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  1. Only in the wee but and ben in the wilderness of your mind.
  2. Perhaps he just needs to breathe some fresh air, at the seaside.
  3. ".... fresh..... ". That beautiful understatement.
  4. 'Struth, that looks awful. Bet those 2 will feel quite honoured to be part of the big end-of-season clearout.
  5. Wish a mod would remove you. Most of what you post is well beyond banter.
  6. Well, I did notice that now that Morton are, for now, back in contention.... their posters are no longer blubbing about what a shite league it is.
  7. Off you go, laughing boy, down to League 2. Another numpty who can't face up to their own team's performances, and instead calls every other team shit too. Grow up, would you.
  8. Well, that explains a lot. Women weaken legs.
  9. It's OK, the tablets will kick in soon. Get through tomorrow and you'll be good for school on Monday morning.
  10. Plucky Morton still hanging in there.
  11. At the end of it all, I just feel it leaves a sour taste for supporters of a couple of full-time clubs, one with a decent history, one who've never achieved very much even when playing in a division they believe they belong....... to look around at where they are, and say... "Yeah, we're shit right now, but so are all of you. " And in effect, say... " We won't always be shit. But, you little clubs.... " As I recall, Stranraer 10 years ago got promoted to what is now the Championship, in part by playing what some have called anti-football. Last season, and this, I've lost count of the higher division scalps we've taken... Dumbarton, Falkirk, Ross County, good performances against Inverness. I'm proud of my club, and think it's great to see us up here, and Forfar, and Brechin.
  12. I think this is going to be 0 - 0 all the way through..... both teams booed, everyone leaving early..... till... in 90 minutes + 2.... in front of 300 punters, who would have left earlier, if they hadn't fallen asleep..... Dunfermline score, and seize the 3 points.
  13. Well, last season the attitude of a large chunk of Pars support on here, was that promotion was assured, you didn't belong in this league, and yes, they said the standard was shit. This season, after signing the best players in the division, ditching a manager..... your still, apparently, shit. And so, according to your script, is everyone else. Nah, you've been OD'ing on the sour grapes.
  14. This is not about being precious. Who on earth, in their right mind, wants threatening behaviour, and menace.
  15. I think you're defending something that is indefensible. Nastiness contributes nothing.
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