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  1. As funny as Hartleys summer transfer dealings?
  2. With Berra being out who comes in for Hearts? Had it in my head Berra AGS, fancied him to get one from a corner.
  3. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Regardless of them being the 6th biggest, who drops out? St Johnstone are just as big as Partick, Falkirk and ourselves, if they were in the championship you'd inevitably be telling them they're underachieving, it's nonsense. And Hamilton and St Johnstone are bigger than Raith so even if they dropped down would you expect Raith to finish above them? There's a bunch of clubs of around similar sizes in Scotland and not all of them can fit in the Premiership, that's a good thing as it creates good competition in the championship, you can't say though that four teams are underachieving in the championship when there isn't space in the Premier for them? And we've not even mentioned Ross County, who although with a smaller fan base than the teams mentioned (although larger than Raith) have a generous owner.
  4. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    We're a top end Championship side/lower end Premiership side, we're right where we should be and deserve to be. What four sides do those four sides replace in the Premiership?
  5. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    Nah, realistically Inverness had a "stronger" team out, especially by the end by bringing on Walsh and Oakley. That could have passed for a colts side from us so it's a good result for the youngsters, I reckon Matthew Todd could go on loan to a league 2, possibly 1 side and do well.
  6. Late goal by Smith to win it. Wasn't expecting that result at all tbh.
  7. That's unexpected, the ICT keeper has been the busier of the keepers, young team doing well, Paul Allan and Mathew Todd look good.
  8. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Yes you have done in the past, but based on your crowds you aren't in the top 16 teams in Scotland so why would you expect to be challenging for the playoffs? In the current championship you'd have larger crowds than Alloa, and similar crowds to Ayr and Qots, although of course if you were up Ayr wouldn't be... It's unreasonable to suggest that off the back of your crowds that you should be challenging for the playoffs, if the stars align and you get a good squad+manager then it's absolutely plausible you will of course, it's not massively above your level. How many times has that been in the past 20 years though? 3? I'm not entirely sure so I'll let a statto correct me on that one. I've got absolutely no qualms with the suggestion that Raith could challenge for a playoff spot, Livingston got promoted last year with two men and a dog in the home end, but the suggestion that you should be after a 1400 home crowd is pretty wild. With that said best of luck this season, miss you guys x
  9. I didn't think that was jn the box tbh.
  10. It's a 4-5-1, McCann wide left, Smith wide right with Ryan upfront. Brandon Luke at LB.
  11. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    That's an unbiased view. It's also an utterly wrong view, I've got an unbiased view of Queens Park but if I was to suddenly say they should be challenging for the Premier league title it wouldn't then make it a fact would it?
  12. Aye happy with that, good to get some minutes on the pitch for some of the players, any idea of the formation, is Luke playing at left back?
  13. Makes it all the more surprising you didn't sign him.
  14. Dunfermline Athletic vs Ross County

    Fucking hell are you mental? How much time passes before Williamson losing the ball and County scoring? Sit down and accept it was an absolutely belting goal, if you're losing your tits over a player losing a ball there then you must utterly despise every single one of our players? Or just the ones who are unlucky enough that the opponents score from? Never read a game from the updates in my life, go to games when I'm in the country or at least in the North of England, wanting our players to not be scrapping each other doesn't make me a gimp, it means I'd rather we won games, ken? I can't believe anyone needs that explaining to them but there we are. Couldn't be further from the truth with the second part but it's cute, carry on x