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  1. Nope, what's the difference between postng on this topic, and posting on any other topic on PieAndBovril? It takes all of about 30 seconds to make a post. Again, if you don't like, and can't deal with kther fans laughing at your expense when you're shit, go to a single club forum/Facebook
  2. When we were shite last season it was constantly inhabited by other club fans ripping the pish. Funnily enough when you're clear at the top of the league you get allot less patter. Over the years Falkirk fans have been amongst the loudest when it comes to giving it out, crying about other fans laughing at you when you've been stinking out this level for two seasons while being run like a shambles just shows you up to be an idiot, the whole premise of PnB is the interaction between other fans, if you don't like it then f**k off to whatever single club forum Falkirk has, it really is that simple.
  3. Chalmers absolutely would be my player of the season BTW, smooth operator.
  4. On the game I genuinely think this has Falkirk - 1 on the acca, I fancy them to win by a few.
  5. This thread will be a cracker, looking forward to it.
  6. Lovely stuff by the DLine, get a FG this drive and it should be the game. Nothing stupid TH.
  7. Tress Way is some pler. I've no idea what TH was going for on that pick.
  8. That was ridiculous by TH, he has some amount of turnovers.
  9. BRob absolutely Jonah Lomu'd some Falcons player for the TD.
  10. With the wee one coming I moved back to Fife and am currently looking into a career change, if you do likewise we can meet at the Silver Birch and lament our lost time away!
  11. Shodwell cat has done that statement eh? Aff his tits. There's a few comments through that statement, and previous ones that would worry me if I was a Falkirk fan, but I'll leave that to them.
  12. I'm not sure there is much more to come, what we're seing is what we'll get, which is fairly consistent.
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