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  1. I was under the impression that refusal to update voting procedures, eg electronic..., was very much coming from the Republican side of things. And that that comes from the underlying knowledge that in a straighforward electoral fight, they would never win another US election. Hence their pandering to the extremists, baseless arguments about voting legitimacies.....
  2. Yes, interesting. I did wonder what it was now all about in Atlanta, going Democrat. If someone had ever asked me for 3 names that I'd associate with slaving, lynchings, red neckery etc., I'd have said Atlanta, Alabama and Missouri.
  3. I think everyone except Mr T knows the game is up.
  4. He already did..., he's the postmaster general. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/aug/24/louis-dejoy-postmaster-general-usps-house-hearing
  5. Season before last, we scraped along at or near the bottom of League 1. And got out of the bottom 2 places a few games before the end of the season. Last season, it was similar, worse actually. And were bottom when the season came to an abrupt end. This season. Looks like more of the same, and we're now second bottom of League 2, with 1 point. The constant running theme through these seasons have been the viewpoints that the assorted players looked decent, but the team was underperfoming in terms of the results. I think I said on a previous post here..., give it 4 or 5 games to come to a view, so I'm saying nothing just now. But really, all you've said is the same stuff that's been trotted out for the last couple of years. Injuries.., refs..etc. Other teams get injuries, other supporters complain about the refs etc, etc. The fact is, at this rate, the Lowland League will be staring us in the face. Something has to change.
  6. tbf, that's a bit better than the stomach turning Mr Universe pics.
  7. Stick your nose around the exhaust of your car, and see if you still think it's healthy.
  8. That's appalling. There must have been some better B & B's than that .
  9. Learn what you need to learn, do what you need to do, to position yourself, to be ready at the right time... ?
  10. ".. all in wrestling, like the World of Sport... " Commentary seems pretty good, to me. 2 lovely goals. In general, though, I seem to recall a few seasons ago.., Brechin City being referred to as a bunch of cloggers. Look where they are now. For Stranraer, 2 games, 2 red cards. 1 point. Not good enough by a long way.
  11. “Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn't try it on. ” William Connolly.
  12. Well, that's one news item. Case you hadn't noticed, the oil companies are struggling. BP shares, for example, are at what I read as a 25 year low. Investment monies are pouring in to various renditions of green, ethical directions. Try reading up on ESG, SRI for example. If you have a smartphone, check out the app 'Grid Carbon' and see the percentages of renewable energy used on the National Grid..., from Solar, Wind, Gas, Nuclear, Coal ( just about zero ). It's s the easiest thing in the world to sit back and say "Doomed, doomed, we're all f*cked....". We all have choices. Make them ..... in the direction you/we want to go.
  13. I hope others are right, and this is seen as a wake up call.
  14. Tbh.., on the basis of the pre-season, and the 2 games in the League Cup so far... If nothing changes, this looks to me rather like a mid-table season ahead. Lots of the players have changed, but very much the same on display... plenty of pressure, possession, but shots not being put away, plus defensive frailty.
  15. You'll love it in Bormeo. I've been there. There's 17 native species of snake. Fortunately, only 16 of them are deadly poisonous.
  16. I do feel obliged sometimes to try to direct the appropriate amount of visceral hate towards the constituents of these c***s. It's easy to forget that although they are part of a rancid wee inner sanctum, folk still have to return them as MPs. Who the f**k are they? I live in what is almost the next door constituency to Rees-Moggs. His family in that area were from about the 18th , 19th century.. mine owners, the North Somerset coalfields. They're well entrenched locally. In these rural areas, voting traditions go along family lines, down through generation to generation. The 2 landlords ( brothers ) of my flat are local farmers. The handyman often goes to their farm to do odd jobs. He describes family conversations as overtly racist. Only last week I wrote a letter to one of the landlords to say that I wasn't interested in his views of Asian people, and if he raised the subject of race or religion with me in future, I'd terminate the conversation. It's ignorance, and lack of good education.
  17. To me, from this distance, there seems to be very little of Bernie's views and principles in the Biden campaign. Biden is a Mr Vanilla. About the only good thing about voting for Biden is that he isn't Trump.
  18. Actually, I haven't... No money. But, I would if I could. Housebuilding, new builds, in Britain are like failures of imagination. If ever there was an industry that needed an explosive device dropped into it, it's housebuilding. Go for it.
  19. But not altogether surprising. I seem to recall from somewhere that the underlying Swiss attitude to immigration has long been... "We don't have an immigration problem, we just don't let them in...". The 'them' being , well, have a guess.
  20. Just finished..., 'Normal People' by Sally Rooney. I watched the TV series a few months back, and was transfixed, really hit the spot for this 68 year old, even though I 've read that the TV audience for it was said to be majority made up of under 35 year olds. With the book, I'm not sure. The book itself was an enormous hit, but the TV series script was so faithful to the book that as I read , I kept seeing the scenes from the TV in my mind. A bit distracting, particularly as the writing style is sparse.
  21. It's like mobile phones. Huge amount of cross-licensing of technology. Tesla is in rather a similar position as Amazon was some years ago. So much mega scale investor money has been pumped in over the years that it couldn't be allowed to fail. Tesla has only made profits over the last 3 quarters. When the 'Musk Effect' fades, Tesla is just another car manufacturer.
  22. I wonder if, in America, where everyone knows about the 55,000 US dead in Vietnam, does anyone ever mention the 3,000,000 Vietnamese dead.
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