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  1. With this one I think we'll be saying hello again to East Stirling not too far down the way.
  2. Must admit, I'm in no way a regular McD customer. I do though rather like their fries on an occasional basis, and always plump for a banana shake. Love it. The rest of the meal, eg, Big Mac..., I forgive myself on the basis that I'm conducting research to confirm that it's just as bad as it's always been.
  3. From what I can see the talk does seem to be completely from car trade lobbyists. The government just says nothing other than that the situation is under constant review. Assuming there were no further significant flare ups of Covid-19 ( I happen to think there will be ), I'd say that a more sensible , and graduated , ending to the MOT extension scheme would be ... bit by bit reducing extensions from 6 months, to 4 months, to 3 months etc... as circumstances indicate.
  4. 😁 My 2002 Golf TDI has just passed lunar ( 238855 ) mileage, and the MOT comes due on the 1st August. I'll probably let the MOT extension occur, assuming that that arrangement is in still in place come then. Why ? I keep on top of the servicing, oil changes etc, identify advisory items and would-be fails prior to the MOT's. And don't let weird knocks and noises unattended. So , if all seems fine, I'll go for the extension.
  5. I just thought it was really about getting wash hand basins installed in the bushes, so that men can pee there , women can shit in the bunkers, no need to go to the clubhouse, and everyone's happy.
  6. When was the last time a policeman here was prosecuted, found guilty of killing someone, and went to jail ? 'The system' always manages to find an excuse...., the thing goes off to IPCC ( or whatever it's called these days ), the media goes silent, the case gets 'lost' in a fog of 'under investigation', and eventually it's all forgotten about. Unless your the poor b*****d's friends or family.
  7. Actually, something like a Kindle is pretty much on my radar just now. However, one of my preferred times to read is when I go to bed. Which is usually some time after I've had absolutely enough of interacting with some screen or other for a large chunk of the day. So I can see physical books continuing to be very much part of my life, even if/when an ereader appears.
  8. I was just thinking about scenarios where a company has received a £ multi-million bail out loan from the government, and in the next few months the same company sacks hundreds/thousands of employees. ( If I recall correctly, among the lesser publicised aftermaths of the 2008/9 bank bailout , was that thousands of bank employees lost their jobs ). So, who ultimately benefits ?
  9. Johnson seems to be trying to brazen it out at that meeting, The 'fake news' approach.
  10. I wonder if 'world beating' will be getting another outing.
  11. Agreed. For years I've thought that about the dirty b's in toilets. I've long washed my hands, then used the material of whichever jacket, coat, jumper I'm wearing to grasp the toilet door handles. In summer, when I'm wearing a short sleeved polo shirt, it becomes a bit odd looking, but who cares, I do . Rather than just silently accepting it, I think I'll start mentioning it to the stores.
  12. Nice. Sometimes , you just can't beat cash. I can hardly wait to get back to it. Tbf, right now, I'm keeping to the card. Still wary about who, and what, I'm interacting with.
  13. Meanwhile, down here in rural English Tory heartlands....... My local MP James Heappey ( as of last night ), says nothing about this on his Facebook page. What he does do is post his dog whistle concerns about travellers 'descending' on a nearby town outskirts. This is catnip to the local Tory racists. He has expressed his full support for Cummings and Johnson through local media ( Somerset Live ).
  14. Funny how so much about Brexit was the thing about being 'ruled over by unelected bureaucrats'..., and here we are with an unelected political operative with the Prime Minister in the palm of his hand.
  15. I think that there is going to be a big apology about the behaviour of Cummings, the afternoon has been about cooking up a form of words, and 'we must all learn from this'... 'there was a misunderstanding' etc..... ( carpet.., sweep..., under...... and 'lets get on with things' blah, blah )
  16. Everyone of those advisors who have stood up alongside the politicans , right from the beginning, have compromised themselves. Yes, it is shameful.
  17. None of the people you mention were politicians, and nor were they people at the heart of government. A large chunk of the Tories have little time for Johnson, let alone Cummings. Really, Johnson did a job for them in winning an election. They've got another 5 years. From a Tory point of view..., who needs Johnson now ? Just asking.
  18. No one is suggesting that someone who doesn't have a smartphone, or a car won't be allowed in to Asda. ('Sake) Autumn is far away.
  19. Agreed. Much as I've always loved trig, and algebra, and vectors and stuff, right now I'm a bit directionless, and a good nurse pic would go down really well with my afternoon mug of tea and Hobnob.
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