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  1. Routine away win for the higher placed team. Two nil Pars.
  2. That was fuckin awful. Fully deserved win for Stranraer. Think we had two shots in 90 minutes.
  3. Thanks. Should be there before 12 so will get round a few.
  4. Looking forward to a day on the drink. Used to enjoy the social club in the past. Any other recommendations Stranraer fans?
  5. Apart from that did you have a good time?
  6. Certainly wouldn't have enjoyed today if you were there.
  7. f**k you. Never eating your tatties again after that insult.
  8. Didn't think there was any doubt at all it was a handball. Don't know how it was missed.
  9. Sorry we couldn't match the elegance of Arbroath fans.. Milan, Paris and Arbroath. Fashion capitals of the world.
  10. f**k sake I was raging that much reading that my hearing aid fell out and landed on my sash.
  11. After a week of reviewing the footage neither were penalties. Time to close the thread with everyone agreeing we got fuckin cheated.
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