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  1. I've got a spare ticket if anyone needs one.
  2. Anyone remember a certain Canadian 'goalie' who played for the Mo?
  3. I think las season is a perfect example not to be complacent. It looked inevitable that East Fife would be a certainty for 4th spot (at least) for the majority of the seasoon but hit a really, really bad spell towards the end and we were able to claim a playoff spot. They seem to have strengthened well this season and I'm sure Saturday's game will be tough, but hopefully we can start to pick up points now.
  4. I'm sure I saw us get a 6-0 thrashing many years ago at Firhill, probably in the Scottish Cup.
  5. Unfortunately my wife wasnt persuaded to wait for the 7.30pm sailing from Cairnryan to Belfast so that I could attend the game and am currently on the ferry to Belfast. Selfish cow!! Anyway, this will be a tough game and a tough season and I would take a draw at present.
  6. Oooft, does tonight's result mean we are better than Hibs, Hearts and Celtic after stopping the #smokiejuggernaut? At least you got some fitness though
  7. Can anyone recommend any decent car dealerships in the Edinburgh West Lothian area? I'm looking for somewhere that won't rip me off and that preferably isn't Arnold Clark.
  8. My car struggles up Cairn o'Mount so I can't even imagine cycling up it!! Great effort.
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