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  1. Aye, saw folk clapping on the news and thought "could you get any more patronising?". Almost on a par with Sevco's 8th minute applause, although a big difference is that those clapping tonight won't be demanding that the NHS staff being applauded are sacked just an hour later. Anyway, just back from a wander and saw a Forestry Commission car park with about a dozen cars in it despite three obvious signs at the entrance saying "Covid 19 - car park closed until further notice". This 'if they're doing it then I'm doing it' mentality is ingrained in society.
  2. That probably answers my question then (i.e. it can't ) I'm just trying to recreate a plot from a paper that has the following in it. Cheers.
  3. For the Excel gurus amongst us: I currently have a chart with a logarithmic x-axis in which there is a big difference between 10-1000 and 1000-10,000 (black text). However, what I want is for the spacing from 10-1000 to be the same as 1000-10,000, as I have drawn over the top in green text. Can the desired green option be done in Excel (and if so so, how)? I've played around with the various values with no success.
  4. Forward planning skills are in decline I see. PAY YOUr ... "awww, I've made a right c*** of this, haven't I?"
  5. Unless they were playing 4s with some other family, what's the issue with this if it's a daily bit of exercise?
  6. BRALT took 64 days to hit the 600 page mark. This thread has just done it in 63. Big thanks to Madonna, Lady Gaga, Carly Rae Jepsen, Taylor Swift and Paige Spiranac.
  7. They're making absolutely no effort to hide the fact that they're trying to safeguard anything or anyone that brings in more tax than your average punter in the street. Whisky distilleries being considered to be 'essential' and being told to keep calm and carry on is a classic.
  8. Anybody that thinks that the royals (and the government at cabinet level) see the subservient general public as being equal on a human to human basis are simply deluded.
  9. It's supposedly ABBA tonight so you'd expect Benny & Björn to get a mention.
  10. The Blink 182 nurses have been excluded so far. Well, wait no more...
  11. Same, and that's without Navid hiding them behind the counter for the regulars. Lidl, Tesco, the larger Co-ops etc useless (even for beer). Scotmid & Premier, business as usual.
  12. In Charles' defence, he's not travelling to a second home here. It's probably their fourth or fifth I'd imagine.
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