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  1. Because people aren't biased morons, go and take the issue up with the Raith fans who know it's a red..
  2. Genuinely can't beleive you have people saying that's not a red, that's a horrendous tackle. Doesn't even touch the ball but comes steaming in from 15-20 yards studs up and catches the bloke above the ankle, good job his foot wasn't on the floor or he's breaking his leg. Look at Mathew's in the immediate aftermath, he knows he's fucked it.
  3. It wouldn't shock me massively if we were to scrap a win here if Raith are without Mathews. I'm not saying we'll play well, or even deserve it, but with the amount of vital and good first team players Raith could be missing I see an opportunity for us to shitfest an undeserved 1-0
  4. Going by today you wouldn't want to watch either team every week.
  5. Draw the fair result. Think Wighton had the best chance but it was from a tight angle and Sneddon done well to stay tall.
  6. He does, but anyone who talks for 90 minutes non stop is going to do that. Just calm doon man. We've looked better this half, particularly since Wilson came on.
  7. Does this commentator ever just shut up? Fucking hell, If he's not rabbiting on he's coughing into the mic.
  8. Never seen the highlights from that Thistle final. Some defending for the fourth goal!
  9. For the vast majority of that it was pretty bad to watch, very direct football with our only plan being "Let's hope the Thistle defence makes a c**t of it". They've had some dodgy moments but realistically neither side looked likely to score in that half, pretty rough.
  10. If nothing else, the ref has been very good. Been a few players at it going down under no contact and he's waved it away.
  11. Not been following Particks fortunes that much, who's Akinola?
  12. Ach can see it from both sides, maybe they didn't think they'd sell out so quickly etc. For the fans that are there it'll be one of the best fife derby's they'll be at, you'll create a far better atmosphere in the North East, you'll most likely win and it's under the floodlights. I am surprised the main stand hasn't been released, I can only presume that the police have vetoed it? Might be worth an email to the Raith Rovers SLO?
  13. ... Can someone tell me if I'm being whooshed a belter here, the fucks going on with this guy?
  14. Aye, there'll be plenty seats in the home end. Did you use to play centre back? If you did there's a solid chance this could happen.
  15. The decisions to keep Grant seemed to be all Meggle, we've asked for a while for a bloke with a background in football to be in charge of the football side, and to then in turn let the board do there thing. Remains to be seen if Meggle is actually any better though.
  16. I'd imagine that'll be a police decision. The current board of Dunfermline are extremely competent when it comes to the running of the club, especially with regards to the financial side. Appointing managers? Less so.
  17. Because we use both of those places. It also traipeses past a hundred people including the club shop etc, how are you going to implement that pre Match? May come as a shock, but the people in charge of Dunfermline know more about EEP than you.
  18. As someone who doesn't want to see Falkirk do any better it's heartening to see who they have in charge.
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