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  1. Being angry at your club signing a rapist should never be mocked. It was the strong actions of those fans that ensured he never played for your club, be thankful for them. Outwith the football loyalties I found the reaction of some people troubling, this isn't a Fife Derby thing, I just thought that people were united in there condemnation of Goodwillies behaviou, It's a damning indictment of sociect that some were willing to overlook his past issues, because he might score some goals. I can almost guarantee that his signing for any championship club last January would've outed out a decent proportion of wrong 'uns within a support. It's a shame for Rovers that one of those was Sim.
  2. McPake was at a Motherwell game and people presumed he was looking at Erwin? I assume Mahon was playing then. At least it seems he's seen him live etc.
  3. Our track record had us posting a profit at this level in 2/3 years we were in it, that's not bad IMO. I get that but you still have a pretty big squad don't you? I also get that some members of that squad are absolutely gubbins but surely if you're skint that's just the way it goes? It's an unfortunate fact that there's just simply not allot of money kicking about at this level. That'll be me but it's not quite like that. I absolutely still support Dunfermline and they're my main team, after years of living close to, and then going to Brentford games though I like to watch them when their games don't clash. Much easier in the prem. I live back up in Scotland so I'll be at far more Dunfermline games.
  4. Apologies another poster brought it up but the quote has disappeared. But surely with those financial figures the role of the board is to not spunk so much money up the wall? There's not been a shortage of signings this summer.
  5. I thought when we signed him we were getting a goalscorer but he had so much more to his game, an extremely clever player.
  6. Did Peterhead fans not genuinely blame Falkingham for there players being thick as f**k? Referee could've sent off five of them that day.
  7. I'm not on this thread all the time, but these are posts on the last page, that's not a while back IMO.
  8. You in the wrong thread mate, or did you just wake up from a 3 day kip? There was me thinking that PnB was a multi club forum, how silly of me.
  9. Some amount of hyperbole with regards to Dunfermline playing direct. It's a wonder that with Falkirk playing such swashbuckling football that technical players like McGuffie, Nesbitt etc aren't tearing it up, wild.
  10. Aye, your post brought out the only rumours we've had for weeks!
  11. Hickey has had a great of start to his Brentford career, hopefully he carries that on here.
  12. It was getting sung absolutely everywhere at the euros last year.
  13. Jeter was here a week? Ridgeway was a fifth round pick for the Cowboys this year.
  14. I'd imagine you'd struggle to identify people chanting tbh, however whoever was throwing smoke bombs must be panicking. If they've burned the park you'd imagine Falkirk will get a bill, whoever throws shite on the park is an idiot.
  15. The away crowd looked far closer to 1800-1900 ish. Still a good number right enough but not 2500.
  16. I can only presume that Falkirk don't have a DAFC.net equivalent so all their thickos are on here. Yer Kiddy and BPM would be far more at home on a one club forum.
  17. And we still deservedly got a draw, because we were the better side in the second half. Easy this football malarkey.
  18. As I said, everyones got biased leanings. However I'm pretty content that my assessment of Dunfermline having the better of the second half and it being as stonewall a penalty as you're ever likely to see are bang on the money.
  19. Some level of blue tinted glasses. I'd be absolutely seething if it wasn't given because it was as clear a foul as you could ever see. You can't just clear out a player with a slide tackle without getting absolutely anything on the ball and say "I've seen them not given". I appreciate everyone will have a degree of biased but some of the takes post game from the Falkirk fans on here have been staggering. You'd think it was prime Pep Barcelona yesterday against Tony Pullis with a referee holding them down, wild.
  20. His positional change out to the left was a big reason as to why we then dominated the second half so much, had the beating of the right back.
  21. Couldn't hear any Norrie stuff, after the shite on social media though I'm not surprised that it came up, likewise the shite about Craig Gowans. How utterly depressing.
  22. Eh, just looked really fucking stupid.
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