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  1. Great memory, surname was spelt Crosbie but that's an easy mistake to make, was one of the players released at the end of last season. Sure he suffered a pretty bad knee injury while on loan at the Primrose.
  2. He would've been 16 at the time he was with Raith tbf. He has tremendous physical attributes, I think he'll have a career at some level, he does look very raw though, I don't think he's helped by us keeping him as a squad player rather than loaning him out to get game time. The way things currently are I can't see Raith regretting it too much.
  3. Link that you didn't. I'd imagine you'll struggle because clubs don't tend to publish a story about every player they've offered a contract too, nor do players tend to then rock up at whatever club with a list of clubs that tried to sign him.
  4. Wouldn't have minded seing a replay of that hand ball everyone was claiming for.
  5. So did I, didn't see any deflection or save though. If any team deserves to win this then I'd say it was Dunfermline, we've had some ringers in goal in the past against Morton so I'm shocked they've not tried to test OFW at all. Definitely a Morton throw aswell, we've had a couple of baffling decisions go our way tonight, they haven't amounted to anything right enough.
  6. Have they been? I'd struggle to pick a better team from this due to the absolute nothing that's occurred. However I don't see how it can be Morton when they've created literally nothing.
  7. That art gallery? Advertisement in front of where the away fans normally sit seems randomly out of place, I like it.
  8. Morton picking up McAdams really was a good bit of business, see that his most recent spell was the second tier of Northern Irish football, hopefully he has a howler.
  9. Oh, they're overstating how good we are, and how good we've been. Still I'm easily pleased so it's nice to hear.
  10. Aye the pitch looks quite bad, ball will be bobbling a good bit, don't think this is a game that will suit players that like to take the ball for a run. Which doesn't bode well for us.
  11. McMullan was the summer before, it was Aird and Clark who went to Utd in the summer of 2018. Both scoring on the opening game of the following season against Dunfermline. You couldn't write it, Jeff. What a day that was. Season peaking on the first day.
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