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  1. 2/6d, two shillings and 6 pence for a pint of piss.., Watneys Starlight, in Minehead, Somerset in 1970. ( Working at Butlins ). Shortly thereafter, my student resident hall was what is now the Beresford building in Sauchiehall St. Certain that I remember the Griffin. Drank mostly in The Amphora just up the road, and the Three in One a little bit to the West. Can't recall the prices, but spent a lot of time wondering how long I could keep Tennents lager down.
  2. Well, it's hardly news that Robinson is Tory. I'll never forget the unctious, cuddly , wuddly interview he did at David Cameron's home prior to some election past.
  3. He's going to have to be, to avoid being labelled as Kuenssburg Mk 2. Unless he and the BJ indulge in a little theatre, and drama, for the gullible punters. Like old-time wrestling.
  4. Interesting. With respect , you sound like just another one of the so many ( mostly Conservative ) MP's who go to university.... to do PPE , ( Politics, Philosophy, and Economics ).... which enables them to sound convincing. One example is my local MP, one James Heappey ( Con ) who, when he got elected, made repeated and full references to his service in the Army ( Rural English constituences tend to have an attraction to Conservative candidates who 'wear their medals' )... , portrayed himself as living locally ( he rented a house 200 yards down the road from me. I hardly ever saw the lights on when I walked past in the evening ). etc, etc. He always sounded really smooth, which seemed a bit odd to me, for someone who was making the most of having recently been a soldier. Later, I picked up on a sideways remark by an aquaintance, that Heappey had been to university after leaving the army. I checked on Wikipedia. No mention of university. The university mentioned to me was Birmingham . I checked with Birmingham...., yup...., he'd done a BA in Politics. As I almost said at the beginning, you sound rather like someone who isn't too interested in the lives of constituents, just in making the right noises.
  5. He is a decent guy. He's spent his parliamentary life holding his own party to account, as well as the Tories. And he's spent his working life fighting injustices. This is what scares the Tories, their backers in the media, and also those in his own party who just know how to put on their slick , smiley faces.
  6. I think that is exactly what they will do. It'll just be out of the headlines, bit by bit, quietly.... but definitely.
  7. A moronic construct, and a diversion from what is being said.
  8. What a waste. I live in the constiiuency where , on a visit to a school, the local MP told a schoolkid... "Why don't you f**k off back to Scotland.." ( James Heappey, Conservative ). is that actually what you want from an MP ? From where I'm sitting, comparing Westminster to Holyrood..., generally, parliamentary businesss in Scotland seems to be conducted by adults. Westminster ? If I lived in Scotland, I'd vote SNP. If Corbyn lived in Scotland I could see him having serious , principled, political discussion. Can you actually , remotely, imagine the same of Johnson ? But, just vote.
  9. Tbf..., I hardly expected to see Airdrie at the top of this division, nor you guys lost in the dust of East Fife..., so it's pretty clear that you're just not very good. The way it's been with Stranraer this season, it's quite likely in a few weeks time that Forfar, having a bad day, could put 3 past us.. but I reckon you're there for the taking. Falkirk 1 Stranraer 2
  10. The cheap shot is yours. I hardly have sympathy for some bloke with a machete. However, given the history of police with guns, how they use them, and how always, always they get away it, an ascerbic comment is valid. And the only person making a stupid piece of amusement, is you.
  11. Must admit, I didn't know that 3 of the above were Jewish. Woody Allen, of course.
  12. At a guess, I'd say the vast majority of those new voters have not been accessed by the pollsters.
  13. Before you go around referring to others as morons..... Zionism is about the existence, or right to existence, of Israel as a state. Corbyn is not remotely opposed to the existence of the state of Israel. What he is opposed to is the behaviour of the state of Israel, in particular, its activities towards the Palestininas.
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