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  1. Very glad to be going in ahead, feared the worst after giving the ball straight back twice on the bounce at the start, but we're moving now.
  2. How on earth is that not given as a 1sr down? The officials have been dreadful for both sides here.
  3. Washington finally getting off the field on a third down.
  4. If that's the correct call by the book then it's a ridiculous ruling, can see Young trying to pull up, an absolute nonsense.
  5. Hoping Jones has a shocker, they're building up the Washington defence which didn't play well last week.
  6. Whenever a pars fan does a worst eleven in the future, Graham is an absolute stick on to be include, he's awful.
  7. I see we've upgraded from bedsheets, mdf is far snazzier.
  8. That's a lovely tribute from Raith. Fair play. I've been battering this drum for a while, he'd be a great appointment. His CV is far better than any of the other out of contract managers, I'd rather have Petrie of course... People will say he's a dour manager, but a manager who knows how to set a team up to not concede 3 goals every league game would be nice.
  9. Baxter Park is that sort of place? Gutted about the Indians, a decent Indian is worth travelling for though, any tips? Many thanks Ludio. I am partial to an auld man pub, was thinking more for just a local pub to catch football if its on, better pubs in the centre I'm sure.
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