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  1. Paul Murton always wears a hat on TV (even indoors) because he's insecure about his baldy scalp.
  2. 1. Pouting in selfies 2. Taking photographs of mirrors 3. Painting on eyebrows 4. Obsessively watching reality TV 5. Wearing stilettos* *with clothes
  3. "You want me to shoot the producer of my film for publicity?" "Yes... and lotttts of money"
  4. At least the title challenge is still on given that Caley and Raith dropped points.
  5. ... and so it turned out to be. Delightful little one-touch flick from Wade for a 91st min winner. Bring on the draw.
  6. That half has been the most pathetic Brechin performance I've seen in a long, long time. Haddington looking the more threatening team, us being unable to keep the ball on the pitch even when dribbling towards goal, a calamitous defensive f*** up between Cruickshank & Macintosh (I think?) to effectively gift them a goal (good finish though, credit where it's due), etc etc. Hopefully a re-run of last weekend where we were guff 1st half but picked up to get the win in the 2nd.
  7. Haddington currently 1-0 up at Brechin and looking the better team just now. Total f*** up of a defensive pass across the field under no pressure, intercepted. Eta: 1-1 now, much better start to the 2nd half.
  8. Can't quite remember the pub situation in Pitmedden (pretty lame I think), but the ground is only a ~15 min walk from the village.
  9. Exactly that, although it's a lesson in how to walk against tractors and speeding traffic attempting to overtake them. A major life skill for Angus tbf.
  10. One hell of pedantic bump I know, but I can't let this one go. Islavale has nothing to do with Fife Keith, just Keith which happens to have an alternative in the junior ranks. Islavale seem to be getting a better support than their senior neighbours, probably largely because they're more involved with the community with players from the local area. To many locals, Keith FC are now largely perceived as being a group of Aberdeen-based mercenaries, especially since the (aptly named) Keith brothers retired. If you go to the various Mid Street pubs, you're more likely to find raffles etc raising money for Islavale. No surprise that Keith have gone from being HL winners to HL fodder over the past decade.
  11. It's Thornton Hibs, and always has been. Still, calling somebody a moron whilst simultaneously highlighting that you didn't/don't even know the name of the team that you used to play for?
  12. Alec Partridge? Eta: can't stop thinking 'awick' though.
  13. One of the great perks of being a cavehunter is that there's no obligation to report all of your new finds. Always good to have a backup.
  14. Got lucky yesterday evening when I was walking home and spotted a wild otter having a great time swimming around a pond beside the path. Despite their rep' for being extremely shy, this particular one clearly clocked me and yet still continued to swim around for at least 20 mins before I decided to finally get home for my tea (especially as the otter resurfaced munching on something at one point). Not the best of the videos I got below, but the only one of suitable size for upload: PXL_20211021_164841374.LS.mp4
  15. The stuff made from dry granules is absolutely marvellous. However, the stuff made from the syrupy gunk straight from the glass jar is boggin'. I'll always ask which it is before buying at half time, unless you're being served by a teenager, in which case they don't know care and life suddenly becomes a lottery.
  16. Has there been an explosion in the magpie population recently? No matter where I go outdoors (except Wick, that was the exception), I can't go 10 mins without seeing one of the bloody things. I feel that if I went to Death Valley, there would be a couple of magpies staring at me on the saltflats.
  17. I like the bit in that link where they effectively say that it's because they move differently and have different accents. On that basis, I think I've encountered a fair few different endemic humanoid species across (mostly Central) Scotland.
  18. The Scottish crossbill is the only animal species endemic to the UK. I just found that out.
  19. Folk saying that they'll swing by in the morning (forcing you to get up early and hang around for hours), only to come in the afternoon.
  20. An Aberdeen uni student was reported having been spiked recently and the uni were fairly quick in firing out a blanket email about it on Monday (can't remember the last time I saw one about it anyway). Thankfully the uni managed it in a decently worded way, unlike Durham uni who got it spectacularly wrong in a (now) high profile way.
  21. It's certainly not the most discrete of methods.
  22. Just what one needs for a morning pick-me-up: Looks amazing btw.
  23. I've seen that taxi shagger run about a playground waving his willy at school kids. He was in primary four or five at the time mind (same class* as me), but eventually getting jailed for some form of sexual offence shouldn't really come as a surprise. If I remember correctly, his defence for shagging the taxi was that he had been celebrating Celtic's treble treble. As you do. *as well as another guy who would go on to murder his mum, and a girl who tried to stab another one in P7 (eventually ending up in some young offender's institute).
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