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  1. Because I think the measures are simply too heavy handed and excessive. If the variant is so severe we need to be putting restrictions on then I don't get why we need to wait four? Days for the restrictions to be imposed either.
  2. Oh you absolutely weren't, I was enjoying your take on it, was put together really well.
  3. He looks absolutely done. Poor bloke.
  4. Because its another policy/decision that I simply don't agree with.
  5. Why? It's very much straw that broke the camels back territory, I don't beleive that blindly voting the snp regardless of how bad they do helps matters, the lack of progress made on independence has been grating amongst other matters. As Bob mahelp has said a couple of times, any party that's been in power for as long as the snp has could probably do with a spell in opposition, or at least in a minority government. I'll vote for independence if a referendum does come around, but I'm not voting for the snp in there current guise. See below with regards to echo chambers. That's exactly what this part of the forum tends to be surely? Any dissenting voice is either labelled as an alias, a moon howler etc etc. There's no debate, just sneering contempt. It's one of the reasons I stopped looking on here a while back.
  6. Depending on who you speak to will depend on the severity of the restrictions, for some this will mean unemployment, for others it will effect there mental health. If its slightly inconvenient for you then fair, that won't be the case for everyone. London has platued, cases have actually dropped over the past couple of days, as data suggested it would, which is precisely why these restrictions are a farce. If, as it looks that cases have platued, you'll have England sailing on through the next three weeks, meanwhile up here you'll have people with absolutely needless restrictions.
  7. Like not chucking us into a lockdown? She's been made to look ridiculous by Boris Johnson.
  8. Was there no other alternative like? Sturgeon couldn't have done anything else?
  9. Did leaving the EU come as a surprise? Was there any prior warning to that happening?
  10. 1- Majority of them are Dunfermline fans, there is no winter break. 2-Those that are fans of Premier league clubs are aware the clubs have been put in the situation by Sturgeon.
  11. Not every dissenting voice against Sturgeon is a staunch alias.
  12. Makes f**k all difference anyway doesn't it? No matter how many seats they get in Westminster, no matter how many they get in Holyrood, we're not getting independence under Sturgeon.
  13. How big a number does it need to be for her popularity to be touched? All my football supporting pals who voted snp are done with her, you had multiple cancellations just on this one corner of the Internet... It's certainly not unoutched, you just have those extremely loyal to Sturgeon hoping it's not that bad.
  14. Probably correct. However, if you go with the thinking that for another referendum to be called then we need a majority snp government then today has undoubtedly hurt it, check just the amount of people on this forum who have cancelled there membership, on a personal level I'm not voting for them anymore. Very much straw that broke the camels back but I'm absolutely sick of them, have absolutely no confidence or faith that Sturgeon will get us any closer to holding a referendum, and the constant shitting on football fans has got old.
  15. Aye I got into the King killer chronicles about 2016? In the expectation the third book was imminent. Fucked it. A very good couple of books.
  16. Apparently he interviews really well, he got down to the final two in our application process, apparently.
  17. Is McIntyre done that bad? Done well enough at us and QoTS, ok at County and bad at Dundee. Don't think he's at Peter Grant levels of uselessness yet.
  18. Hamilton should have Gus, Grant and Hopkin on a rolling basis till the end of the season then.
  19. It looks like Burke is a rwb? Seems a horrendous waste to lumber him with defensive duties.
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