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  1. So one can waste money on garbage that the other doesn't care about. £30 on candles? Her pot it's coming from and therefore f*** all to do with me, so each to their own. Weekend in Copenhagen whilst I'm working away? Her account, go for it.
  2. Pan fried lamb steaks are the absolute business.
  3. The surname 'Tanser' (aye, the St Mirren loon). Just sounds like some p*sh unimaginative nickname that the Sportsound Brigade conjured up.
  4. A rather pleasant smooth effort, but I'd still rank the 105 (with a single drop of water) higher based on the finish (25yo misses something in the throat for my liking, ooh-err) Eta: considerably improves by the 3rd dram.
  5. Went out for a walk yesterday and never quite appreciated just how many trees have been annihilated up this way. This is the current state of the tarmac track that I regularly use (looking along the 'track'). Everything along one side of the forest has been flattened as if there was a nuclear blast:
  6. Depends when you submit your corrected thesis, but also how long it takes the examiners and eventually the postgrad office to approve the bloody thing. Cheers all!
  7. Well, it's not every Friday that you get a PhD award letter in the post.
  8. Organises a "sometime between 12 and 6" boiler service visit for one of the weekdays that she isn't working from home anyway (she has two set WFH days every week). To make matters worse, I waited in all afternoon yesterday (just back onshore, itching for a wander) and the f***ers never turned up at all, giving the classic "sorry, we won't make it" phonecall at 17:55. She now gets all pissy about my request to fit the rescheduled with her being at home, which is the only time when either of us has to be in the house.
  9. The clicking sound that cobbles make as they get dragged by waves Pebbles too, but cobbles sound better.
  10. Bolivia and Chile to allow lithium extraction and become absolutely minted. Bolivians replace the horse and cart with lambos and La Paz offices resemble scenes from the Wolf of Wall Street as they tuck into their top quality cocaine that isn't worth the hassle of exporting anymore.
  11. The novelty of a Brechin game on TV and my flight home today has been delayed until 6:30pm. If everyone could pray for a flight cancellation to let me watch this, that would be great. Eta: BBC on the ball as usual: Absolute stick on that one of the pundits / commentators will refer to Darvel as being a junior outfit.
  12. I hadn't considered the possibility of P&B still being around in 30-40 years. I can only picture a 70yo virgin posting memes of some chef that 90% of users have never heard of, and the usual suspects still fighting away on the renamed 'Coronavirus (and other pandemics)' thread from their care home armchairs.
  13. Still there btw. Mostly guys providing evidence that a female has been in close proximity to them.
  14. Thought this was a given. Eta: local lockdown incoming (and 8 games per month for Motherwell, Accies, Airdrie etc in the new year)
  15. Our neighbours appear to have acquired a trampoline overnight. Oh my god...
  16. Hedgecutter busy putting names to loacations now. These are mere confirmations, just in time for the Christmas card list.
  17. Chopper home today cancelled due to "potential for trigger lightning". Good to know that 80mph winds ripping bits of metal off the rig and 10m waves below aren't too much of a hassle these days.
  18. Getting a phone operator with a Scottish accent.
  19. Working in a team of ~10, all of which are Scottish from the exception of a Canadian... called Scott.
  20. Tell you what, I'll prove to the world that there is good on this forum. All I needs is for everybody to donate £10 each so that I can send it back to them, thus showing there's somebody they can trust.
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