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  1. Not really. I've owned somewhere in the region of 40 cars. From £50 bangers to £17,000 s/h BMW's. Of the 2 personal loans, the last one was in 1988, when I borrowed £4000 from my bank to buy a 1 year old Peugeot 405. Yes, it was a debt, but I haven't repeated the exercise. The advantage to me was that the interest payments on a personal loan were easily visible, and thus also was the total cost. And, as I've said the car was mine. The primary objective of PCP is to make new cars available to those who, in truth, can't really afford them, and also to keep them in the debt/finance loop by moving on to another PCP contract at the end of the current one. Cash is king.
  2. Not in my experience, I've always paid cash for cars, except for two occasions. Both of those were personal loans from banks. They both knew that car purchase was in my mind, I told them so. Monies were credited to my account. From there, I gave it to the sellers. I owned the cars.
  3. Time to get rid. The old adage about Vauxhall's is that the wheels fall off at 100k. They live in the same area as Fords....., that is, overall not quality built cars.
  4. Down my way, in shops, the people wearing masks are very much in the minority. That includes the assistants. The mix of those who do wear the masks seems to be quite diverse. Not at all confined to just older people. Occasionally see people wearing gloves, but no mask. I don't use public transport at the moment, so can't comment on that. When shopping, I use a mask and gloves.
  5. As I said, I prefer to avoid the smoke and mirrors. If I own the car... I can do what I wish with it. If I tire of it after, say, the new car smell wears off, I'm not stuck with it. I can do as many miles in it as I choose, without incurring a penalty. If I get ill, or I lose my job..., the car is still mine and I don't have to find the £200 a month, say, month in, and month out, for just about ever. You say 'finance'. I say debt, because that is what it is.
  6. I've always paid cash for cars, or on the 2 occasions in 40 years that I've borrowed money to buy a car, I've taken out a personal loan from a bank. That way, I can see exactly how much I'm really paying for the car, and I actually own the thing from word go. No HP, no PCP, No balloon payments, or residual trade in values. In short, no smoke and mirrors. At root, I just think that borrowing money, incurring debt, to buy something that depreciates in value is stupid money management. However, that isn't what you asked. So.... 1. I'd stay away from diesels. They're values are going nowhere, they're just viewed now as dirty, toxic vehicles. In addition, the price range/ age of car you'd be considering means that it will have a diesel particulate filter (DPF). They're just trouble. 2. Previous poster mentioned an Octavia. I'd agree. They're nice cars, quality built, and well fitted out. Underneath, they're basically a Golf, except you're not paying Golf prices. 3. Have you thought about a Toyota Prius. ( Hybrid/Electric ) ? All those taxi drivers who run them up to 200, 300, 400,000 miles with hardly a problem, can they be wrong.... ? Nowadays, I generally buy cheap, old cars.., so your budget is many times what mine typically is. Also, I don't know what the prices of s/h Priuses are. Presumably you might not want an ex - taxi that has been sh*t on, puked over etc in the back seat. But, anyway. Good luck, hope this helps. PS Fords are not good cars for long term ownership. At root, as an overall package, they are not quality built cars.
  7. Looks like your mind is actually made up about what this was. And presumably, your bit about ' course, there has to be an investigation....' is just a window dressing to make you sound good.
  8. In which case, as a follow on to your previous comment, a reasonable question to ask might be whether in this case the man with the trigger finger was a 'counter terrorism firearms officer' or the everyday armed policeman.
  9. Police with guns do not have a great record. Particularly when it comes to proper accountability.
  10. The question that I would ask is ... At what point did the police shoot ? That is, basically, was it an execution ?
  11. The more I read your posts, the more I conclude that your views are those of a horrible little c**t, who cares for no one, or no thing, other than his own whining.
  12. Nothing there to form much of a view. Two kids who haven't done much. Gallagher..., who was injured all last season and more. Hamill. Seems to be Marmite. Some are OK with him, some just wish he was away. Given the number of goals conceded last season, I'm vaguely depressed that he's still here. But hey, it's early yet.
  13. You're the first person I've seen or heard refer to 'Second Wavers'. Perhaps the people that you describe don't actually exist anywhere other than in your head. And it's fairly obvious that your real interest is to deny, diminish, divert and ridicule those who don't quite agree with your views.
  14. I'd be worried about the English invasion..., all going on their hols in Scotland.
  15. As I said, there is no proper track and trace operation.
  16. Track and Trace never was a fall back position for any of the countries that have dealt successfully with corononavirus. It was right there as a highest priority. As of now, there is no proper functioning track and trace operation here in the UK, so it's not really even a fallback. Overall, what is being set up here is 'herd immunity' Mk2.
  17. Lots of years ago, I was really into cars and hifi. I'd spend loads on both of these, while I'd moan that the £12 DFS chairs in my living room gave me backache. Same with the bed and mattress. In the end, I gave in, and bought a Hypnos Orthos mattress. The backache disappeared ( Also replaced the DFS seats with something decent ). On my second of those Hypnos orthopaedic mattresses now. Brilliant.
  18. From the bits and pieces I've read, general impression is that insurance companies were moving heaven and earth to avoid paying out on anything connected to coronavirus.
  19. As personal decisions made by people to do good in their community, I agree with you. However, I don't really look at Universal Basic Income as a 'benefit', with the associated viewpoint, for some, that it's for 'benefit scroungers'. And therefore , they must, in exchange do good in their community to compensate for their 'scrounging'. I look at UBI as part of New Economics. These are designed to improve lives, and to address employment changes brought about by, as you said, for example, greater proliferation of robotics, artificial intelligence etc. The new economics would involve, for example, doing away with state pensions, the personal tax-free allowance, as neither would now be relevant. A rate of 15% tax for lower paid people. The changes in the tax and financial system would mean that 75% of people would be better off, in addition to having that UBI platform of basic income. And the richer 25% would be, overall, slightly less well off.
  20. For me, what the current situation illustrates is that the case for a Universal Basic Income is obvious. Every sane person can see that the Westminster government is useless and incompetent. However, they have an electoral mandate for the next 4/5 years, and I hardly see a UBI being palatable to them. Rather reminds me of 1992, when the Tory government was utterly useless, and obviously so. They did, though, stagger through to 1997 before they could be GTF'd. The right time, now, for Scotland to go it's own way.
  21. Hardly. To do so only gives a little bit of "... but, you said... " political satisfaction, and then opens themselves up to a mountain of "... you mean you don't want to save the economy, millions of jobs, good busineses etc.., etc.. " No sane politician would even think of going in the direction you suggest. Well, not beyond the initial urge.
  22. Well, as testing, tracking and tracing is a shambolic mess, and it's hardly being talked about now , that does more or less leave the situation as you describe.
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