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  1. From reading back through the original reports, got the impression Hibs wanted a No. 2 goalkeeper. Think that would be a waste of Mitchell.
  2. Bit ofa ssssstutter today chaps. Could be downhill all the way now.
  3. It's not looking very good for you, tbh. Have you given any thought to letting your manager go ?
  4. "...... Brian Gilmour has 17 years experience in the Scottish property market with agency experience in both residential and commercial property. Prior to joining Carduus, Brian managed the Land & New Homes division of the Countrywide Group across their 40 Scottish branches. Brian is a Member of the Institute of Directors and also a Member of the Chartered Institute of Housing....". Seems to me that...., translated...., Brian Gilmour has no money of his own, but as an agent he has links to people who do. He will have zero personal interest in Ayr United, and neither do the figures behind him.
  5. To be fair, I don't think Dunfermline are particularly convincing promotion candidates. End of last season, Cowdenbeath looked battle hardened, and went straight through you in the play-offs. Beginning of this season you had the pick of the best players in this division. Moffat and Stirling. You've done nothing much with them. You were unable to hang on to a lead last-but-one time you met Stranraer. And hardly a need to mention the recent gubbing. 'Course, a new manager and guys playing out of their skins could change all that. But, well, you know....
  6. They've certainly had rather a lot of unfortunate times with banana skins..
  7. Can't really see the point of blatant bias. 'less of course you're trying to convince yourselves.....
  8. Think the difference shows during long runs of say, 2 games a week. As happened with Stranraer last season.
  9. I feel sad that I'm actually wasting my time replying to such a stupid original posting. Off now to do somethng useful.
  10. You seem, as far as a forum is concerned, to have the attitudes of an ignorant bruiser. Perhaps you'd be better off somewhere else.
  11. If your argument had any real substance, you wouldn't have any need to refer to oppponents as imbeciles. Or leftards, or... etc. I think, much more importantly, that Scotland must build a balanced energy economy that is immune to blackmail from the likes of that man who runs Ineos.
  12. TBH, in your position I'd probably not be too critical about other full-time outfits.
  13. No, he just seems naturally mouthy, and stupid.
  14. There isn't going to be any leaving of the EU. I took part in the vote on this 40 years ago. At the time it became apparent to me that the pro-EU side had loads more money to promote their cause. That money came from large business interests. Big business wants no little island nation. The Conservative party is in hock to big business. So whatever they blather about referendums, they will eiher ensure it never happens, or basically lay the ground beforehand to ensure that they get the result their backers want. Most of the electorate who vote for UKIP don't actually want to leave the EU, and UKIP itself knows this very well. So, as said, there isn't going to be any leaving of the EU. Me ? I was against the idea all those years ago. Nowadays, I view the EU as some protection against right-wing politics in the current UK.
  15. it's just a sensation. He scratched his bollocks, and it gave him an idea.
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