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  1. Still found the second half of it once we got knocked out the cup by County to be quite boring tbh. Turner, I was watching Premier league years when I had a day off work and he had an absolute stinker against Manchester Utd. He came to use, got injured and we were stuck with Smith.
  2. You could also argue that if you're a young developing footballer then Brentford are one of the better clubs in England to go for, there's plenty bigger clubs with a worst track record. Not sure how relevant Brentfords league position is to that, five years ago they didn't have a good record of being in the championship, in Scotland, Kelty don't have a record of being in league 2 etc... I'd like him to join Brentford, there will be some selfish reasoning within that but I genuinely think it'd be just as beneficial, if not more so than playing for Bologna.
  3. ? No idea how Brentfords record in the top flight stacks up, it's not a very long one. It might well be, I just find the train of thought, and you see it allot on this section of the forum in particular, that going away to a foreign league is far, far, far better than the Premier/Championship.
  4. Would it? The Premier league as a whole is a better standard than Seria A, surely the better opposition that Hickey comes up against the better? I get that it seems exotic that he's in a league not in the UK, but that doesn't mean it's the best thing for his development or for the national team. I can fully appreciate that it seems more dull, and certainly nowhere near as exotic, but I don't see how it would be a dissapointing and depressing move. He'd be moving up in the world in terms of opponents, for a club who have a good track record of bringing in players, developing them before selling them on. If he does well at Brentford he won't be there long.
  5. If that was for the challenge which led to a corner it was about as clear a dive as you'd see, how the referee gave a corner is anyone's guess.
  6. In context of watching football it makes no sense, as if there's a great Baghdad football scene that Sandy was partaking in. Heard it from people saying they've been in the army longer than someone, in that context it then makes sense.
  7. On the right, yes. Henry is the LWB for Brentford (when fit) and one of the first names on the team sheet, and one of our best players, I highly, highly doubt Hickey would displace him, however at RWB we have Canos who's very much out of position, and Roerslev who isn't really good enough. We've been on the hunt for a RWB for the last two windows so I'm presuming that's where he'd play. Brentford > Bologna.
  8. Was a late goal aye, from memory I thought we were really unlucky to lose.
  9. Djebi-Zadi played in the opening game of the season where Inverness won the title, he was absolutely brilliant, seems that wasn't the norm though!
  10. Brentford have been in the market for a wing back for a while, would likely be on the right.
  11. Brentford have been in the market for a wing back for a while, would likely be on the right.
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