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  1. Grant228

    FIFA 21

    I found that I was coming up against worse players, probably one of the easiest player objectives I've done, compared to Dzeko last year for the scream card it was alright. I like that they've put it in it's own seperate game mode so you don't effect your rivals score. He's a good player, worth persevering with. I switch to a 4231 wide in game, cannot recommend Williams enough, with Hunter he becomes a ridiculous card. 25 goals in 12 games, and he's been a delight.
  2. Glad you've kept us in the loop with regards to McBurnie, he an up and coming striker? Reckon he'll do well?
  3. Didn't bother paying for the stream with Pixelot being the camera system. Pleasing to see that we've taken an early lead though.
  4. Fair play to MessiScott for doubling down on the "Queens are shite" posts, I was planning on easing up on them on the run up to Dunfermline playing them, before in the eventuality of Dunfermline losing, claiming that it wasn't a surprise. Or if Dunfermline won, claiming it was no surprise, brave.
  5. Brentford Fc have a twitter account, on this they tweet about there "B" side, much like how I'd imagine Celtic tweet about there youth sides. Not a hugely difficult concept. We'll probably sell him to Villa for 30 million in a few years, it's just the way of the world I suppose. In a thread titled "young strikers coming through" I'm not sure what you expect, Scottish strikers to be first team players by 12 banging in goals in the prem?
  6. Whenever any news or footage pops up from Brentford B on my twitter feed, young Aaron Presley (18) son of Steven looks very decent, physical striker whos been scoring plenty, quite tall. Showed lots of promise, would be nice if he turned out good.
  7. Aye Adidas have us blacklisted due to withholding cash. From what I've heard it's not Adidas, it's a sub company who sells Adidas, we're not nearly big time enough to deal with Adidas direct.
  8. Aye, came out of nowhere for the time really. I'm sure the team used to have Marvin Andrews play for them?
  9. Allan McGregor was absolutely outstanding at Dunfermline, saved us from relegation and it was clear to everyone that he was a future Scotland player and certainly had the potential to de throne Klos. He was that good.
  10. I'm he's the Co manager of Falkirk, he didn't do the post match interview a couple of weeks back though.
  11. Surely allot of goals at this level come from crosses, or set pieces? 3 of the 4 goals in our game on Saturday were from crosses, 2 out of the 2 goals against Falkirk were from crosses... At this level where tika taka football and 30 yard screamers are quite rare, getting the ball into the box/getting to the byline and cutting it back is a very effective method against all defences. How do you specifically train against it? A good ball into the box will have you in danger.
  12. Aye that's a free kick, not a red card though imo.
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