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  1. No, we did. As opposed to Starks the home support isn't fully housed within the end stand, the main stand is one of the more populated parts of the ground. There'll be a discrepancy for sure, for example the Raith end wasn't maxed out due to no shows, however its not so large that our attendance is down around 1600.
  2. We had a bounce in attendances after the admin period, our attendances have largely settled now. Depends what you define as a few years, since 2009? We've spent the same amount of time in the Championship bar our one season in the Premier, which wasn't great for growing the fanbase unsurprisingly. You still had the North West and the main stand. There was undoubtedly more tickets sold than attendees, but if you think that the difference is so large that both clubs are pulling the same numbers you're a bit deluded tbf. I've no idea why Raith struggle for numbers, you'd probably be best going over each clubs average attendance and seing when they started to split off. Dunfermline is one of the fastest growing towns in Britain at the moment which does help, however its unlikely people are moving to Dunfermline without already have allegiances in place. There's a plethora of Hearts and Hibs fans in the town, and it's not like they're a far journey.
  3. That's a bit annoying, only going to know about lunchtime Friday if the other half can attend.
  4. Ah right, that was not long after we'd got scudded by 5 with Chris Kane playing at left back I'm sure? A surprise result with us financially imploding. With regards to that bottom part, what's the cutoff for buying a ticket, 2359 on Thursday? Or am I taking that too literally.
  5. Can't remember that game, was it at East End or Firhill? I'd like us to win, it's my first Scottish Cup game in years. How's parking around the ground?
  6. The last three or four times we've been to Gayfield its been bad, any mention of that in the post match thread and all the smokie fans get right upset, it's absolutely bizarre. Home advantage is home advantage, play to your strengths etc.
  7. Arbroath fans will hope for shite weather then get a chip on their shoulder when you say that the conditions play quite a big part in any result they may get, bizarre.
  8. Paul Gallacher was a good keeper. Wish we had one of those three now, Kelly looked dreadful in the Championship for QPR. It's a shame McCrorie stalled so much, he looked very good in the Scottish championship.
  9. Losing to Ayr so that they would appoint Duffie was a tactical masterstroke from Grant. Likewise Shields ensuring that Gus stayed at Morton. This is chess motherfuckas.
  10. For the first time in a while I fancy our chances of winning. Would be lovely to drag a few times down to the bottom place party.
  11. I have no idea what happened with Scilly, won poty twice with us and looked like he had potential, then you'd read Thistle fans not being enamoured with him. So we eventually got him back, and he was exactly as Thistle fans had described, pish. We've not had a good first choice keeper since Murdoch, we've consistently had one of the worst keepers in the division.
  12. This was a pretty wild take last week. Unbelievable.
  13. You've fair fooled me, you're pretty notirous for having a massive chip on your shoulder with regards to Dunfermline. Don't think either club needs each other tbh.
  14. McDonald had a good cameo, got past the full back a couple of times and it was his good cross that lead to Wighton forcing a good save. If he was left footed I'd have him straight in over Edwards, who is by far and away our worst guaranteed starter.
  15. Wish he had, he's honestly shite. It's beyond me why people keep saying he's one of our better players.
  16. We had Peter Grant playing 3 Centre backs that don't get a game for us, only scoring three is a bit embarrassing IMO. Anyway, I'm firmly donning the tin hat for this, but I thought that scoreline was pretty harsh, the least we deserved on the balance of play and chances was a draw, to come away in such an important game with a 3-1 defeat is a right sore one. The Hamilton save from Wighton, then the two blocks on the line were wild. The table now looks pretty bleak but I've still got a little bit of hope, the performance was certainly a good bit better than what was served up from Grant and on another day those chances go in and we're chuffed. With those subs Shields and Whittaker have ruled themselves out though, silly. Edited to add:Cba reading the whole thread but why is Kennedy getting such a kicking? At 19 he's far from the finished product but he'll pretty clearly go on to have a career in the game, reminds me a bit of McMullan in that he's got the ability to go past players for fun, just needs to learn when to release it, that'll come. Being under Peter Grant and then sparingly played won't have helped.
  17. It seemed Muirhead scored a couple of goals in quick succession at one point, just a purple patch?
  18. That's what the directors son was saying before he deleted his account, seemed spot on with his prior information.
  19. If Robertson wasn't interested why was he interviewed? Likewise it seems that thankfully, the board isn't interested in Yogi.
  20. I don't get the appeal with Yogi at all, at best he's a stop gap option. The longer he's at a club the worse he makes the squad.
  21. Careful not to mention the term bogey team, you'll have a Morton fan on here to strongly rebute you.
  22. Different Ross Graham, used to work with this one. Much prefer him to our diddy.
  23. If we appoint Robertson he'll end up having St Johnstone sign Pybus having transformed him into the best centre mid in Scotland. Man's miraculous at polishing turds.
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