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  1. Because he's good at scoring goals and Scotland doesn't have many strikers who do that. If he was a centre mid he'd not have a sniff because we have a plethora of options, as it is who have we hot upfront? If Shankland is getting a call up I think it's a legitimate question to ask who is better between him and Nisbet. As a biased as f**k poster I'd say Nisbet. Aye I've seen games from players like that before, score a few yet achieve little else in the game. Obviously scori f goals is the most important aspect of the game but you aren't sure walking away, if they actually played that well? The raith player Vaughan scored a hat trick against Dunfermline, despite Raith being underwhelming for 75 minutes and Vaughan not doing much else, it's an odd one. This hat trick doesn't mean he's made it, hopefully though it gives him a platform to go and do well, the confidence boost will do him good if nothing else.
  2. Any talk of naming a stand after Bert will automatically be compared to naming a stand after Jim. Tbb, we're lucky to have two legends of that standing.
  3. A year or so ago you had QoTS and Ayr fans doubting whether Nisbet would be a success in the championship. A year on and it's a joy to see him doing this for Hibs, this doesn't mean he'll be a success for them, he'll need to score on a consistent basis but hopefully he nets us a pretty penny. There was some Killie fan (Craig?) who doubted him massively having never seen him, odd.
  4. We tried to sign Brown last season and couldn't afford his wage demands, he earns more on his part time Peterhead wage plus whatever job he does.
  5. I was thinking that with the lack of jobbers, go for a player that might not necessarily be Mr popular at the moment, think O'Hara suits that the most.
  6. I don't really see why we'd sign him, we currently have Watson, Murray, Martin and Lang as cover at centre back, it's probably our most covered position. Before Watson signed I could've maybe have seen it but I just doubt we would've been chasing him at all after signed him. Certainly if we were there's not a chance we'd be offering him a starting berth or a 3 year contract.
  7. Without actually remembering Walsh that much, he seems like a cracking signing. Will be weird not posting up images of Geggan on future Ayr threads, such a well liked player at all the sides he's been at.
  8. He scored 10 for United when he was last at this level and was an absolute nightmare to play against, his physicality and pace were a constant pain. I get that he looked like a diddy in the prem apparently, but having seen him, Jak and Mullen at this level I'd take Murray by a long way. Providing he's recovered.
  9. Currently QoTS have three signed players, I think it's a bit more unknown with regards to how they'll be this season tbf. At least with Raith there's a degree of continuity from last season with some well known faces, I'd imagine QoTS and Morton will line up very, very differently to how they finished last year. It's a good year for Raith to come up, I can't see them going down nor being threatened by it terribly much.
  10. Ah, I see what's happened, your figures are wrong. In 18/19 in the championship he got 6 championship goals. The season before that he got 6 goals in league 1. It may be that you really rate Zannata and you're basing him on being on at least 7 goals from that, but I don't get how you look at his previous record where's he's not scored 7 league goals for a club in one season, then say he'll do it this one when it'll be shorter. I like Zannata and think he's a good player, it'll be a hard gig replacing Forrests output from last season though.
  11. He might, however he's reached 7 league goals once in his career so far, at a lower level. You can be confident he'll get that now, in a shortened season but it's far from a given. Any attacking midfielder/winger who gets 7 over the season will have had a productive one.
  12. Correct, but it wouldn't have been out of the question for us to write off his contract this summer given we've made similar decisions in the past. Quite, but then if you're struggling for cash at the moment it's unlikely you'd have the capacity for a one off payment just now. I'm surprised you haven't just loaned him back out to Kelty
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