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  1. I've got that, it's a cracker. Murphy chasing the ball into the net after Hopkirk just knocked it in is sweet, sweet karma. Moore giving it big licks to the Norrie after Ayr have went 2-0 up, can't see that coming back to bite him.
  2. David Seamen pulled off a wonder save later in the game aswell.
  3. Firstly, our team didn't go into administration through that season, we went into it 2 seasons later, and even then that wasnt down to 1 season, it was done to many. Secondly while that team wasn't great it still finished 10 points ahead of a team including 8 of those Davidson mentioned, adding Vaughan and Hendry into that doesn't make it an established Premiership team.
  4. Newcastle, lived there for a couple years so have quite a few mates that support them. I do genuinely support Brentford though.
  5. What a trip that was, tops off everywhere. Loved both those games.
  6. You're not wrong. The title was effectively over by the end of that month, it's a shame the title race didn't go on longer, felt like it was going to be a great battle at the start of the season.
  7. I'd forgotten about that. During their time at the Rovers I was more worried with Baird than Tade, always seemed more likely to score it seemed. Tade would obviously become more refined in time.
  8. It was the 2010/11 season, Raith Rovers spent more money than they had and posted a loss and did indeed come second, the team in first also posted a loss but at least had a trophy to show for it. This of course doesn't detract from the point that the squad posted above, would absolutely not in any way be an established premier league side. If I'm not wrong, the only players in that side who would be established Premier league players after playing with Davidson would be Tade and Davidson himself?
  9. You had 8/11 of them at one point I'm sure and didn't get promoted from a very weak first division.
  10. Yep, I don't see how the army in the streets would work. Helping out with logistics is decent though.
  11. Spent a solid minute figuring out what those glasses were called that changed colour in the sun, decided that "photochromic" wouldn't have been as much patter. f**k me I'm bored
  12. Sakes, must've missed it. Are the old episodes online anywhere? Got plenty time here.
  13. Am I going off my tits or were we not getting a scoreboard?
  14. I've not watched them in a while but will do later. Is that the game where we played a beautiful flowing move up the right, a cross came in and Andy Kirk volleyed one onto the bar? That would have been up there with one of the best Pars goals ever had that gone in, especially within the context of that game and title challenge. Aye. Would've been outstanding. Normally I'm a pessimist but I was adament at half time we were winning that.
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