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  1. Higginbotham, Beadling, Muirhead, Thomson and Martin all starting. Muirhead has just scored.
  2. I'd take M'voto over Devine, I'd think I'd rather have Devine at centre mid/defensive mid rather than play him at CB tbh, he seems not bad with the ball at his feet, ish. I'd rather have Beadling at CB but I suspect we'll give Devine another shot, hopefully he comes good.
  3. Dunfermline v Queens

    I was meaning the second game at Palmerston then, I couldn't remember what the score was from the first game. Which means that must've been a great game aswell.
  4. Dunfermline v Queens

    Anyone remember the 0-0 draw down in Dumfries last season? Fucking hell that was a dreadful game. Almost as bad as the 5-2 game.
  5. Dunfermline v Queens

    Im not a fan of AJ but I'd really hope we don't take the challenge cup into consideration when talking about his future tbh.
  6. The fucking state eh that.
  7. The Royal Wedding

    Think it was a mixture of getting put to places where they had no support network and those that went for it found themselves worse of money wise and struggling to feed themselves IIRC. On a lighter note, on one particular night I was particularly inebriated going past the castles to head into the Weatherspoons and me and my mates couldn't figure out why there were so many homeless that particular night and how some of them had tents. Didn't dawn on us until the next day that it was the Queens birthday and you had people camping outside to get a better spot, absolutely, mental.
  8. The Royal Wedding

    Have you ever been to Windsor? Never seen a street with as many homeless people along it, always felt right guilty after a night out and would be throwing whatever change I had all over the shop. Which I'd imagine, along with all the tourists is why it's such a popular spot. Remember that they're unlikely to have become homeless if they were living in Windsor, the ones along the High Street have travelled to get there, when I was down there they were trying to relocate them to accommodation and you had people turning it down due to the location not being what they fancied. It's a really weird situation all round.
  9. Israel v Scotland

    Russell just fucking sleeping there and O'Donnell completely unaware.
  10. Israel v Scotland

    Exactly this, put Tierney at right back and hope he deals with there left mid better, it's fucking evident O'Donnell doesn't have a chance. Russel and Forrest out wide with Robertson then able to overlap Russel on the left.
  11. Israel v Scotland

    Yes it is, however he himself is being exposed by the dreadful McGinn on his right and McGregor on his left, when you're playing in the middle by yourself effectively any half decent competent side will pass it around you, Israel are getting space all over the park, down the wings they've got the beating off our fullbacks, through the middle we've got no protection while simultaneously offering nothing going forward. To put all our woes squarely on the door of McDonald is bizarre and we'll wide off the mark.
  12. Israel v Scotland

    He's effectively doing it himself, McGregor and in Particular McGinn are offering no protection through the middle, while we have no cover out wide, our shape isn't working at all. McGregor has made two smart saves and they've also hit the post.
  13. Israel v Scotland

    McDonald has been in our top three performers today thus far. It's like we're playing a 451 atm.
  14. Israel v Scotland

    Aye I thought McDonald has been one of our better players tbh.
  15. Israel v Scotland

    Take it back actually, that's a great call by the referee.