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  1. He's absolutely fucking shit. Don't care what QoTS or St Mirren fans say, gubbins. A modern day Pat Clarke, getting by on the odd purple patch in his career.
  2. Levein would be a good appointment, would be very pleased with him.
  3. Worst thing was how long it was though. There's been a few names that are quite interesting. With regards to Miller has his parent club told him to bolt after he was hawking himself about on national radio?
  4. There has to be a degree of arrogance in any good manager IMO. It's what's knowledge is behind that though... I've got absolutely no idea about Fotheringham right enough.
  5. I do worry about the amount of Pars fans wanting John Hughes.
  6. Can't beleive he played Raith twice and didn't get pumped, wild.
  7. Distressing scenes as it turns out nowhere in Arbroath has a license before 11.
  8. Plan on being so pickled I start asking for Graham to come on.
  9. Can confirm I'm the lino. Aye looks cracking, didn't realise Arbroath was so full, there's one my mates not too sure about is open but there's plenty others... All of them. Before kick off.
  10. Away from the football, trying to do a pub crawl of Arbroath tomorrow, my mate has drawn it up and reckons there's 25 pubs. If you're going to pump us Smokies get it done early.
  11. Seen Coldplay at t in the park and they were decent, not ashamed.
  12. It's not for me, however there's evidently a taste for it. Tbf after Brentford beat Swansea in the playoff final I enjoyed watching it from the Swansea end, crowd in the background going mental. Bitter Welshman, very enjoyable.
  13. That's Ben, he's not uploaded a video since we got scudded by Ayr, not like him.
  14. Falkirks the opposite, shite away day but they bring a good crowd through, I definitely have more hostile feelings towards them but they're quite frankly, more dislikable. That doesn't mean I prefer the games, the Fife Derby is still my favourite, the last two have been shite though.
  15. For 90 minutes I don't like whoever Dunfermline are playing, I see absolutely no reason why I'd hate Raith. Raith away is my favourite away day, I can take or leave the home games though. The two derby's this season have been very boring, both from a football game perspective and most importantly, from an atmosphere perspective. Pish.
  16. How very needy. It's football, even if Raith were our main rivals why would I hate them? It's just football. Tbf 1500 is a larger than normal midweek fife Derby attendance from Raith. Reckon the attendance was probably around 3500-3750 ish, I think, maybe.
  17. Not that I've noticed. The young lads ran the length of the stand to give it big licks against Kilmarnock, they probably don't hate them either.
  18. Pitch was absolutely fine. Can only imagine that you in turn need to settle down so you can see what is quite clear to everyone else. Hope that happens soon x
  19. Maybe it's rose tinted specs, maybe it's because we're pish, maybe it's because the Raith fans were in the North East in allocated seats, but I thought the atmosphere was pish compared to derby's of old. I'd started to consider that I just couldn't hear the Raith fans because off the sound being directed away? But you could hear them after the goal, for the first 80 minutes though they were mute, I thought it'd be bouncing. The game wouldn't have deserved it like, draw a correct result really
  20. Goes one of two ways I reckon, Raith are either up by a couple/few at half time with us unable to deal with there passing or interchanging. Or we keep it tight enough for our stronger bench to get us a point from the 60th minute mark.
  21. I've been hailing Wilson as the BTech Yaya You're for a while, he's an absolute baller. Him and Allan in the middle please.
  22. The fact that you get a few all Premiership ties helps with progression for smaller sides though. I wouldn't be complaining if we drew another championship side in the quarters...
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