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  1. On Thursday, I saw a fairly young guy wearing one whilst he was driving along a single track country road (passing Spynie Kirk, ie middle of nowhere) in an open top car. I considered that it might have been fly/dust protection, but then remembered that he has a big custom designed thing called a windscreen. Thought that was a tough one to beat, but you've somehow managed it with ease. Bravo.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. It's the little details like this that can avoid some serious embarrassment / awkwardness.
  3. Something that I can't help but notice any time I'm in Stirling is the unusually high proportion of stereotypical neds in the town city centre, which by my reckoning is significantly higher than any other comparable settlement outhwith Strathclyde or West Lothian. Absolutely no surprise that the town is full of OF fans who have never (and will never) set foot in Forthbank/Annfield.
  4. Both have distinctive and historically important pre-industrial historic quarters that the likes of nearby towns such as Kirkcaldy, Glenrothes, Alloa, Falkirk etc come absolutely nowhere near matching. That whole section of Dunfermline comprising the the abbey, royal palace, Pittencrieff Park, Abbot House & the Carnegie Birthplace Museum is actually a very decent yet overlooked touristy day out.
  5. This has all the makings of that 2000 and something Dunfermline 0-1 Celtic final, which was utter sh*te and eventually finished with a very late and sh*te goal (by Doumbe).
  6. Just been amazed by encountering a horse that is made up of two different horses stitched together, representative image below: Apparently it's an 'appaloosa'.
  7. Glenfarclas 25yo. Polished off the bottle, using the (very valid) excuse that a 200ml remnant would die should I forget that it was there*. Single drop of water : triple measure would appear to be the perfect balance. *I wouldn't
  8. If there's no rush to get the ashes spread, then Megabus from London as far as Dundee with cheap as chips advance booking is definitely your friend. From there, bus to Brechin from Dundee for <£10 return. Long haul bus isn't the most enjoyable of experiences tbh, but I've done Aberdeen to London return on Megabus and lived to tell this tale.
  9. Some lowlife scumbag has given me an old (round) pound coin in my change. (cash is dead, yada yada yada)
  10. Imagine feeling the need to congratulate a group of fans for not fighting amongst themselves / others or trashing a city centre again. Speaks volumes.
  11. Just because of the enormity of last night, he probably does pip Rafael Scheidt to that title. Just.
  12. I said it back then and I'll say it again: with retrospect, you wouldn't have it any other way.
  13. How does the saying go; If you can't take it, then don't dish it out? AAHHHHHHHAHAHHAGHHHAHAAHAHAHAAAGAHAAHAHAA
  14. Good job you didn't lose to their U12s (or whatever it was) last week.
  15. I said 'Luke Shaw moment' with the Aribo goal, so I'll claim this (for the moment ).
  16. Best outcome here is Rangers losing AET and then being knackered for the Hearts game.
  17. ^^^ posted 15 mins before KO. Been watching too many OF games given 5mins injury time, imo.
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