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  1. 532 is a perfectly acceptable formation if the players are set up, and coached correctly in it. The way Peter Grant played it left our wingbacks, and wide centre backs horribly exposed.
  2. Looks like a change of formation, maybe a 532? And three trialists.
  3. He was repeatedly, quite awful against Dunfermline. Contrary to there being a weird dislike, I thought he was vastly overrated on this forum.
  4. He's not going to displace Rico. However Brentford have needed a RWB/RB for the past year, Mads Roerslev isn't really trusted there and Sergi Canos is defensively suspect. Will be nice to have a Scottish player at Brentford.
  5. I genuinely can't think of many wingers kicking about who I fancy, McKay would've been good from Hibs I think, Fitzpatrick if he doesn't go back to QoTS or Partick? Paul George was a permanent signing wasn't he? And Miles, Miles worse than Kai Kennedy.
  6. Crawford? Not saying otherwise, just that we're playing at a really poor level, and someone with his pace and trickery would do well. He'd still have a poor final product but he'd get so many chances to do something he'd put down good numbers. For his career he's going to need to go low down at one point IMO.
  7. Would absolutely take Kai Kennedy at this level tbf. Think he'd enjoy being a big fish in a small pond.
  8. With that I'm going for 1- Dunfermline - Heart ruling head a bit here, I'm not entirely convinced by McPake as a manager but I think he'll do OK, genuinely beleive we have the best attacking options in the league in terms of strikers which will see us through. 2 - QoTS - I'm not nearly as taken with there pre season buisness as everyone else, and I think the defence could end up looking very ropey. However when they'll be attacking as much as they are i reckon it won't be as noticeable, Connolly to play a massive part. 3 - Falkirk - Solid, won't lose many games but will draw allot, currently with Gary Oliver as there only striker, McGlynn has previously struggled to find strikers in the loan market, can't seem him finding it any easier down a tier. 4 - Alloa - Going under the radar quite a bit, Rice will have a really good feel for the squad now and I think they'll do really well. 5 - Montrose - Petrie will get a tune out of the squad and see them challenging for the playoffs throughout, really tight between them and Alloa 6 - Kelty Hearts - I reckon they'll be dissapointed with this, will have some right good players going forward but I'm not convinced by Potter as a gaffer. 7 - Airdrie - Considered placing them below Peterhead, don't see anything other than the management appointment ending as an absolute train wreck, the loss of Murray and Easton is pretty massive. 8 - Peterhead - Through process of elimination they sort of end up here, sorry guys. 9 - Edinburgh - Could well finish tenth, however... 10- Clyde - Fanbase that idolised a rapist, hope they do a Brechin. Danny Lennon is fucking weird.
  9. That'll be Airdrie, I think. Can only see the manager appointment ending in a total farce. I think Alloa will feature more in the top four reckoning.
  10. Fordyce was absolutely wash when he came back from injury.
  11. I understand why Airdrie fans keep skipping over it, but managers matter, an awful, awful lot. In the same posts in this thread you'll have Airdrie fans saying how it isn't relevant that fans of other teams didn't rate Frizzel, McCabe, Fordyce, McGill etc because they improved at Airdrie, then shrug off losing Murray as not a big deal, absolutely bizarre. As Falkirk have shown, and you all know this because they seem to get posted about allot, you can have loads of players who are meant to be good at this level, but if they are managed poorly then it turns to shit pretty quickly. Appointing your best players as manager and assistant manager so they don't leave is proper Saturday amateur buisness. If any other side in Scotland does that you'd have Airdrie fans rightfully pointing out how ridiculous it is, and it's destined to fail. Instead because you've signed a right back everything's sweet and it definitely negates losing a management team and your best player, absolutely wild. By the same logic, Airdrie have a team that couldn't get promoted. Should anyone be concerned about them?
  12. He must've had a plan when he had you scooshing this league?
  13. Bit weird calling your son Mr Wilson but cool.
  14. That's v, v good. Nice having it at the old Inn and at canmore tower aswell.
  15. A contingency for if Edwards does go down south?
  16. This early in pre season fitness is pretty telling tbf, we beat Cove at the weekend and having that time together as a full time squad is undoubtedly beneficial.
  17. I've not seen us yet so I have no idea how this team is balanced, but that's a nice scoreline!
  18. Are we playing well or are Forfar just having a really, really bad day?
  19. It's a shame, he was a very, very, very exciting player to watch when he first came into the scene, had a couple of howling injuries but even after that he got himself into the championship toty and Scotland U21 squad, I thought the move to Falkirk would be a good one for him and really help him his confidence. I think he really struggled with confidence towards the end of his time with us, it's a shame he hasn't found it since.
  20. Our starting lineup isn't a million miles away, we probably just need more depth. Visually on paper we seem to have a far stronger set of strikers on the books which will hopefully help.
  21. Bullen was a good player for us, at a time when money was getting thrown around at ridiculous levels and we were the fourth best side in Scotland he still picked up game time, then went down and played at a good level for Sheffield Wednesday.
  22. Not sure where you're getting this from, we've had white with black pinstripes about 6 times in the past 25 years.
  23. https://twitter.com/FalkirkFC/status/1539620478435868673?t=zbhBRRe0h2IOj0yw5CoZsg&s=19
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