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  1. Sure you didn't accidentally walk into Joanna's rather than the adjacent Playhouse?
  2. Crows leaving it until the last moment before hopping out of the way of a car. Cool, calm, collected, and if they could then they would probably say "don't worry m8, I'm on top of this f***in' situation".
  3. I suspect I know what's going on here. Shandon's house: Shandon's worksite:
  4. My home 'scope has been overdue a service for over two years now as the wifey that comes around to mine for servicing (fnarr fnarr) only seems to be up when I'm away. How inconsiderate of her.
  5. I'm seeing a list of govt-funded courses to apply for up in NE Scotland, but they're all essentially individual modules of an MSc which say "use this to work towards an MSc in...". Given that they're 10 week courses that will probably just see any job applications pitting you against full MSc graduates, is there much point in taking up these supposedly in-demand courses?
  6. At least 5 deid, 40 injured. Apparently it was an SUV that was fleeing a scene elsewhere that ended up on the parade route, not necessarily on purpose. The 'Milwaukee Dancing Grannies' have apparently taken a serious hit, and "I had to go from one crumpled body to the other to find my daughter" is a particular grim quote from one witness.
  7. The place where I am just now is absolutely riddled with dodgy signage. Try not to have a heart attack: (the inconsistent use of upper and lower case in the last three consistently irritates me far more than it should)
  8. Being regularly surrounded by folk from all across the UK at work, I've been surprised by just how many are clearly riled by non-whites (the Englishmen in particular). Already this morning I've overhead somebody say "why are there so many blacks in adverts these days?!". Even somebody in my team came out with the clichéd "they come over here..." talk. Until now, I never quite appreciated just how rife the whole thing is, even in folk that otherwise come across as sound c***s. Another facet of it is that they clearly direct it to the wider room as if they fully expect everyone else to agree with them, which most 40+s seem to do.
  9. We're into winter now, so hopefully he's just wandering up the Sperrins hunting for a patch of snow to report on. Positive thoughts...
  10. Had been working on nightshift for 2.5 weeks, got sent back onshore for a few days (and pints) to 'reset' my days, and have been changed to dayshift upon my return... with a cabin to myself and nothing to do until Monday, giving me paid time to watch all the Sky/BT football I desire. Pleasing. Eta: also, the days onshore and the check-in to come back out coinciding with the Indian Summer (16 degrees and blue skies) and the start of the shite weather, respectively. Couldn't have planned it better.
  11. Wait, they race flying horses? Pegasi racing? Whatever will they think of next.
  12. 90% of it comes from Lake Mead, which ~25 million people currently rely on despite it quickly drying up. It's almost certainly unsustainable and a complete disaster in the making, but its evidently fair game if folk are raking in the $s and aren't in immediate danger. Current water levels are now dropping below the elevation of the existing supply pipelines, and If they drop another ~130ft then water will no longer flow through the Hoover Dam at its lower end, which has already seen a 25% drop in output capacity. This in turn will create an energy shortage for multiple SW states that currently take power from it, which you'd imagine would require 'dirtier' methods (or an enormous wind farm) to make up the significant difference.
  13. Fun answer: it's a xenomorph waiting to burst out. Boring answer: he hung his jumper on an ill-fitting coat hanger.
  14. Wait... somebody out there is still keeping Brechin reject Jim Duffy in a managerial role???
  15. Having just put the bin out in the dark, I've only just realised that playing music videos involving strobe lights etc with the cooncil light off in my man cave transforms the street into a bit of a rave scene due to the way the light from the giant computer screen shines out the window onto our neighbour's gable end.
  16. A thing of true beauty: Eta: the locals have now decided to decorate it:
  17. Taps-Aff up this way. 16 (sixteen) degrees in mid-November. Dafuq?
  18. I choose to do it, otherwise I'll get no sunlight (and therefore no vitamin D) whilst living in a steel box for a month. Turns out it was put under the sink, beside the bleach. Stupid me for not checking there.
  19. Reorganisation of things whenever I'm away from home for work. I come back from nightshift offshore and go to get my tub of vitamin D tablets, only to find ALL the vitamins etc have been moved and hidden above the fridge, with the conspicuous absence of the tub required. Highly likely that she's knocked them down the back of the fridge imo, but I can't be arsed moving the whole thing out to test the theory.
  20. Where I am just now: BBC UK: check BBC Wales: check BBC London: check BBC Scotland...
  21. Not quite as good as: "can you not just record it, not check the score and watch it later instead?". Aye, because that trip to Tesco simply can't wait.
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