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  1.  @Margaret Thatcher.

    Before going down the road to a financial adviser, if I were you, I'd do some reading up of free, or nearly free resources.

    Warren Buffett, John Bogle stuff is freely available on Youtube. 

    Blogs.... Monevator, Mr Money Mustache ( the latter because what you spend your money on can be  just as important as 

    what you invest in ).  Also perhaps Dave Ramsey ..., Youtube, books.   I've not much time for his brand of American individualism, but

    he's sound on basic financial management, and his view that in a financial adviser he wants to know that the adviser is more of a teacher,

    than a salesman.  Yes, financial advisers do earn commissions from what they advise/sell to you.


  2. On 13/01/2021 at 16:56, Hillonearth said:

    We used to have one like that in my place - before a meeting me and him were going to I remember saying to someone who was meeting with him later that I'd plant a word in his head. During the meeting I described something as a Sisyphean task, and out the corner of my eye I saw him scribbling on a notepad...I knew that's what he was writing down because it looked that he took about three goes to spell it.

    Came out the meeting and told the guy who was meeting with him later that that's the word he'd defo use - he didn't disappoint us.

    I reckon a big part of those type of middle management jobs is keeping up with the buzzword du jour...at the moment for some reason every presentation or meeting I attend will shoehorn in the word "optics" rather than the more sensible option of "perception" for example.

    Know what you mean, mate. And those c***s who paste in foreign stuff on an ad hoc basis.

  3. 1 hour ago, Ross. said:

    Currently looking to buy a house or flat over here, so have a fair bit of cash tied up in that. Depending on what we buy, the balance will most likely be going towards that. Apart from anything else, the last few flights we took between here and home were utterly horrendous and the missus has developed a bit of a fear of flying, more so since our son was born. Unless I can convince her otherwise, I will need something spacious and comfortable enough that we can drive home in it without breaking my back in the process. My Polo gets me about OK but I definitely felt it in my legs and back when I was doing 160km a day between work and home last summer.

    Get yourself an Avensis.  Ultra reliable, comfortable. And they don't command silly prices.

    If not that, I'd consider a Golf.  Till the bills start coming in. Ditto, any BMW, Audi........

  4. Sneaking out to Lidl's a few days ago for some food, I'd run out of coffee, and just grabbed a bottle of 'L'Or Classique'. 

    Made a cup this afternoon. Grim stuff...,  bland, as bland, as bland.    

    I'm not in the league to spend £250 on a coffee maker, new or otherwise.

    I only drink about 1 coffee a day, so a coffee maker will not get a hard life with me.

    I would though , like to have the choice of using some decent beans, and occasionally to make a latte, cappucino, or espresso.

    Any recommendations for that kind of useage with a max budget of around £100 'ish, or preferably less  ?

    Any comments, experiences on ........





  5. OIl changes for me generally consist of oil at around £18 - £25 for 4.5/5  Litres,

    plus filter at around £6 - £8.   It's really a case of being aware of  the right grades/specs for your car,

    and finding the most cost effective way of doing it. Rather than going in to Halfords,

    and just paying up what they say. 

    Over the years, I've tried various devices for loosening oil filters, and have finally settled on the 'cup'

    type. ( Around £5 ).  I usually go for a good brand of filter ( Mahle ), or the manufacturer labelled one.

    So , all in, even if it's the first oil change I'd done on the car, and I'd had to buy a new cup to fit the filter

    specific to that car, then that comes  to around £38 max ( but more usually around £27/£28 )  to do it myself. 


    In about 20+ years, and loads of cars, I've done all the oil changes.

    Except for a couple of winters ago, when the oil change came due around about now.  I looked outside,

    temperature below zero, wind shrieking up the driveway, and thought.... ".... **ck it, someone else can do it..".

    So down to my local garage, with the oil and filter in the boot, and they did it for half an hour's labour ( £30 ).

  6. On 24/12/2020 at 23:45, Bishop Briggs said:

    Not sure about the Tories.

    I got the impression, during the referendum results, that Laura was pro-Brexit. She started to toe the BBC line soon afterwards.

    In any case, she's a Jags fan... 😎

    After her knee to knee with Johnson documentary a couple of years ago which echoed the 'at home with the Camerons' one done

    by Nick Robinson just prior to a previous election.., I'm generally in agreement with the tweeter who said.....

    "....  I used to have a lot of respect for Robert Peston, but throughout this election he's been so far up Boris Johnson's arse he can see Laura Kuenssberg's feet..."

    [ Except for the bit about Robert Peston. He's always been a showboater. ]

  7. 1 hour ago, Bishop Briggs said:


    Laura Kuenssberg

    "It is a massive achievement for both sides that they have done such a huge trade deal on the timetable that was said to be impossible at the start.

    Whatever your personal view, there's a sense of vindication in the camp of those who campaigned to leave the EU - they got a free trade deal with zero quotas and zero tariffs (although there may be some before you scream) but the UK will not be under European law."


    Ever the brown noser for the Tories....

  8. 3 hours ago, Empty It said:
    4 hours ago, Trackdaybob said:
    Aw bless! 

    It's okay I drive a mk1 mx5, the ultimate hairdresser car.

    Me too, or rather it's my rolling project.   Contrary to all the digs about hairdressers cars,

    the seller assured me that it was in fact a pussy magnet.




  9. On 18/12/2020 at 20:21, alta-pete said:



    You boys have clearly never driven your father’s 1985 Mercedes E200 auto. Couldn’t pull the skin of custard. And it had (on checking now ) a massive 120bhp apparently! 

    I once owned a 1984 same shape Merc 240D.   I don't know how much bhp it had, but was considerably less than 120... 

    Frightenly slow does not do justice to how it was.

  10. 2 hours ago, Boghead ranter said:

    Especially the ones that seem to get mesmerised by the milk. There's always at least one shopper mesmerised at the milk. 

    It's not mesmerised. It's more like trying to decipher your way through the infinities of milks..... 

    oat, semi oat, almond, oat and hemp, oat and barley, semi milk, whole milk, hazelnut, cats piss..., jersey, guersey,


  11. On 12/12/2020 at 18:08, Nkomo-A-Gogo said:

    I wasn't up at the same time as punk but I don't see how punk and Ska/reggae can be lumped together as similar genres.


    If you ever get the chance , have  a read of Viv Albertine's book... "Music, Music, Music..., Clothes, Clothes, Clothes..., Boys, Boys, Boys" .

    It's an excellent read, very personal.   She was the guitarist with The Slits .



  12. 7 hours ago, Thistle_do_nicely said:

    is it the Seat Leon you can get which is basically identical to a Polo and all? think there was a thing that you can get a Seat Leon with a trim that's nigh on a carbon copy of a high spec Polo but for several grand cheaper.

    edit: might be an Ibiza come to think of it

    Leon is basically a Golf.   

    Of the OP's question, I'd go for the Fabia  Monte Carlo, you get more car for your money than the Polo, even though the Polo, Fabia and the Ibiza are the same underneath.

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