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  1. What a shite draw. Only Morton away could have been worse.
  2. Not going. Been to every game this season but don't agree with B teams in the competition
  3. Don't think one Pars fan thought that to be honest.
  4. It was a clear penalty. Said so at the time. The referee was hopeless overall though. Certainly didn't think he favoured Dunfermline, just useless in general.
  5. No chance in hell I'll be attending that shite.
  6. Place where Alaris used to be (Jim Jack's I think it's called). Excellent. Sit in or takeaway.
  7. Was at the game as a neutral but would have preferred a Cowden win. Sad to see a fellow Fife club drop out the league. For what it's worth thought cowden should have had a stonewall penalty and Bonnyrigg award was a bit soft. Not a great game but hearing a Xmas song at half time was pretty entertaining for middle of May. Good luck on coming back up.
  8. No Idea. Free pies were a nice touch though.
  9. Hilarious. Met a few Thistle fans in Munns before and after game. Decent lot. No shite patter.
  10. Wee crowd watching the wee team win the wee trophy seems appropriate.
  11. Thanks for all the replies regarding bar at ground. Always enjoy a trip to Inverness.
  12. Heading up to game on Saturday. Any Idea if bar at ground will be open before game? Was at first game and it was shut. Think it was used as away dressing room. Thanks.
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