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  1. France's longest border is with Brazil (450 miles long), followed by Belgium (408 miles long) For those miffed, French Guiana is a single territorial collectivity of France.
  2. Feeling the grass pollen this week, today in particular. Had an antihistamine at lunch but still got the insatiable scratchy throat and constant urge to itch my eye, which I'll give into eventually despite my best efforts. Thing is, NE Scotland is relatively mild for it and it's times like these when I remember that you couldn't pay me enough money to live in the south of England. Anybody in the P&B Pollen Haters Club got any effective old wives tales homemade remedies?
  3. The sparrows have finally taken to the bird feed box which I attached to the window (dried mealworm was the answer). A fine view just about the computer monitor, although this little greedy one has been in here for ages now with others fluttering about as if to say "your time's up, f*** off"
  4. FWIW, Grumpy Skeletor is one of the few reasons I ever check Facebook these days.
  5. I really hope the assisted dying legislation gets through the Scottish parliament third time lucky and that the happy-clappy 'I'm alright Jack' Christian types take a mammoth kick to the nether regions. My other half's dad passed away from cancer last year. The cancer had started as a growth on his head after a bump, started to go away after treatment but then started coming back again. Unfortunately a couple of extra new growths were noticed elsewhere and once it was in the lungs (he'd never smoked btw) it just seemed to spread like wildfire despite the treatment. He ended up having to travel from Moray to Glasgow every week to see a specialist down there because it was a rather rare type of cancer, the name of which shamefully evades me just now. Eventually he ended up being bed-ridden in the knowledge that 'his time' would be unavoidably soon and was forced to live out his last month doing little more than struggling for breath and being told "no, you can't have any more morphine". Such an undignified way to go, especially for somebody who was usually active. Similarly, one of my best mates went to his GP with a sore cough a couple of years ago and once referred to Raigmore got told that he had late-stage esophageal cancer and that he had a matter of weeks to live. So within 4 weeks he had gone into his GP with a painful cough to lying in a hospital bed knowing his time was up, wanting the plug to be pulled. On a more positive note, my step-sister recently got the all clear after a 2+ year battle with breast cancer, so I'll finish with that in good old pint-half-full fashion.
  6. Aberdeen City Council leading the way here FWIW https://news.aberdeencity.gov.uk/no-ball-games-signs-to-be-removed/
  7. If there's one positive to come out of this, Kenny McLean has taught me that I'm not the only person who can't remember to iron my jumpers inside out.
  8. Just remember, one of these days we'll win the World Cup / Euros and be glad these lows made it all the better. One can dream.
  9. Even if we don't win it, would love a last minute equaliser just to get it right up them.
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