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  1. I know. The lack of entertainment (at home esp.) has scunnered me. What worries me more (and not all to do with bullen) is some of the recruitment. There’s an extra layer of decision makers on the football side that now don’t leave when the head coach does. Interesting to see if that works better next season. Also makes an assistant for the head coach less likely imo.
  2. The interviews are bizarre but who knows what's up. I did enjoy the Ayr post-match interviewer not asking the chances of Akinyemi being availble next week but instead going full Nancy Drew and asking Bullen when he knew Akinyemi wasn't fit (who cares!) Having bought tickets for both legs of the playoff semi - in an uncharacteristic fit of optimism this season - I suppose I'll mooch along. Hopefully it's the last time I'll see Bullen and a few players in the flesh.
  3. I cannot wait for more of the same next season! Without a 20-goal striker.
  4. They will absolutely let Bullen keep playing them. To do anything else would be 1. expensive 2. an admission that something is wrong with the setup Neither is going to happen. Some of the recruitment has been good (Akinyemi, Dempsey, Kirk, Albinson, Chalmers etc.) but some has been abject. There's also been a blurring of responsibility about who actually signs and recruits players. (No doubt some in the club see this as a feature not a bug.) Who signed O'Connor or JML when the Head Coach seems dead set against playing them or even using a system where wingers might be useful? I only see next season being more of the same in a presumably tougher division. Lots to look forward to! #weareunited
  5. Careful now. You'll take 5th place and be thankful for it. The "plan" decrees it so.
  6. That's a fair response. I hope you are right and I am wrong.
  7. Imagine the temerity of "supporters who hang on weekly results and performances" hoping for results this season and not at some unspecified future date! How very dare they! Some have drunk deep of the Smith/Mathie koolaid and that's fine for them I suppose. The relentless boosterism despite poor entertainment and missed opportunities is odd.
  8. I was going to be much less charitable. I suppose we'll have a few years in the Championship (hopefully) to find out. It is hard to square the club's rhetoric with its actions. Some of the recruitment has been excellent and some has been rubbish - business as usual at this level. I am surprised at how much good faith there still is with the current management team.
  9. I feel sorry for the analyst. I have seen plenty of poor Ayr games and I'm glad I don't need to do that this season. It will be quite dispiriting. I also Not wrong.
  10. The bolded part is what really boils my piss. Where should we have been? Too many people prepared to give "Jam Tomorrow" sloganeering the time of day. It is a football club, the football is dreadful. You can't build your way out of that with bricks and mortar. Teams are of a fairly even quality in the league (imo) and will be won with a low-ish points total. We have the best striker in the league after the leaders sold the nearest rival in Jan. We won't even be close. I wonder where we "should be" next season.
  11. The subs! McKenzie, Ashford, Dempsey, Maguire were useless and we have to go behind before he throws JML and Bryden under the bus. It's trying to be clever thinking there will be ET while ignoring what's happening in front of him. GTF
  12. Of course he will. He'll still be here in a year's time. The "project", the *plan*, the hub, the new stand ad infinitum. Live, old horse, and you'll get corn.
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