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  1. Aye, heard quite a few times that Mehmet is meant to be on one of, if not the biggest wage atm. It's something that will undoubtedly come into McPake's mind.
  2. Agreed! Any recommendations from Montrose fans with regards to pubs for watching the Scotland game?
  3. Turns out I had QoTS to finish second, I thought that Connolly was a massive re-signing. Quite a few posters had Queens winning the title, while it seemed the majority had them in the playoffs at least. With QoTS and Kelty seemingly under performing, and Edinburgh doing as well as they've done I don't think many predictions came close!
  4. I suppose the pre season predictions will be a better indication, but I'm sure you had fans fancying QoTS for the top two/three. I'm sure I had you down for finishing third. It's obviously turned out badly, but I think it's a bit of revisionism to say no one fancied QoTS to mount a challenge. With the budget they really should have.
  5. Agreed, the initial tweet was shite. However he has apologised and evidently realises his tweet was shite, McPake doesn't need to accept this apology, however maybe he shouldn't be searching his name on twitter after a few jars. McPake doesn't come across well there IMO.
  6. Not seen you post in a while PoTM, good to see you back
  7. The passing errors by Italy must be absolutely maddening for their fans.
  8. Aye, very much job done. Quite content watching this tbh.
  9. He is. I agree with Nigel Ownens thoughts on the scrum that brought the yellow, it's intelligent play I suppose by Zander.
  10. Bk with the Rick Flair "Woo" there.
  11. "His feet were in the west stand!" Some finish from VdM.
  12. As a public sector employee I am very lazy, thank you.
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