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  1. Happening soon mate. Hearts are far too big a club to be in the championship playing diddies like us. Pity as we'll go bust without the maroon pound.
  2. Gregory Burke who wrote the Black watch play. Pars fan as well.
  3. Went to both away games. Iceland was touch and go as unbelievably the charter plane never turned up. Eventually got there 5 minutes before kick off on a Lithuania n plane that was sent. Booked with supporters club and was promised an investigation. Still waiting. Saw f**k all of Iceland before game but got a drink till 3.00 Am afterwards. Spent about a week's wages on one drinking session.
  4. Quite a few I like. Arbroath is great with a wee pub opposite and steak and black pudding pies in the ground are excellent. As long as you're not in the main stand Partick is also decent. Queens is good in the away end and lots of good pubs nearby. My own club Dunfermline has the best food, good views and walking distance to town. The worst is Alloa in my opinion. Open terrace behind goals, great when it's pishing down. Or that stupid gazebo that's like a wind tunnel. Arbroath for me is best and as stated Alloa is fuckin shite. Special mention for the bogs at Ayr in the worst category.
  5. And a Nazareth one on his leg. Skids fan as well. No wonder he was biased towards us.
  6. Highlight of the night was steak and black pudding pie. Went down a treat after few beers in tutties. Arbroath fans I spoke to seem a decent bunch.
  7. Got to love wee Falky. Always passionate and never hid. Let go to early in my opinion.
  8. Went to game as a neutral. Thought first half was fairly even but Cowden terrible in the second half. Also thought the ref had a nightmare and if I was a cowden fan would be raging.
  9. Thanks for your valuable contribution. Please come back with more excellent post's.
  10. Routine away win for the higher placed team. Two nil Pars.
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