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  1. You alluded to it with your "follow the same rules" quote. I suppose it is beguiling for ITK types to hint at more than they do actually know - just don't be so defensive when you're caught out. Jesus wept. Not long ago Mick McCardle was getting it tight for having a laptop. Different strokes I guess
  2. I thought Saint Mirren were quite good, well worth the win and won't have an easier Saturday afternoon this season. Have we somehow managed to appoint a third cowardly manager in a row? That starting XI isn't scoring in the league let alone against higher league opposition. We could easily end up relegated this season and Bullen's ready-made excuse is the awful squad he's inherited. It would be nice if we could attempt to win a couple of games before then. Scunnered this evening.
  3. I like Raith (everyone I've met there seems like a good egg) and seem a similar club to Ayr in some respects. I wasn't surprised that crowds are down everywhere. It will be interesting to see how Ayr and other clubs address it.
  4. A new microphone won't matter. These interviews were staged - why am I looking at a toilet door, the word "Death" in my eyeline and audio sounding like it's from Sawney Bean's cave. I don't mind the questions so much. I do mind how poor the sound and focus are in a sit down interview. plus ca change 10+ years. It might be free but at what cost?
  5. I know it's a bit redundant when the game was on the telly, but I hope Black and White TV get their collective finger out and put the highlights up. (They were given the highlights 48 hours ago.)
  6. Ross Docherty threw a shoe into the crowd I think...
  7. It is not strange at all. I agree with Thumper, we very much stumbled over the finish line. To not acknowledge the very fine margins is triumphalist horseshit.
  8. I certainly don't agree with some of the lazy revisionism regarding the last few managers. Kerr? Who's to say? He had a better record than his replacement who left... and an easy appointment was made. Why people think there is a long-term plan on the football-side of things is beyond me.
  9. I would love a copy but not on FB. I enjoyed the few that were available to download from the SomersetRoadEnd forum but recent matches not on there.
  10. I enjoyed "Mr 50 year-old Stone Island" having a pop at Ayr's attendance. All those crowd-w*nk cliches are true!
  11. I've stuck the disallowed goal in the highlights but (as usual) it doesn't show anything definitive - it does look close. Perhaps the QOS highlights will have a better view as they are from the hospitality/NT side.
  12. I missed one of the goals, struggled with focus on a new camera and used the wrong LUT (so it was kind of dark)! A bad day at the office all around...
  13. (I assume next year = next season) I will have a £10 bet on that. My charity is the Howard League.
  14. This is the crux of it. I am amazed how difficult some clubs are making it for their "customers" to give them money. "Cashless" and non-PATG systems are a nonsense for a variety of fans. At Ayr is it possible to get in if you don't have a smart phone or access to a printer, for example?
  15. Hard not to like, not much football-wise but an athletic trier. I'll be interested to see if Bradley improves - looks skillful in moments but aimlessly jogging about for much of the game and looks like a youth player thrown into a different kind of game.
  16. Good point. I wrote the original post rather reflexively. My sympathies have been with people at the club who are simply doing the best with the limited time and resources available to them (and I'm biased). A "lean management structure" means that employees will probably not have time to do everything that needs doing. Volunteers are not the solution because they can take up an inordinate amount of time (not always). That doesn't mean Ayr shouldn't be doing better at basic stuff, but as @Thumper has alluded to, where's there a pound in that?
  17. To be fair to the previous incumbent, my impression is that responsibility for the whole "online presence"-thing at the club has been shuffled around between different directors and employees for years. I have quite a lot of sympathy with the club on this despite having been repeatedly frustrated over the years. Did any of it (beyond the club shop) actually generate income vs. "a nice thing to have but..." Lockdown etc. obviously changed the potential for income and we have been found wanting. A new broom would be welcome and if it sweeps me away there will be no hard feelings on my part.
  18. I said it at the time. It wasn't good but I was optimistic. Now?
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