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  1. Queens v Dunfermline

    Nah get him so far to f**k.
  2. Queens v Dunfermline

    Seems like your massively overreacting tbh.
  3. Queens v Dunfermline

    I'll be setting off about 1 o clock, give it every chance.
  4. Sums up my thoughts on it. It's certainly generated a fair bit of debate amongst fans if nothing else.
  5. I didn't see the Craigan incident, but going by what was said about the incident it wasn't virtrolic. The only people who aren't able to be identified are those who kicked the window and left paper towels in the sinks, and it's just as likely if not more so that it wasn't Dunfermline fans, And no, I'm not equating it to that at all.
  6. I have absolutely no idea about the Craigan incident so won't comment on it. However the Williamson incident has turned incredibly weird, it wasn't like the boy in question went out his way to tell his girlfriend he was shite, she's jumped in after he was criticising him after the game, a disagreement was had and since the boy has apologised publically and to the girl in question, read the statements on here from people who witnessed it and then read the boards version, are they the same? And no, it's not been particularly virtrolic, as I've been at Pars games recently and I'd imagine you haven't, I'm probably better placed to comment on that. It doesn't seem like it adds up but then the boards version of events with Williamsons other half doesn't add up either. The statements absolutely all over the shop. As in it only involves a maximum of 5 people, I'll be fucking shocked if there's a club in this country who haven't had a problem with a couple of fans, to release a statement like that which brings national interest is totally over the top, again, your board didn't release a statement about getting stick on twitter/PnB during Aitkens later reign, should they have? Absolutely not. If people have commited an offence of some sort punish them, but if the board are going to start banning fans for calling a player shite on social media we're going to have no fans soon. If it's widespread, the perpetrators are many and can't be identified then absolutely, the Scott McDonald carry on and the racist and general fan behaviour after the Falkirk game was worthy of a statement? This though? Nah.
  7. Except its not, it names a couple of incidents involving a maximum of 5 people, varying in severity and gives a different version of events for one of them, the players and managers are predominantly getting stick for not doing very well, the same way the players and managers of Dumbarton were getting stick in the later stages of Aitens reign. It's not been particularly virtrolic, it's a massive overreaction over a couple of individuals which will damage the clubs reputation far more than the actions of the fans. Are the national media reporting this as the few that is it? Are they f**k. It's a massive PR blunder from the club. No one I'd imagine, absolutely no point as he doesn't tend to take the opposition into consideration when setting up his team. Who are these supporters that expect us to be running away with the league? That's a vague statement in a half, when the fans chat "Johnston get to f**k" that'll be construed as abuse, when a player is playing shite he'll get stick, etc etc. If the board are genuinely shocked that after our worst start at home in living memory that the players and manager are getting stick they need to come down into the real world, that isn't something that's special to Dunfermline. Every club ever has given there manager and players stick when they're doing shite. Likewise they give them praise when they're doing well, shocking.
  8. Is sending a Snapchat any worse than the fucking loon balls that send abuse to players directly over twitter? If so should a club statement be released everytime that happens? I think the guilty party can be punished without the need for all this.
  9. Queens v Dunfermline

    That'd be dissapointing.
  10. Nah, out and out left winger. Cammy Smith was outstanding last year, would be a great signing for anyone in this division, in your team though he'd be best suited to role Moffat currently occupies.
  11. But then in none of those instances do you ever get the other end of the scale, if the popcorn gets delivered to you go absolutely mental, hugging random people you're likely to never talk too, cheering and become a delirious mess? Of course you don't. In golf you politely clap a good shot, don't even try and compare Rugby to football, not even on the same level. There's very few, if any sports where the fans get into it in such a way, completely eradicate the fans calling the other teams fans c***s and you in turn eradicate the other scale, sanitise the atmosphere to that degree and football no longer is the best game in the world.
  12. You lost to East Fife and your fans had an absolute meltdown. Back. In. Your. Box.
  13. Queens v Dunfermline

    Aye the game will be shite, I like Dumfries and Palmerston is a nice stadium but I'm not a massive fan of the pitch.
  14. Sounds like someone sent a Snapchat, and we've bunged it into our statement.
  15. Pars fans seem to be getting a bit of a dose of reality this season. Being a sustainable club probably means a lot more seasons like this for the Pars, and a lot less of top six in the SPL, as was, and winning the title with money you didn’t have. A section of your fans don’t appear to be taking this well at all. Eh? Well that's absolutely nonsense, back down to the seaside leagues you go, cheers.