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  1. Calling Cards of Morons

  2. Stenny v Mo

    Great win for the Mo last week, so got to be confident going into this one. With our recent additions we seem to have more of a threat going forward, evidenced by the 5 goals last week. We seem to be shipping a few as well so Stenny will feel they can get after our defence. 8-7 to the Mo.
  3. Montrose v Brechin

    Cheers. Hope he's back soon
  4. Montrose v Brechin

    No steeves today. Is he injured? Could be a big miss defensively and going forward
  5. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    Feel sorry for both of them, bad injuries impeding their progress. All the best to them in the future
  6. Montrose v Dundee United - Dillon Derby

    I was really disappointed at the performance on Saturday. The scoreline was fair enough, it could have been more, because Utd didn't rally have to do much to beat us. I think we sat off them too much, allowed them too much time on the ball and predictably they went on to dominate possession. When playing against a full time team from a higher division, you can't afford to make any mistakes but we did make mistakes and were punished. The lads never gave up or stopped trying but I would have hoped that on a smaller pitch we would have tried to get stuck in to disrupt Utd and get the crowd going. Utd well worth their win, their number 19 looked a player (as mentioned above), just really disappointed by our approach to the game. Good to see a decent crowd tho.
  7. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    Can he play up front? If so, let's bring him back
  8. Supporting yer local

    The Wemyss caves aren't too far away either, l don't think??
  9. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    I'd like to see a couple of new players at least. A striker (like every other team in Scotland) and a decent centre half.
  10. Supporting yer local

    Nothing nerdy about Pictish stones!! The Aberlemno ones are superb but yet to see the St Vigeans ones. I introduced a workmate to the joys of Montrose matches and we have so far combined a trip to Stenhousemuir with climbing up Cockleroy hill to check out theremains of a hill fort. Have to plan some more trips in near future.
  11. The Arbroath Thread

    How many forwards do you guys need?
  12. The Arbroath Thread

    Can they fu**k!!!
  13. Arbroath vs Brechin

    Worse than Paul McManus a few years back?
  14. Montrose v Rovers

    Must be imagining things in my man-flu addled state.