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  1. Is that what this says below? I'll help you out, it doesn't. We didn't pay Cardle properly for months, made him redundant with about a week? To find a new club before player registrations for the season ceased, he managed to get a contract at a nearby club meaning he wouldn't have to uproot his family, he didn't go chasing the pound coins and ended up at our biggest rivals, he didn't go sniffing for a new deal and and ended up at Raith. Even with football fans being absolute idiots by and large why would some Falkirk fans not have gotten over that if it happened to them?
  2. That didn't happen either.
  3. Can't say any of that rings a bell tbh.
  4. Dundee United v Dunfermline

    If we're being serious for a second it'll be interesting to see how Clark does away from AJ and his dad, he's only really scored regularly while under there tutelage. I'm sure he scored a ridiculous amount of goals at league one level for Qots, stayed at the same level with Ranger and didn't come close to matching the total. If United persist with a 4231 I can't see Clark matching his total from last year, AJ and Sc evidently knew how to get the best out of Clark, will Csaba?
  5. Nah it was Jason Marr, Kieran Duffie came on in the second half and done better from what I remember, although Cardle was knackered by that point. I want to say you had a player called Compton? Playing who looked decent, can't remember Higginbotham. You also had Mhedi Khalis who was legitimately awful, I'm sure Mark Millar made his debut?
  6. I'd agree with this, sure he won a penalty which we also missed. It was absolutely ridiculous just how much he ripped the right back to shreds though, beautiful
  7. I'm sure there were a couple of games where he ripped the arse out of us, one of them was a Scottish Cup game where we subbed Ross off because he was ripping the absolute shite out of us. After one of the games McIntyre made a joke about being glad to have Joe next season, which the Airdrie manager wasn't expecting. Can't forget Davie Graham aswell for that season! What a fucking glorious occasion.
  8. The Pelé Podcast - Danny Denholm

    Was there not a manger on once? Sure he ran marathons, was brilliant I thought. Dick Campbell would be utterly fantastic.
  9. Your Club's Top 5 Arseholes

    Gavin Masterton. -Absolute ball bag of the highest order, priiiiick. John Yorkston -Utterly blinded by said p***k. Kevin Harper -Wife beating p***k. Stephen Kenny -Who goes to Jiggies at his age? Fucking weirdi.
  10. Whittle used to play for them I'm sure. I'm gutted that he'll be out the Scottish football circuit, can't see our paths crossing again. Seems like a great guy though and I hope it's a great move for his family.
  11. I'd like to think no Dunfermline fan would be ridiculous enough to give Cardle stick for signing for Falkirk or Raith, it was us that didn't offer him a contract. He's not going to get a gig in the Premiership, and in the championship Falkirk would give him one of the biggest wages as well as staying local. Wish him all the best wherever he ends up tbh.
  12. Sounds pretty interesting, AJ played around with a 5-3-2 last year before ditching it, wonder if he'll persevere? Longridge, Connolly, Higgy and Craigan is a wild midfield, can imagine it would've been fun to watch. Any reason why Faiss and Vincent weren't in the squad?
  13. Couldn't watch the Peterhead game but going by the highlights we looked decent enough, what formation did we play with what players in what positions? Purely going by the highlights, Connolly and Higginbotham both looked central?
  14. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Tbf he moved to United due to him playing really well at us, he can definitely beat a man, he's got superb pace and decent trickery that means he was probably one of the best I've seen at getting past a fullback, however considering how many decent situations he found himself him his return in terms of goals and assists wasn't fantastic, he didn't threaten us at all last season though when he played against us, looked half the player.
  15. Love Island 2018

    A hundred times this. With everyone being in happy couples I can see it going stale, can't see anyone ditching there partner unless someone comes in and literally has to split someone up. Show Gerogia kissing Jack for the bants, that'd liven it up.