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  1. Not that I'm aware of. There's always a chance I might be wrong though.
  2. First day home after working night shift for 25 days and every time I stand up I feel like I'm on a boat on a moderate swell. Is my death imminent?
  3. ... with N-Trance and Shakira playing on a loop in the background. Probably still does.
  4. I genuinely came onto this thread with the sole intention of saying some shite joke along the lines of "thought this would be about the nightclub in Dunfermline. Disappointing." Presume it's still going (or at least reopening post-lockdown)? Not many nightclubs have a handy well-hidden giant tunnel running below it.
  5. Indeed. I can only imagine that most of us would rather be here on merit and not be perceived as the annoying uncle who's always at the party simply because he's part of the family.
  6. Can't be arsed looking up the populations of the many Scottish towns, but with the playoffs in place, it was only a matter of time until clubs like ours were spending at least some time in the farmers / fisherman's leagues (unless we had a significant sugar daddy like Cove, Brora or Kelty). Without the historic involvement with the SPFL, the harsh reality is that we should really be on a par (if not behind) the likes of Fraserburgh, Locos etc. It's actually quite amazing what the club has achieved over the years, and we should be proud of it. The first Brechin game that I can actually remember being at was against East Stirling at Firs Park, and since then I've seen us win multiple league titles, be a replay away from the Scottish Cup semis, get to a national cup final, play at the likes of Tannadice on league business etc. If we end up facing the drop then it'll be another bump on one hell of a rollercoaster ride that I have absolutely no regrets about jumping on.
  7. Absolutely no surprise to see the raging h*n areas of Peterhead & Fraserburgh as the statistical anomaly there.
  8. You'd think that a mention in the obituaries section would suffice. "loving grandfather to William, Zara, Peter, Beatrice, Eugenie, Peter, Louise & James"
  9. If we get 144 pages for Phil then every tree in the land shall need felled when the Queen pops her clogs.
  10. Only just found out about this (only because the Masters commentator explained why the flag was at half mast). Oh well.
  11. Impressively close though. That's him stuck with that for the rest of the round though, isn't it?
  12. Including when nothing has been potted I presume (ie. Baxter's initial rule is fantasy)? This has created quite the heated debate amongst the just off-shift nightshifters offshore.
  13. Now picture the scenario in which the same thing happens, but this time after a yellow AND a red are potted straight from the break. Can the same 'yellow onto red into pocket' shot be done then???
  14. On the topic of pool rules, from an open table situation following a break from which no balls were potted, can you legally pot a red by hitting a yellow first and then carry on? Or by choosing to hit the yellow first, does the resulting potting of the red result in a foul?
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