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  1. Manager mentions 7 games. I assume he means 7 since the restart, but what with everything, I've got rather lost with what games there are still to be played. The SPFL site just mentions 3 ?
  2. Thinking back to the long ago that was Christmas, I'd probably have stuck with who we had. The form was good, and there was strength on the bench. Now. Yes, bit concerned, in particular about lack of impact in the first halves of games.
  3. I live on my own. The other day, in one of my exercises to reduce electricity costs, I surveyed the vast expanse of the oven in my cooker. Nothing fancy, just your basic cooker, 4 hobs on the top, oven underneath. And wondered if converting to regular use of a mini oven was worth it, rather than all the electric juice required to get the cooker oven up to temperature, and do the cooking. I do have a very old, rusty inside, inherited mini oven/grill that I've never used for anything other than doing cheese on toast. What advice do you have about using a mini oven on a regular basis Also any recommendations, experiences, about specific models. My criteria are... 1. That it must have a convection fan mode. 2. Must be able to reach 230 degrees. 3. Must have some kind of alert, bell or indicator light to say when the set temperature has been reached, and its time to put the food in. 4. Somewhere around 15 to 20 Litres capacity. And more interested in the quality of manufacture than how many gizmos it has.
  4. Pretty much as said by trackdaybob... plus.. Before you undo the sump plug, loosen off the oil filler cap on the top of the engine. The oil will flow out of the sump slightly easier. Assuming you're also changing the oil filter as well as the oil, typically you'll find the old filter a bas**rd to undo. Over lots of years, I've worked my way through a variety of oil filter removal devices. I've found the best to be the 'cup' type. Like a a large socket that fits over the top of the filter. Usually about £5 - £7. When you fit the new filter, do what it says on the filter/packet. Typically it will say something like "... hand tight..". Do that, and the next time you change the filter, the old one will come off without exertion. I never use suction devices to remove the old oil. Neither do good garages. The devices don't get all the crap out of the sump. Just give the car a little run out to warm up the oil, and drain it through the sump.
  5. I own an amount of the Ishares Global Clean Energy. As part of a small group made up of that with a Global Water ETF, and a Green Bond ETF. The Clean Energy one is well known for being just about the best performing ETF around last year. What no one mentions is that for years prior to that it was pretty much a dud performance wise. Climate Change wasn't fashionable then. I suggest that you read up, and do some research on the particular flavours of green/renewable/ sustainable/impact investing, the meaning of the various terms, SRI , ESG, 'best in class' as applied to greenness, etc. In doing so, you'll see names that keep cropping up, and you'll be able to make your own decisions. btw. In my own investing in ETF's, I always check the 'replication method' I always choose 'physical replication'.
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/oct/21/google-urban-cities-planning-data
  7. Insurance for the ones I've mentioned doesn't really get any cheaper. What Ford is very good at is making cars that when you get into them, you feel right at home. Like Vauxhalls, though, underneath they're not actually a quality built car, and once they get a few years, and/or miles on , they're best avoided. Yaris's have the Toyota build quality, and tend to maintain their value. The other's, the C1, 107 and Aygo are cars that have been designed as cheaper cars. That is, money has been saved on, for example, sound proofing, so that starts to get noticeable above 60'ish mph. The doors will close with more of a clang than a VW Golf. But underneath, it's a car that will get you there. You're most unlikely to ever see one sat by the side of the road, with an AA/RAC van next to it. And that 1.0 litre 3 cylinder engine is pretty much bulletproof, as long as you do the oil changes, and check the level regularly. Spares are cheap, and in plentiful supply.
  8. £500 for a car, any car..., with a years MOT was the traditional 'banger' starting point. Nowadays, at £500 , that will generally get you something that needs work soon, MOT or no MOT. I'd steer clear of older VW's, Skodas, Seat's. The TDI 1.9 engines ( ie the PD versions ) are bulletproof. Unfortunately, the Achilles heel on older VAG group cars is the electrics. In your position, I'd aim for a basic car. A Yaris, pehaps. Or any one of Citroen C1, Peugeot 107, or Toyota Aygo. The latter three are all the same car, and are all built in the same factory as part of a joint venture, using Toyota production methods. There's zillions of them around, they are cheap to run and reliable. They're also quite fun to drive. I have a 2006 Yaris Mk2 1.0. The engine is the same as what's in the C1, 107 and Aygo. Currently shows 52mpg as an average running around figure, on the trip computer. The Yaris is a step up from the other three in the quality of the 'trimmings', but not the basic mechanicals. I paid just under £1000 on eBay last summer for mine, at which price, I mentally budgeted in another £300 'ish to do odds and sods. New brake discs, pads on the front. Rear silencer box. Nothing major. For anyone of a saving disposition, I'd just stay miles away from finance, and contracts. A small bank loan would be the max, I'd ever borrow. How about somewhere around £750 from your stash, plus the same again from a bank loan ? Suggest you read up, and learn the weak and strong points of whatever make/model you're interested in, and in particular if you're buying private take a friend/someone who knows what to look for, won't be impressed by shiny paintwork alone, and won't get lost in the moment of urge to purchase..
  9. Loooks rather like the accused has accidently , and repeatedly, whacked his head against a radiator a few times.... https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/mar/13/sarah-everard-met-officer-appears-court-murder-wayne-couzens Reminded me of the Guildford 4, and Birmingham Six, who appeared in court looking like they'd had the sh*t kicked out of them while in custody. Policemen reverting to type. Guilty or innocent, it's not at all OK.
  10. Switzerland only granted women the vote in around 1970, as I recall. A wee racist, misogynistic country ......
  11. ^^^^^^ Texas Instruments, Argos, circa 1977.
  12. Don't public libraries have a kind of block subscription to Ancestry, so members can use it for free ? I haven't researched much of my background since I read up on my clan name. They appeared to be the 14th, 15th and 16th century versions of contract assassins.
  13. Suggest you check out Boringmoney. They do some decent user friendly guides to the various investing platforms. Edit: Just noticed, you're in Germany. Boringmoney is for UK based.
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