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  1. Tickets for the Malta stands are on sale today, and they've allocated some of their own sections for away fans not buying through the SFA. http://www.mfa.com.mt/en/home.htm
  2. Steve had always wanted to get married, but had a big secret in the way. That's why he waited till the last moment to tell Paul.
  3. Is Club30 the same place all the mutants in Futurama go? Goodness me.
  4. I remember SAAS announced there was a final day for applications to be processed in time for the start of uni. Anyone else apply on this very last day? I've still not heard anything and i'll be away on exchange before my course in Aberdeen even starts.
  5. Missus - "Is a swan a duck or a bird?" Ex-missus - "Do cats lay eggs?" After a laughter fit, I replied "You even have a cat!" To which she said, "'Aye, but it's a boy cat!"
  6. Aberdeen actually getting a win ruined my three draws coupon with Ayr-Falkirk and Swansea-Wigan.
  7. People who think they are automatically gorgeous models because some photographer took some stylish photos of them wearing skimpy clothes with some sheets in the background. You're not a model hen, no matter how much you want to be. Those totally useless status updates. "Might watch the telly". Aye, brilliant. I might give a shit. "John Smith likes Like Pages, and 305 other pages". We get the point mate. "Paul Jones just checked into his own living room." So? Worst of all are probably those statuses like "omg hardest time of my life right now.." 2 seconds after changing their relationship status for the fourth time in a week.
  8. Mental. Maybe the fans just turn up, support their sides and hope for the best come the end of the season?
  9. Prodigy in April, and if I remember to get the tickets before they sell out, MSTRKRFT in May.
  10. I had it around 8 times in 18 months, as well as an overnight stay in hospital due to them being so bad I couldn't speak, eat or drink. Still probably won't get them out.
  11. 1. I come across as a lot more confident than I really am. 2. I don't have any proper talents, besides being pretty good at some video games. I consider myself perfectly average. 3. One time me and an ex-girlfriend were going to try anal, so I put it in her arse, and she yelped in pain and begged me to take it out. I found this hilarious and couldn't stop laughing at her. 4. I missed more bands that I wanted to see, than bands I actually seen, at Leeds Festival because I was so wrecked. 5. The only bone I have ever broken is the small toe on my right foot, which I hit off a door frame when running to answer the door when I was younger. My mum sent me to school, but I got sent home when I took my sock off to see my toe was almost black.
  12. I haven't seen much personally, but judging from the positive reports from people in this thread, as well as the stone cold fact of 8 Championship goals this season, a call up to the squad to face Norway wouldn't be undeserved.
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