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  1. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    Only turned it over for the interviews, why did the manager refer to Queens Park as a bunch of babies?
  2. Everytime Raith fans come to EEP they sign about Sammy being a paedo. Don't remember much indignation about that tbh. Very well done to Arbroath, they might not admit it but I'd be shocked if there fans aren't looking at the fixture list and figuring out the title winning game.
  3. Pars vs Caley Thistle

    Good result, OK performance. Shame that Connollys effort came back of the bar, we looked understandably nervous in the last ten.
  4. Relegation Royal Rumble

    Great results for Partick and Dunfermline today, absolutely wild that Dunfermline are only 5 points away from the promotion playoffs, similarly only 4 points above the relegation ones. A draw would be an good result against Ayr and is plausible, since they absolutely bodied Dundee Utd they've not been skelping teams with such regularity. More confident about that game than I am against Partick, the signing of Steven Anderson was one of the best bits of business in the window.
  5. Football League 2018/19 season

    The owner is a good man aswell. My mate who got me into Brentford used to work on the bar, love it in there. Also met Kamara of SSN fame, frequents there a bit apparently. Not sure when my next game will be, might be moving down south in the summer, if that doesn't materialise I'd imagine I'll go down for the end of the season.
  6. Pars vs Caley Thistle

    Ball moved in the air but the keeper has has had a howler. Got distracted by Joe Thompson being beautiful probably. Big test now, least we're shooting in the right end.
  7. Pars vs Caley Thistle

    Just have to be winning with ten minutes to go. Gosh it's so simple.
  8. Pars vs Caley Thistle

    Could be a 352 with Beadling at the back. Could be a 451/433 with Thomson and Connolly wide. Could be a 4411 with Connolly behind the striker.
  9. Football League 2018/19 season

    Great to hear, how you been enjoying the games, you got a favourite pub yet?
  10. In the wrong direction like most of your boring inane posts?
  11. Aye, of course he should.
  12. Just in case anyone's interested in keeping tabs on old players, Callum Davidson has joined us as part of the coaching set up.
  13. Club Badges

    What a boring grassing c**t you are.
  14. How long was it installed? That's not terribly relevant to the pitch at Falkirk though is it? There won't have been many who played on both last season.