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  1. Meh, if someone's capable of acquiring a gun and then having it pointed at the back of your head outside your house I reckon you'd be scared tbf.
  2. Aye, got all the cards with outlines and any stealing cards, then smash with the special card that done all the damage.
  3. Luckily I'd been doing the orlog players throughout the game, come completion I only had 3 to do? I quite enjoyed the game 😂 got a strategy and won everytime.
  4. I'd honestly have Kelly as about league 1 standard in England.
  5. Watch allot more championship football than Scottish Premiership, Kelly was an absolute liability at QPR. Shocked that he's in the frame tbh. McCrorie was better than Doohan at Scottish championship level.
  6. Providing that clubs still stream after this season, just use a VPN. I've lived in the south of England for most of the past 7 years and I've been using a VPN to watch games for the majority of it, fairly guilt free aswell. I'm not about to do a 10 hour journey to the football every weekend and it was still getting money into the club.
  7. f**k it, cancel promotions from the championship, league 1 and league 2 aswell then. Absolute shambles.
  8. That didn't take me too long in honesty. This is the first AC game I've ever completed, I've often found them to be quite dull but I enjoyed it. Had absolutely no idea what was happening with regards to the main storyline.
  9. Fairly realistic, St Johnstone and Motherwell have achieved it in recent seasons a few times each, it's absolutely possible and plausible.
  10. Has Robinson been confirmed? Wasn't as bad as people made out generally tbh, however his save percentage was pretty bad by the end.
  11. Genuinely not too bad in honesty, swimming 3k with the horse was boring but easy, there were a couple I had to Google but once I'd done that they were quick. While you have to catch every fish with the fishing line, you don't need to complete the fishing guy at the settlement.
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