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  1. Guy I work with keeps referring to Frasier as 'Fraser'. He's been told before, but perseveres with saying Fraser, probably in the knowledge that it annoys others. He's succeeding on that front anyway.
  2. Said this fairly recently I think, but a guy who holidays up on the North Coast every year (who always gatecrashes my friend's house) and I try to avoid, ended up being the guy who drove up from England to deliver our greenhouse. 60 million folk Down South, and it had to be him.
  3. Just watched the original Mad Max trilogy over the past 3 nights. All I can think of is "must have been good for their time". Should have stopped after the first tbh, although the 2nd was my 'favourite'.
  4. All the footage and fan interviews I've seen from Glastonbury so far suggests that 99% of people are middle class folk largely there to 'check in' or take Instagram photos in a narcissistic attempt at racking up 'likes'. Looks shoyte.
  5. I worked in a local pub in 1999 at the age of 24 and I had no idea what a guy was talking about when he asked for a red square. It made me feel fucking ancient. Blast from the past there, to the point my brain tricked me into tasting it for the first time in 20 odd years. Used to be my nightclub drink of choice (after pints of Caffreys in the pub beforehand).
  6. Too confusing considering that chicken balti is on every Indian menu.
  7. Knives are going to be out where he lives as Regent Court is in Fife Keith, not Keith. Some folk there take this issue very, very seriously. Written in the week of the Fife Keith Picnic (event to reinforce their independence) as well.
  8. Something I'm experiencing more and more is asking for something and being given the reply "that's off at the moment". There have been times when it would have been easier for them to tell me what's actually available. The one that really gets on my nerves though is when you go through the process of choosing from the menu, only to be told "we're out of that just now". Could you not have told me at the start ffs?!
  9. Despite being a fan of macaroni cheese, I've never ordered it from any menu that calls it Mac n Cheese. I'm that petty.
  10. A wee bit watery, but actually hits the spot perfectly. ... but much of it's about the cool can design.
  11. Although the MFP was referred to as the 'Main Force Patrol' in Mad Max 2, it was only referred to as MFP in the original film, which the writers used as an in-joke for the 'Mother Fvcking Police'.
  12. Whether or not they'd have the power you describe there is irrelevant. If they were to have any influence on govt formation after overtures from Labour or the Tories (as you put it) then that would back up the original point, which was:
  13. ... but in that circumstance Scottish voters would have had enough of an influence to affect which party formed the UK govt. It's a fair point.
  14. Seeing these sorts of posts from around Aberdeen, in this case at a set of traffic lights on George St:
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