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  1. If anyone is interested in a (slightly crumpled) programme from the Wrexham cup game let me know!
  2. I would have lost that vote too! Fair do's @Robbo63 I'm wasn't criticising the process (or even the result). No need to be defensive about the result, as @Ayr23 says if it was presented as a fait accomplit that would have been fine as well.
  3. At least it guarantees Roscoe and Baird a standing ovation on their return!
  4. Ach, it's just ayrmad's usual schtick. The frequency of his football posts are usually inversely related to the team's performance.
  5. Keep peddling that line. I have no doubt this will all be Mark Kerr's fault come teatime.
  6. Seems to be. I was hoping to watch Saturday's half-time interview. Email was sent at 1 pm no reply yet.
  7. No. 24 "the crown jewels will be meticulously cleaned"
  8. I agree 100%. <I typed out a whole moan before deleting it. The bottom line is that Ayr fans have been poorly served for years and crucially have been failed this season.> By being involved instead of walking away a few seasons ago I'm complicit as well. Thoroughly disheartening.
  9. I'll take the blame for the pictures on Tuesday night. I left the main camera to a less experienced operator (using an unfamiliar camera) when the light conditions were the trickiest you get at Somerset (setting sun and deep shadow through to darkness and floodlights). That's on me, I should have operated the main camera as I have done most of the season. There's been plenty more than that wrong with our stream offering this season unfortunately. The fact that most lower league clubs have been able to produce quite good services should give the Club, and others, some pause. Putting what content we have behind a paywall looks like a fool's errand unless changes are made.
  10. The perfect delivery system. Why it is not the default is beyond me (caveat: consistently good rolls are hard to find).
  11. I imagine the same excuse will be trotted out after every defeat for the next 18 months? Easier than defending the team selection and tactics today though.
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