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  1. "Well f*** you then", although not exactly in those words.
  2. Tbf to him, at least he's open about it as opposed to the thousands of spineless Tory voters who take extra care to conceal their pristinely-folded bit of paper between booth and ballot box, before telling their social acquaintances that they voted Lib Dem.
  3. What a complete and utter tartan shambles of a so-called politician.
  4. I did consider that, although that's the intertidal zone, which you can only see when the tide's out and it doesn't look like an island. Given that you don't know if it's an island or not unless you have a tide table, I'd be all for Eilean Schrodinger.
  5. There's a tidal island up on the north coast called Eilean Dubh, which translates to 'Black Island', pictured below. You'll struggle to find a paler coloured island in Scotland. Maybe they named it at night.
  6. Lunacy at my local chemist where they've just refused service to three folk who don't have masks on them. To rub salt in the wound, the wifie in the prescription section took her's down to speak to someone more clearly. Very much "do as I say, not as I do". I'll stock up on the non-over the counter products at the supermarket instead. Do they even have the right to do this? Granted they deal with prescriptions from the NHS, but I'm not convinced they're actually an NHS site, despite sticking logos over the shop. Even if they do, f*** em.
  7. Don't know how he'd find the time for Cop27 anyway, given his other important work like visiting Dunfermline to officially declare it a city.
  8. "for every staff member that strikes, a bed in an intensive care ward shall mysteriously lose power" Probably then 'justified' by the decrease in pension payouts and energy bills being able to part-plug the deficit, as part of a greater-good economic growth strategy.
  9. I remember Kwarteng dropping hints at the end of his mega-budget about making it more difficult for some sectors to strike, but somehow I can't see them sacking half of the NHS in one sweep should they decide to strike in unison.
  10. Love how he thinks that the paddle makes a difference in that scenario. Up there with "here's twenty quid off your tax bill, thank me later".
  11. What a way to finish: "I'm proud to have lived in Paisley, and I hope they're proud of me"
  12. It seems like the PM role and the rest of the rest of the cabinet has been filled by a series of Indecisive Daves, pandering to anything that'll keep them in a job rather than following some (albeit questionable) principles.
  13. This just popped up as a FB memory from (3rd Oct) 2014 when I got the following screenshot just ahead of their live coverage of Kilmarnock Vs Dundee Utd:
  14. The self-serving Truss must Shirley be taking the following The Thick of It line into consideration: "Sacked after twelve months, looks like you've fucked up. Sacked after a week, looks like he's fucked up."
  15. Same here. The last two jags made me feel worse than when I actually had the bloody virus. With one of them, I felt so zapped that I had to take a rest every 100m or so whilst walking a mile around a local farm track. Genuinely felt like I'd done an 6hr climby/crawly achy-arm caving trip. I'll be phoning them up today to politely decline the booster that they automatically booked me in for because I have a condition that apparently gives a "slightly increased risk". Slight chance of that without booster vs likely chance a booster will make me feel like shit? Hmmm...
  16. Wish the Proclaimers would do a cover version of the Beastie Boys' Intergalactic. Planaaaterraaay, In'ergalactic
  17. In her slight defence here, the Black Isle isn't anywhere near being an isle/island.
  18. Is this not more to do with submitting readings before the rate rise, rather than being bothered about when the bill gets charged? Will a submission in the next 10 days still get it on the lower pre-hike rate? Eta: I forgot all about this, but thankfully my last meter reading submission was just a couple of weeks ago. Was tempting to add an extra number onto the end, but would probably get shot through the head by the E.On man.
  19. Best guess is that he said "this is my round" in the knowledge he was going into town afterwards with a group of women who usually buy cocktails. Physical hit probably less painful than the financial one tbf.
  20. Realised the other day that I haven't been to Glasgow (or anywhere SW of the Mollinsburn turnoff) since Jan 2018, which seemed to upset a certain Weegie who evidently thought it's the centre of the universe. Anything of need or interest to me requiring a city can be done through Edinburgh or Aberdeen these days (seeing Kevin Bridges at TECA tonight for example). The only away games of interest I've been given since then have been Queens Park, Dumbarton, Clyde and Albion Rovers, all of which are utterly sh*te (and usually soggy) away days that I'd already done multiple times. From the exception of considering going to Hampden, which I got fed up of going to midweek over the more recent years, I've had no reason to go down that way. Was down in the Borders (highly underrated btw) last week, Edinburgh and Fife the week before, Sutherland the week before that, Orkney a month or two before, Leeds whenever the Queen's jubilee was (bad timing there) etc etc, so it's not like I've been stuck at home.
  21. Sounds about right then, cheers. Bit shite for anybody with numeracy difficulties though, which might sound odd to some, but the terms arithmetic and mathematics aren't synonymous. I don't remember physics (which may as well have been called 'Applied Mathematics') requiring non-calculator papers. Despite my best attempts, I've never been able to remember the times tables. Might be a mild dyscalculia thing, but it's no wonder I developed maths anxiety.
  22. That was certainly the case in 86 and 87 when I sat my O levels and highers. My daughter thinks I'm talking shite when I tell her that I had to sit a seperate arithmetic exam without being allowed to use a calculator. Perhaps an example of the Mandela Effect, but I'm fairly sure that I had separate calculator and non-calculator papers in Maths exams during the latest 90's / earliest 2000s. FWIW, I am absolutely atrocious at arithmetic, but managed to get through the rest of maths with a bit of hard work. Resat Higher maths in 6th year to improve my grade from a C to a B (for uni application, only to later change courses to one that only needed a C ). How the f*** I never got an A still confuses me though. I put most of my effort into maths that year (at the expense of other subjects which were just a means to an end) and knew all the past paper questions inside out. Might genuinely have been a series of arithmetic f***-ups in a non-calculator paper.
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