with this season so far, some negatives obviously but I expected that. Unless your expectations were the Super Bowl or an unbeaten season I don't really see any reason to be panicking. I think every fan would have took 9-11 wins and a playoff spot before the season.
  14. Nah it is negativity. We're going to win about 10 games and be in the play offs with a first year head coach and a team that is a work in progress, if you only read your posts on here and didn't see the scores you'd think we were the fucking Lions. Like I said relax a bit , we are going to be fine.
  15. Mate you are the most negative guy in the world, it's garbage time with back ups in. Just relax.
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