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  1. I've been wondering if it's all a scam to keep Boris away from all the sh*te. Keep him in there, spending alone time, confined to occasional tweets of his garbage. While Hancock is out doing all the promises. At least Hancock can sound like a serious person when he's bullsh*tting.
  2. I read this late last night. Seems to confirm why there has been so little testing. The response to the Covid-19 emergency was treated in terms of a political strategy. The Public Health scientists were sidelined, and the No 10 'nudge unit' behavioural people, and academic mathematical modellers were given their head. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/01/absolutely-wrong-how-uk-coronavirus-test-strategy-unravelled
  3. Not exactly representative but I've fucking got it. Hope you get through it OK.
  4. Tbh.., I'm almost beyond words. An utter , utter f***ing disgrace.
  5. Alien Blade Runner Predator Nothing else worth considering, really.
  6. I've never really seen what the problem might be with saying that Scotland might use the euro, except call it the Scottish pound. Similarly, in Ireland they could return to the punt, the euro in disguise In France the franceuro.. Gemany..., the Reichmark, sorry.., the Deutchmark etc.
  7. MIddle aisle withdrawal symptoms.. ?
  8. I'm not absolutely certain, but I believe a primary difference between the coronavirus and flu scenarios, is that coronavirus is about 10 (?) times more infectious than typical flu, and thus is a scale of magnititude more dangerous.
  9. That is, they get isolated, and thus can be prevented from spreading it on. The calculation is, I think, that each infected person would spread it to x people. Each of those X people would spread also to X people. Take in to account the incubation period before symptoms become obvious..... So, if no testing, the infection spreads unnoticed..., till it bursts out, all over the place, and becomes exponential. Public services overwhelmed. People dying. Still no testing.
  10. I live in a pretty much rural area, and haven't been wearing a mask, anywhere , till now. As the lack of testing is , in my view, pretty much criminal.., and after the rapidly increasing death rate, I wore a mask this morning for going into the Sainsbury's supermarket in the nearest small town. Several of their staff were also wearing masks. They were letting customers in one at a time. Queue of us in a long line, giving each other a wide berth. Didn't take long to get in. No one was hanging around inside, just quick shopping and getting out.
  11. The difference is that they prepared.
  12. What a moronic statement. Mass testing, followed by isolation, or hospitalisation, and tracking contacts is what has enabled Tawan, S Korea to keep the death toll barely into the hundreds. FFS. Instead, here, there is no testing until someone is so ill they fetch up in hospital. Grossly inadequate protection for medical staff. The only testing is reserved for those affluent enough to buy their own.
  13. Just a 50% survival rate in intensive care units..... https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/mar/28/coronavirus-intensive-care-uk-patients-50-per-cent-survival-rate All the completely zero mass testing comes home to roost......, by the time people are admitted to hospital they're just about dead. This 'underlying health condition' garbage cannot be allowed to be the glib, go to, explanation.
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