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  1. Going back a few pages but DA was bang on with this, the reply by VT, less so. Thinks looking much rosier now.
  2. Watching the game back now, with 2 and a bit minutes on the clock with Seahawks having no timeoits and it being a 3rd and goal the game should've been done. I don't get the decision to rule out the Thomas TD at all.
  3. Solid indication you're not aware of the full story then eh?
  4. I'll be missing this, upto Elgin instead. Seing as I've missed every game we've won this season, you're welcome.
  5. Oh I got absolutely pished. If we started putting English teams in the Fife Cup I'd go to those aswell, class away days. That was the last challenge cup game I was at, and now that there's no foreign teams I can't see me going to another, I just cannae see the appeal behind it.
  6. Honestly couldn't care less about the challenge cup, you'll be bigging up Fife Cup wins next.
  7. Is there anyone you're thinking off particularly there? The Falkirk squad looks rancid. The only two players I'd even be slightly interested in would be Nesbitt and Morrison.
  8. In my time supporting the Pars we've been more successful than Raith. I'm not too passionate about what happened before then. Although if we go down that route, we're still far more successful than Raith, carry on.
  9. Absolutely no disagreement that we've been shite this season. But if you're going to get arsey about Dunfermline fans having a laugh you probably could've done with beating a Peter Grant managed side. V embarrassing. f**k me we've got someone that takes the challenge Cup seriously, christ.
  10. Already been asked most likely, but if Wales get beat by Austria then is it still away in Austria, or would we then be at home?
  11. That would be about right, but our twitter is reporting it as 3198. Very odd.
  12. If Peter Grant had presided over that and made subs as that the team bus windows would be getting panned.
  13. Dorrans should've been sent off. I wish he had been.
  14. We started well, had turned to shite by the end. It's so fucking cold.
  15. As petty as it may sound, I'm happy enough for us to move away from Fife elite if it means we stop funding the other Fife teams youth players.
  16. Was that the very first question to him? Had to turn away, shocking.
  17. It was linked towards marketing the club, at least thats how I took it. Loads of cars driving past the stadium, and compared to the sign of the 60s there's not as big a sign.
  18. Interesting night, news on the training ground and the new CEO were particularly interesting/good news, there was talk of the takeover and how that had changed in some aspect aswell?
  19. Our only hope for the playoffs would be Nouble leaving absolutely crippling Arbroath, and the alleged fallout from Gardyne absolutely doing Inverness. Mid table nobody's with plenty time to figure out next seasons recruitment might not be the worst.
  20. Aye, looking forward to it, never been to one before due to work location.
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