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  1. Clearly the better side. Only down due to not a corner, and freak goal.
  2. Starmers background is fairly solidly of public service. Quite a lot of Long Bailey's background is aspiration, self service, and politics. As far as England is concerned, a decent ticket in an election would be Starmer as leader, and Long Bailey as deputy.
  3. Just before the recent General Election, I drove up to South Bristol for a hustings event, organised by Extinction Rebellion. They'd invited all the parliamentary candidates for that area. Labour, Greens, LD's, Brexit candidates all showed up to say their piece, and respond to questions. Only the Conservative candidate refused the invitation. In a substantial sized hall, the event was well attended, and respectful in tone.
  4. The Young British Soldier. by Rudyard Kipling (1895) ".... When you're wounded and left on Afghanistan's plains, And the women come out to cut up what remains, Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains.... ". The 'Great Powers' never seem to learn from history about what is in store for them in Afghanistan. I can't see that Iran would be much different.
  5. Would it be heartbreaking for this game to be off ? Maybe gives more time to bed the new players in, more practice, discussions as to how to stop conceding all those ******%£$ ing goals.....
  6. Hard put to say much more than that Stranraer threw the game away. 1 point gained, but should have been 3.
  7. The Trump support base could hardly give 2 stuffs about Iraq,
  8. Only you will know if your mind is open to new experiences. You'll have to find your own way on that. My experience is that much of R4 is very stale. It's a bit like going into M & S looking for clothes. I'm supposed to be the demographic for M & S, yet there's little there that I would want to wear. It's all grey stuff.
  9. When I was at High School ( Stranraer ) in the mid/late '60's, history was very much taught as a series of facts, and events. The history teacher was in his 40's, and had been one of those due to take part in the invasion of Japan. When asked about the morality of the atom bombing of Hiroshima, and Nagasaki, he didn't venture a view other than he was just glad that it had ended the war, and he was alive. A few months before the Highers, my family moved to Somerset. I stayed behind in lodgings for the exam period. In my room , there was a bookcase with a 12 volume history of the WW2 period. Descriptions, photos, wars such as the Winter War in Finland. A real eye opener for me.
  10. You may wish to consider getting out more. I used to be quite into R4, until I woke up a little, and realised that it was just mainstream London, England totally orientated.
  11. I went in to my local Waitrose ( Weston super Mare ) a couple of days ago to get some of the Hestons jobs with Lemon Twist. Out of stock since last week apparently, and no more due in. Meanwhile, piles of their Chocolate and Sour Cherry ones sit on the shelves...., looking like they can hardly give them away. Think I'll head for Tesco...., those Courvoisier cognac pies look interesting.
  12. Now, it's not really about impeachment, it's about whether he does a second term. Tax fraud is how Al Capone finally got cornered. Trump really is little different. Why do you think he's so determined that his tax information be kept secret.
  13. The traditional way of collaring someone is, though, to follow the money...... corruption, fraud, tax evasion. Whatever the Republicans decide to do over impeachment, there is not much they can say to defend, or gloss over tax evasion. And if Trump is shown as a tax fraudster, that's a straightforward criminal act. And swiftly separates him from his support base. If they had done a fraction of that, they'd be in jail. Because unlike him, they don't have access to smart, expensive lawyers.. etc.
  14. MInce pies with chocolate in just seems an abomination to me. Has anyone tried these own brand from Waitrose... ? https://www.waitrose.com/ecom/products/waitrose-plum-honey-ginger-mince-pies-4-pack/583336-705109-705110
  15. I'm fairly left wing , and I haven't done that. A real ignorant comment from you. You haven't a clue about the voting decisions of people who use food banks.
  16. Kuennsburg looking confident, opinionated on TV right now. Looks like she's home free, not going to have to answer allegations of bias.
  17. Must say, I thought he'd gone away. But looks like he's back on day release.
  18. 2/6d for a pint of piss.., Watneys Starlight, in Minehead, Somerset in 1970. ( Working at Butlins ). Shortly after, as a student in Glasgow, did most drinking at the Amphora in Sauchiehall St. Griffin just round the corner, IIRC.
  19. Well, it's hardly news that Robinson is Tory. I'll never forget the unctious, cuddly , wuddly interview he did at David Cameron's home prior to some election past.
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