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  1. Super_A

    Week 1

    Broken ankle for Tranquill. Another fucking injury
  2. Would prefer the Sunday but can do midweek as well
  3. It wasn't insinuated by Talksport the Lille owner said it on Talksport. Jim White asked him if they had bid £16m, he said "yes we have" but that they got their primary target, Jonathan David, and he didn't know if they would bid again, this was 5 days ago. Why people are denying this happened or are refusing to believe it happened, i have no idea.
  4. Aye Benjamin is pish, complete shitebag. I'd blocked Addae out of my mind until you mentioned him there, used to have one brain dead moment per game. Pretty sure he was acting like a proper c**t last season when he came back with the Texans as well.
  5. City's owners are from Abu Dhabi, Qatar own PSG
  6. Is there anyone on the league you actually like ?
  7. John Fleck. Greg Taylor, Grant Hanley, Lewis Morgan and Kenny McLean were at Rangers before moving to other clubs.
  8. I think Froch has a slightly better resume over all but Calzaghe has the best win in Hopkins and beat a better version of Kessler. Calzaghe would also have schooled Froch if they had fought at any point.
  9. The Texans should just fold
  10. Gallagher has previous for not throwing in the towel. John Murray against Rios is the main example. He let Marcus Morrison take a beating as well, can't remember who against though.
  11. I seen 2021 somewhere the other day. Don't know what month though.
  12. They're not, they're signed to Matchroom. Once Matchrooms exclusive deal with Sky runs out they can fight on any channel they want.
  13. Wilder isn't knocking anyone out on in the inside, he needs space to get his shots off
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