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  1. Really good quality highlights. Love the 'Awww no' from the commentator after the own goal goes in!
  2. I agree, this could all change in the future but if we continue with the community work and continue to develop it then it aces less importance on having the right manager in place or a successful team on the park. That obviously helps but it shouldn't be the only focus.
  3. Good draw against Fraserburgh if we get through against Nairn
  4. Is Lyons getting much of a game? He was excellent last season in linking midfield and attack and at taking chances when he got them. More of a left sided player but if he's not getting a game can we have him back please?
  5. I've been out of the loop for a while now, I take it Tezza is injured just now?
  6. I thought Clyde played really well in the first half. First goal was a well worked move but nobody competing for the header back across goal was disappointing. Clyde could have had more goals in the first half, Goodwillie looked strong and held the ball up well and linked up well. I think Petrie started with the wrong line up though, Hawke didn't look up to much and no Webby. I know there's a run of a couple of midweek games and he wants to keep players fresh, but you've got to play with your best in form players. That handed Clyde the initiative, although Clyde played well in the first half. Clyde's second was an absolute thunderb*****d. Thankfully we got a quick goal back. Gradually Clyde fell out of the game and we started playing well and created a few chances. Had we played the whole game like the last 20 minutes we probably would have won. On balance I thought we deserved something out of the game. Lyons looked good, Webby looked lively when he came on as did CJ. Cammy B (2nd) looked pretty good when he was on. The timewasting was horrendous though, started when Clyde took the lead. The referee should have got the yellow card out for the Keeper and Clyde number 2 who were the main culprits. Had it been reversed I probably wouldn't be complaining, but it's down to the referee to stop it. Enjoyed my trip to Broadwood, decent stadium, and decent pies.
  7. I'm thinking about heading along to the game on tuesday after work. How easy is it to get to broadwood from Croy station? I've only ever been there in a car before so any help gratefully received
  8. It's genuinely becoming ridiculous at this point. If we can reach an agreement to oust Airdrie in 3 or 4 weeks, then no problem... Let's set our sights a bit higher and aim to oust Raith and Falkirk
  9. Ahead of our forthcoming titanic clash, does one have to pay to park at the stadium?
  10. Big Sir Christopher Templeman. I thought he was finished when he first joined us, looked old, slow and uninterested. But when SP took over it was like he gained a new lease of life and was instrumental in us winning the title. He was still old and slow, but his control and finishing were magnificent. Happy to.admit I was wrong about him.
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