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  1. By quite a long way. GordonS is describing an 'I'm all right Jack' scenario, and doesn't feel the need to ask questions.
  2. I don't have social media apps on my phone. I use an iPhone because Apple make their money from selling hardware and services. They are more interested than most in the security , and privacy of their customers. Google / Android make their money from ads, and you are the product. They, and Facebook, define the term surveillance capitalism. I use Firefox ( ie non-propriotery ) browser on my laptop, and have installed a browser extension to prevent Facebook tracking me all over the place.
  3. Why ? About 15 years ago I bought a 1984 Mercedes 240D diesel for £300, with about 6 months MOT. 6 months later, after completely reliable motoring, I put the Merc in for an MOT. Failed on rust, so I scrapped it. I retained the owners handbook. Fast forward to a couple of years ago. I put the handbook up on eBay. Sold for £30. That's £30 better than a kick in the grillocks. 3 years ago, I bought a 2002 Golf Mk4 TDI for £395. Come last July, I wanted away from diesels, and due to the infamous tendency for older VAG cars to have electrical issues, door lock modules, central locking with a mind of its own, ABS problems etc etc..., I sold it to a recycler for £90 when the MOT expired. I kept the owners pack, and when I checked on eBay, the place was awash with Golf Mk4 owners packs. So I listed mine, with the addition of the Haynes workshop manual. Sold the bundle for £15. That's £15 better than slipping while you're climbing over a fence. Nuffink weird with any of that... ?
  4. I wasn't really into Kraftwerk, but 'The Model ' was brilliant, and I still have the 45 vinyl somewhere in the depths of my storage boxes. And a CD album, mostly played only a few times, apart from that one track. There's lots of good covers, but I really like this one.
  5. No expert, but I've long been under the impression that many self employed people/small businesses needed book-keepers.
  6. As I understand it, the people/businesses that accept payment in bitcoin..., almost instantly try to convert it into cash. Except, that instant conversion isn't possible with bitcoin, and there's always the risk that the value of the bitcoin goes up or down in the meantime. In terms of the current stock market valuation of Tesla, and also the cash assets of the company, their investment of $1.5 Billion in bitcoin is a small fraction, and you can bet at the point when they actually do start accepting payment in bitcoin, it will all be surrounded with conditions and caveats.
  7. ^^^^^^^^ Somewhere else for this sh*t.
  8. I rather prefer the idea that an investment is productive. That is, it goes into companies that make things, or offer a service. I think it's called the real economy. Bitcoin, digital currency is of itself none of those. It's just an algorithm. I assume you're not stinking rich now. And back in the day, bitcoin wasn't an investment. For the average punter it was a gamble. For me, it remains as such. For the average punter who thinks it's an investment., well that's up to them, and their belief in all the hype merchants who extoll bitcoin's virtues, hoping to sell on at a higher price than they paid for it. The only real intrinsic value that I see in bitcoin, digital currency, is the underlying blockchain technology, which in years to come will have a myriad of uses. Bitcoins themselves .... no thanks .
  9. Way to go.... My everyday, W-217H , £10 on eBay IIRC.
  10. Yes, I've just been reading about it. Absolutely loving it.
  11. I'd read that bitcoin itself is a pile of shi*e, for gullible fools. But that the real future for what underlies bitcoin, ie blockchain technology, is it's use in commercial back office applications.
  12. Having watched 'The Big Short', several times, I'm not too sure I'd put much faith in the Wall Street Journal either.
  13. But if they were immortal, they'd have nothing to be worried about.
  14. If what you're referring to is things like Nutmeg, Wealthsimple, Wealthify etc.., then yes, I do. Not one of those, but an app-only outfit called Tickr. They were set up about 2 years ago; I've been investing regularly each month for about the last 18 months. They concentrate on 'Impact Investing', and there is a choice of themes. I chose the Climate Change theme, as it aligned with my values. Each theme appears to be comprised of about 3 ETF's. The theme I chose has an ETF devoted to Clean Energy. Also one on Global Water. And a third ETF made up of green bonds. With a small percentage of gilts in there, as well. You can choose the degree of risk you're prepared to tolerate, Cautious, Balanced, Agressive/Adventurous, and that defines the percentages of where your money goes within the theme. PLUSES The app is easy to use, and investing/topping up is a one click exercise. DOWNSIDES They're very sales/marketing focused, and barely 3 or 4 days goes by before I receive yet another email urging me to subscribe to this or that. Offset my carbon history etc, etc. For which I assume they take a cut. They also refer to customers and investors as 'users'. As I generally agree with the quite famous phrase.. "... the only people who refer to their customers as users are software companies and drug dealers...", being called a user iirritates me. PERFORMANCE Underneath it all, they're not really doing much different to other robo investors, except that as far as I can see they are ahead of the game in terms of Impact Investing. As I have been investing regularly and steadily, that smooths out the ups and downs. One of the ETF components of my theme has been something of a star in the last year ; the Clean Energy ETF has been, I think, the best performer of all the ETF's out there. So I have done rather well. Not sure if I'll stay with them, as I dislike being heavily marketed at. The majority of what I invest goes into Vanguard ETF/Index funds. I like the company, their fees are low, they're not constantly pestering me, and their reputation is solid.
  15. Mug of tea, and a chocolate chip Hobnob.
  16. @Margaret Thatcher. Before going down the road to a financial adviser, if I were you, I'd do some reading up of free, or nearly free resources. Warren Buffett, John Bogle stuff is freely available on Youtube. Blogs.... Monevator, Mr Money Mustache ( the latter because what you spend your money on can be just as important as what you invest in ). Also perhaps Dave Ramsey ..., Youtube, books. I've not much time for his brand of American individualism, but he's sound on basic financial management, and his view that in a financial adviser he wants to know that the adviser is more of a teacher, than a salesman. Yes, financial advisers do earn commissions from what they advise/sell to you.
  17. Know what you mean, mate. And those c***s who paste in foreign stuff on an ad hoc basis.
  18. Get yourself an Avensis. Ultra reliable, comfortable. And they don't command silly prices. If not that, I'd consider a Golf. Till the bills start coming in. Ditto, any BMW, Audi........
  19. Sneaking out to Lidl's a few days ago for some food, I'd run out of coffee, and just grabbed a bottle of 'L'Or Classique'. Made a cup this afternoon. Grim stuff..., bland, as bland, as bland. I'm not in the league to spend £250 on a coffee maker, new or otherwise. I only drink about 1 coffee a day, so a coffee maker will not get a hard life with me. I would though , like to have the choice of using some decent beans, and occasionally to make a latte, cappucino, or espresso. Any recommendations for that kind of useage with a max budget of around £100 'ish, or preferably less ? Any comments, experiences on ........ https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B077B3Z8SY/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A3DC01MIVCFBA7&psc=1 or... https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07XP64JN4/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=A1AFJESMA8SCN6&psc=1
  20. Life. Here a barp. There a barp. Everywhere a barp, barp. Runs away.
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