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  1. I hope Fulham don't score and get tanked, sorry x One of the reasons I enjoy going to Brentford games so much is the stadium and the character that comes with it, having a pub in each corner is pretty unique. Me.
  2. On the Sky News footage they showed Sturgeon celebrating Swinson getting emptied, it was fucking glorious.
  3. Will be at the Brentford v Fulham game on Saturday, terracing, beers at half time, last every derby at Griffin Park and a decent standard, the £25 didn't feel all that steep.
  4. A moment to appreciate that Brechin City had a goal gif for there goalkeeper, thank you.
  5. It genuinely feels like I'm watching a different game to Sutton, he's tearing into Morgan while Brown, the worst player in the park is going unmentioned.
  6. That Elyanoussi has given the ball away more than anyone else.
  7. Unsure how much blame you can give Morgan when Celtics midfield has been as utterly dreadful as it has been, they are getting a bit of joy down the wings but they've got absolutely no one taking the ball in midfield, Brown has been utterly anonymous.
  8. It seems that the second gear the Dundee team didn't get out of last time is actually their pinnacle, a draw would be a fine result but a win certainly isn't out of the question.
  9. Definite penalty and by the rules a re-take, happy days.
  10. Purely going by the highlights Raith have got a bit lucky there, the ball almost deflecting off Mathew's before then going through a defenders legs is as fortuitous as it comes, I doubt the Raith fans will care right enough. I thought that both the Raith incidents were red cards, Davidsons is absolutely baffling, no idea what he's trying to achieve. Less sure about the Airdrie one.
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