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  1. Given some of the stuff you've posted on here, might be an idea to examine the moat in your own eye.
  2. Well, all I know is that mine keeps me snug as a bug in a rug. I could never have afforded a brand new one of these.
  3. Got one of those. They're brilliant. s/h off eBay... £60 as I recall.
  4. Indeed, yes, my mistake. The question I asked is I think still valid.
  5. Fair enough. However, that's 2 games in a row where a 2 goal lead has been thrown away, and 4 points sacrificed. Is there something there that needs to be addressed..., that isn't covered by strong words or bollockings at half time.
  6. Unless the walnut whips were the dark chocolate ones
  7. Ten pounds for five minutes..., that's a lot.., almost .. 10 times 12 is .., a lot / hour. Hope it was enjoyable.
  8. When you click through that link for the Nest performances you quickly see the standard diagrams for investment funds, numbered 1 to 7. 1 is low risk, 4 and 5 are generally on the scale of balanced to moderately adventurous.., and 7 represents high risk/volatility. [ I'm fairly certain, though stand to be corrected, that when investment people talk about high risk, they actually mean high risk of large plunges/increases in price.., rather than the risk of losing your shirt. You only lose your shirt at the point you sell, if your point of sale coincides with one of the plunges ] The Ethical funds on Nest are at the higher end of 5, and the Sharia funds are 7.
  9. Figures... Bit like those who talk about their previous lives. It's always someone famous. No one ever seems to discover that in a previous life, they were a small insect that crept out of a large jobbie.
  10. Fortunately, it's not for you to decide who is or isn't a supporter, and you've merely confirmed my comment about F'book cheerleading. I don't view last season as some kind of reference point, and would rather forget about it. It was dismal, and relegation was in no way unfair. In other circumstances, I think the manager would have received the heave ho at season end. This time around, the last few games have been of tight, flowing and cohesive football, and the results have come. I think we should really have won this game.
  11. Guess you must be one of the F'book cheerleading brigade, where anything less than relentless positivity is classed as 'disloyalty'. To me, this was a game we really should have won.
  12. Well, 1 point gained. But with 2 goals lost .., through a penalty, and an own goal, this looks a wee bit like the other 2 points were thrown away.
  13. Bit like a vote for whose sh*te is least smelly.
  14. I don't think Green is that interested anymore. I read an interview yesterday with a youngish woman who'd been a longtime customer of Topshop who gave her views, that are slightly different to yours. She said that Topshop etc hadn't really kept up with the times. However, she went on, what is doing well recently, and now, are very much 'fast fashion' brands Disposable stuff, produced quickly, that after a few wears, and a handful of months... you might as well throw away. Her Topshop stuff is better quality, and lasts. That says to me that there is a decent brand there that needs reimagining, Apart from the point where an ar*ehole bought BHS from Green for £1, took £2.3 Million out of the business in 'consultancy fees' for himself , and then let it go bust....... Green hadn't really invested in the business for years, no real online presence as I recall. Tired, drab clothing ranges in the stores... I guess he's done much the same with Arcadio, Topshop etc.... There will be buyers for some of his brands.
  15. If the spotlight wasn't on him rather more this time round, he'd probably try to do a BHS.
  16. Is he the actor who once said to Sophia Loren... " God, I want to ***k you..." And she replied... "Well, if you do, and I find out, there's going to be trouble..."
  17. I still have , somewhere, my copy from 1971 of Neil Young's album... 'After the Gold Rush', with 'Only Love Can Break Your Heart' on. Must say, though, I just about prefer St. Ettienne's cover from many years later, and still long ago.
  18. Tbf, that incline looks like one those that sit there looking innocent, and no bother, and before you know it your car's running away from you.
  19. I think you're going to be put to bed by plenty of teams over the next months.
  20. Good game today. If things go well, and it all works out ... we should be meeting you again next season in League 1.
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