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  1. Game of Thrones

    You can read?
  2. Game of Thrones

    Not wrong though. Genuinely the only bad acting that sticks in my mind was Little finger and his ever changing accent. Outwith that the characters are represented how I'd roughly expect them to be, I don't enjoy some characters as much as others but I'm not sure if that criticism can be leveled at the actors. Tyrion was my favourite actor while he was in Kings Landing/7 Kingdoms but he's been pretty meh the last couple of seasons, I'm not putting that down to Peter Dinklage being a bad actor. Watching Bran was a bit of a slog and recently while he's been a creepy basted but that is how the character is meant to be. Jon Snow is a dour northerner who is by all accounts a bit thick, not all characters can be as intelligent as Olenna and Tywin for example. There's plenty of criticisms that are perfectly valid for GoT. You just can't think of any because you're dense, unlucky.
  3. Boxing Thread

    Must've been involved in something very dodgy for it to end the way it did. Done some amount of work for local charities.
  4. Relegation Royal Rumble

    From a season I have absolutely no recollection of aswell, wild.
  5. Game of Thrones

    Because a couple of people have mentioned it people like to jump on the bandwagon to appear knowledgeable. Unsurprisingly, all those getting hailed as great actors are the ones with the more interesting characters and lines. Shocking.
  6. Relegation Royal Rumble

    Fair play to Poet, he's done virginton a treat here.
  7. Queens v Dunfermline

    Worse than Gavin Reilly. Not that bad.
  8. Alex McLeish Is Sacked.

    Aye, he wouldn't be the worst appointment in the world imo. For me he was ridiculed because he wasnt "old school" enough. I coukd be wrong but thats the way I see it and the way I see the problems we face at National level and probably at grass roots level too. I thought allot of the ridiculing came because it was fairly obvious from very early on that he had absolutely no man management skills, evidently very good ideas in a few regards but he'll never be a manager. If the manager has to be Scottish I'd really like either Clarke, Neil or Ross (in that order) and I wouldn't mind David Moyes, I think he could make it work. Anyone got some good foreign suggestions? Billic seemed to have a decent international record, a poor domestic one though etc.
  9. Best Place to Live in Scotland

    Aberdour is a cracking village, was the team I played for as a youth so spent allot of time there. Best place to live is probably pretty subjective to what age you are and what you want.
  10. Game of Thrones

    That's up there with the worst thing that's ever been written on PnB.
  11. Queens v Dunfermline

    We've got a far more defensive structure than last year due to our defence being fucking shite.
  12. Game of Thrones

    Who's to say the white walkers win the first battle? What if the North wins the first and Jon goes down with his dragons to bump Cersei? Going by the trailers Jon and Danny are in Dragonstone, draw from that what you wish.
  13. Game of Thrones

    Would you rather they rushed it and pushed out an inferior product just because you're dense?
  14. Game of Thrones

    You having shite memory and neglecting to have a catch up is no ones fault but yours.
  15. Keep/Punt/Undecided

    There's a few players getting released from Utd that I could see at Dunfermline tbh. We desperately need wingers so wouldn't be averse to Aird and Nesbitt. Plz no King.