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  1. Ideally no. However, not for nothing was Robespierre's role in the French Revolution called 'The Terror'...., whereby all avenues for the accused to defend themselves were removed. He himself was executed because , in the end, he scared everyone, and had lost the support of the public.
  2. Coming soon, on Kindle, and a bookshop near you..... 'Robespierre - A Man Misunderstood' by V I Kington
  3. The difference being.... that day in day out loads of people buy stuff that they need from Tesco, the company makes big profits, and Netflix has zillions of paying subscribers for the service they provide. All that's happened is that Netflix have got complacent..., their rate of increase in subscribers has plateaued, and they're going to have to review some aspects of their subscribing/charging structures. Crypto..... ??? Duh. Nil, nothing, zilch.
  4. I'm not a "Trader", I'm a "Risk Manager". Your words, make up your mind, and yes I have learned to read. By the way, I was a software engineer too, in a previous life. You don't need to be a software engineer, or any other kind of engineer, to learn how to do trading, and put it into practice. As it happens, my interest in cryptocurrencies is almost zero, similar to V'ton, but from a slightly different viewpoint. I invest in a particular direction because I prefer to feel that in doing so, I'm contributing to making a better world through soundly run companies that make things or provide a service. Crypto is not a productive asset in that way, ... the only reason to own it is to sell it to someone else at a higher price. As in, it's socially useless.
  5. You're playing with words here. You're a trader. What you're trying to convey is that you're not a 'day trader', sitting at home with their laptop, congratulating yourself on coming out on top, and having made £10 that day, and completely 'forgetting' about the £xxx amount they've lost on many other days. Professional trading is all about the management of risk. So fair enough, that's what you're doing, but you're still a trader. Suggest you just be honest about it, rather than trying to cover yourself in some veneer of 'sophistication'.
  6. I had a quick look at that Youtube video, bearing in mind that Chomsky's previous expressed views are along the lines of Trump being only a few steps up from pondlife. If Chomsky really did make the 'statesman' comment about Trump, I would have expected more than a few dissenting utterances in the comments. Instead, in an admittedly short peruse , I could see none. Rather begs the question as to whether Chomsky did say it, and/or, the exact context within the video. The video is, however, 57 minutes long, and I just couldn't be a*sed to trawl all the way through to find out. Who is @Glenn Greenwald when he's at home, anyway ?
  7. Part of the intent/side effect of all the sanctions has crashed the value of the rouble on currency markets. ( Which causes massive price inflation of any imports getting into Russia ) The usual currency that European countries pay for Russian oil/gas is, I think Euros. And that is written into the contracts. If they have to pay for the oil/gas in roubles, then, as their native currency(s) is not roubles, then to be able to pay Russia in roubles, first they must buy roubles from Russia, with presumably Euros, Dollars, etc. This currency market demand for roubles will have the effect of stabilising/increasing the exchange rate of roubles against other currencies, and also brings Euros, Dollars etc into Russia, which they can use in purchases from, say, other countries which are not sanctioning Russia. Think I've got it right.
  8. If you'd bother reading the original link, you'd see that the case was about the willy nilly exiting of people to care homes, whether they were or were not carriers of Covid, into environments not set up for protection against it. Sorry..., more whataboutery, and diversion from you by the looks of it.
  9. Your general attitude looks like .... Yeah, bung em in a care home, and after that, who gives a sh*t..?.."
  10. Nowadays, my definition of a tank is a tracked vehicle, plus a turret lying several yards away.
  11. The figure that I recall being mentioned by an unidentified person, mayor of somewhere in Donbas I think, was that about 30% of people in that area were in favour of alignment with/takeover by Russia. This was just prior to the 24th February, as I recall.
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