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  1. The best way to ensure you stop chopping and changing managers isn't to appoint the youngest, it's the appoint the best available surely?
  2. What are Ross County's fans thoughts on Kettlewell? Only crossed him in the title winning season where he seemed to do well enough.
  3. I don't think Kettlewell would be the worst appointment in the world.
  4. Don't disagree with the point about Charlie Adam right enough. I wouldn't want McPake. Terrified we'll get him.
  5. Dunfermline wins the City status, would never have happened with John Hughes in charge IMO. BBC News - Platinum Jubilee: Eight new cities created in Queen's honour https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-61505857 Big thanks to the BBC for using a picture of a Spoons to celebrate.
  6. Are we still Townies? Or are Raith fans going to have to come up with another nickname that isn't at offensive? Citynies?
  7. You can't have finished fourth surely? That's where we finished.
  8. Heard a few people say this and the wording of the statement backs it up. "In the past week" "New manager search well underway", seems it was agreed he was leaving a bit ago, for whatever reason some finer points needed ironing it. He hasn't resigned.
  9. They were all said at the supporters meeting last year outwith Leish.
  10. I'm doubling down. The doric accent has some weird slang, but it's perfectly alright, the nasally weegie accent is horrendous, the only accent in the UK that can come close for being so shite is the scouse accent.
  11. Prefer the Highlands and Aberdeenshire accent to the Weegie one tbh.
  12. Lived in Dundee for the past year, it's redeeming feature is that Fife is just across the tay. Any place which has Clarkes as it's chief bakery deserves nothing but pity though, wouldn't be in the top three in the Kingdom.
  13. People thought we had a decent squad that season and should've been challenging for the title, the basis of which would stroll the league one title the following season, it was though horrendously managed, much like this season. We actually played Raith that season, and won. So if you want to be technical you haven't beaten the two worst Pars sides in history. No idea why you seem to be getting so heat up about it.
  14. That Cowdenbeath team had Hemmings and Stewart and a few other good players. We also at least got through to the final of the playoffs that year. This side got beat by a QP side who finished effectively mid table in league one, that's a worse result than the Cowdenbeath one. Tough call between this one and the 7th in league one side, under Peter Grant I'd say we were worse, absolutely poney,at times under Hughes we were better, over the whole though still pish.
  15. Starting to become terrified he's staying tbh.
  16. Muirhead put in what was possibly one of the worst Falkirk cb performances I've ever seen against us, it was Khalis levels of shite.
  17. Heard nothing tbh. Don't see why he'd be interested or why he'd join us over Falkirk. Did he play under Hughes?
  18. Rice has done quite well at Alloa, I'd probably rather have him than Hughes. He's also just signed a new contract I'm sure.
  19. Some teams take a higher proportion of there home fans away and vice versa, you then also have the distance and Derby factor, Inverness have a higher average attendance than most league one sides but there away support will be pretty comparable. You also then need to factor in the teams fortunes impacting the home fans, our home support this year has suffered pretty badly due to the teams fortunes, when we won league one we averaged a bawhair short of 3500, not a massive difference to the 3615 we averaged this year, and that was without Kelty and Falkirk in the league. This year Falkirk averaged 3166, despite being utterly honking. Our average attendance may well drop, however its going to be nowhere near as severe as what you say.
  20. Again, what relevance does it have to us what other teams home attendances are?
  21. I'm sorry but that stat has little relevance to the point you're trying to make. The discussion point for our attendances will be the away crowds, with Falkirk being down there that'll soften that blow, while if we're doing well and if we appoint a manager the fans can get behind I wouldn't be shocked to see home attendances rise. That's not how severance tends to work at this level.
  22. Consolidation in the Championship isn't really a thing, mid table means you're either going for the playoffs, or you're still quite worried about relegation going into the last quarter. Due to the tight nature of the league if you're hovering in that mid table range you're just as likely to get sucked down than up.
  23. If we appoint a decent manager I don't see St falling by half at all, they were dreadful last year with Grant.
  24. We belong in league 1 because our football performances have been dreadful and its where we deserve to be. If we were ran competently then there's no reason to say we couldn't be a Premiership club. Been a long time since that happened right enough.
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