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  1. Two women look on in awe and admiration, as mansplains.
  2. The 'Haud 'im Up, Ah Wannae Put The Heid In' International Airport does have a certain ring to it. [ from 'Harry Campbell and the Heavies].
  3. Unlikely, I think. I've spent a lot of time looking through cars' MOT histories, on the long run up to replacing mine, and never seen any mention of rust on carriers. If the brakes work well enough, then they're OK..., I think that's what the MOT view is.
  4. The conductor was one of the 3 people who have died.
  5. At a guess, I'd say that the merchants/businesses you refer to were those who had decided, or very much identified, who their customer base was. In the coming business environment, it seems to me that a lot of these businesses, if they have survived, are going to have to be a lot less precious, or choosy, about insisting their customers pay by specific means. Drug deal? Not exactly my area of expertise, but seems to me that the enduring advantage of cash is that it leaves no audit trail. Any software based pay app always has an audit trail, that authorities can demand to see. The only exception being, presumably , blockchain based transactions ?
  6. My immediate, and of course , unworthy thought ... was that the Todd had caught a dose. But I see he's back.
  7. At the time I lived in Stranraer, the Academy was indeed in Academy St. It was a secondary modern school. The High School was on the site of what is now the Ryan Centre on Lewis St. Next door to the High School, was a building, the Academy Annexe. The Academy had outgrown their building, which is why there was an annexe. This appears to still exist, and seems to be a church. In 1964/65 new schools were built, out on the London Road. And all pupils transferred to there. As originally built, there were three separate blocks. The large block nearest McMasters Rd. was Stranraer HIgh School. A smaller block, just west, was the PE/Gym/Swimming Pool. And west of that was another large block, Stranraer Academy. The two schools were entirely separate entities, under the system of the time. Each had their own teaching staff, and headmasters. The Gym/Pool facilities were shared. The High School approximated to what was known in England as a grammar. And the Academy still as a secondary modern. I left Stranraer in 1969. Around 1971, I think, the schooling system changed to comprehensive. And it all became Stranraer Academy.
  8. Must admit, I haven't been to a theatre for quite a long time. There are lots of reasons, but I think it may really be because.......
  9. Hardly. I just prefer to read interesting comment. If I want to read " We trust in Faz... " (manager) a few hundred times, that's for the F'book group. Same with "You're so negative...".
  10. Please don't bring the "You're so negative..." crap to forum. That's for Facebook, and the cheerleading. You're not renowned for the insight of your comments, so you're hardly in much position to criticise anyone really.
  11. My first primary school, as a 5 year old, in 1958 was Wellshot Road School in East Glasgow. One day, I lost my pencil , couldn't find it , nor on the floor. Told the teacher, and her reply was ... "Well, if you can't find it, and I have to loan you one, I'll have to belt you... ". I can't actually recall what happened next. Whether I blanked it out, or.. This was my introduction to the strap ( tawse ). Almost every school in Scotland that I went to, belting was commonplace. A f***king disgrace. I once received 4 strikes of the belt for not having my textbooks out ready on my desk at the point when the teacher arrived for the lesson. That was Stranraer High School in the late '60's. The only school I ever went to where I saw almost no belting was Rephad Primary, in Stranraer. I did Primary 6 and 7 there. My teacher was a guy called John Maclean. He'd played for Stranraer a few years before. In 2 years, I saw him use the belt just once, under extreme provocation.
  12. Well no, you just come across as someone looking for a target.
  13. 'Cancel culture ' by the very definition of its own words is about the attempting to block out, and deny the views, of those who don't agree with you. No one has to be bigoted to be on the receiving end of cancel culture. And if all that someone does in life is 'call out' others..., without having much else to contribute then they truly are little more than a no mark person. J S Rowling has brought joy to many millions of people of all ages through her writing. I decline to start branding her as a bigot on the basis of one utterance. I try to form my views of others not by the clothes they wear, or who they say they are.. ( identity politics ) ..., but by whether, in the round, they are obnoxious c*nts or really couldn't give a shit about anyone other than themselves. As it happens, I frequent a blog that is made up of writers of books for children. A different writer contributes an article each day, or few days. I folow the blog, and occasionally comment. Writers do worry about what to write, what to say, whether one slip, one sentence will get them 'called out'.
  14. Because he starts with an opinion, belief..... and then looks for what he considers suitable to back up the opinion, or belief. Scientific method starts with a question.
  15. Which is about the length of time you've been ...... "What You All Worrying About ? " aka "The Song of Donald ".
  16. As I recall, Rowling has been the subject of physical abuse by men/or a partner. And that's the underlying reason she's fearful of, for example, transgender people using women's public lavatories. Seems a valid reason for her to express that view on Twitter , or anywhere else she chooses to. The difference between red dotting and , for example, Twitter, is that here, everyone's 'anonymous'.
  17. Wasn't his job somewhere relatively safe, calling in the air strikes .
  18. In the mid '80's, I worked in Brunei for about 4 years. Standard air con arrangements in the numerous houses I rented or house sat, was to have an air con 'box' in the living area, every bedroom, and kitchen. An air con box was around 2.5 ft x 2.5 ft x 2 ft. Self contained, Electric powered. Fitted into hole in the wall, to the exterior. Protruded out, very noisy, and dripped condensed water to the ground .
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