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  1. Used to include season ticket holders who weren't at the game but stopped doing that a few seasons back. Don't let that stop you talking shite though
  2. Thought Falkirk fans liked a crowd w**k but fair fucks. There's a novelty factor involved for Killie. Let's see how many you shift when stuck in this shite league for the foreseeable future.
  3. How old are you 12? If any older that's shite patter.
  4. Received programme today. It's a great read, well done.
  5. Math not his strongest point. Neither is football management to be honest.
  6. You're welcome. Happy to help. Hands across the water to our Falkirk friends
  7. The wee team fans are quite cute really. Like an annoying wee brother but it's hard to get annoyed with them.
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