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  1. Although my main address is in Aberdeen, I've not been there for three weeks (ie pre-outbreak) other than passing through the heliport en route to a bumpkin town last night where I was planning on staying for at least a week anyway. Am I to f*** off home to Aberdeen and lock myself in my house for 23hrs a day at a time when people are being advised to avoid Aberdeen?
  2. Liking songs that you don't like the lyrics to. For example, I shouldn't like the The Light by the Proclaimers because it's rammed with sky fairy p*sh, yet it's still a cracking song.
  3. Phone photos that start with a motion video for the first 0.1 of second. Needless.
  4. Luxury. More often than not I'll be on a floating shift, getting woken up at some point in the 'night' for a few hours and then getting told to go back to get a nights sleep after working X hours. Sometimes I don't even know whether I'm eating breakfast, lunch or dinner, which is made worse in the winter when it seems to be constantly dark. I'm presuming that not many people end up having a choice of steak pie or lasagne for breakfast.
  5. Just asked my offshore HSE chief (who gave me a check no more than 30 mins ago), just for you. Answer (for offshore work at least): Procedure is that if I fail the temp' test then I'm punted into quarantine and given a few hours to cool down. If I fail again, I'm back into quarantine until a chopper comes to take me back onshore where I'm given a test, with a further quarantine until a negative result is achieved. However, if the temperature remains high, then I'm not allowed back to work, regardless of any Covid result. The procedure on the way to work involves a Covid test followed by a nights quarantine in a hotel. If there's a negative result then I have to pass the temperature check to enter the heliport. If I fail that then I don't go. So don't catch anything that gives you a fever (or drag 30kg worth of kit through a hotel immediately before the temp' check).
  6. Offshore platform that I'm working on, which has a hard-on for distancing (even though everybody was tested and quarantined for a couple of days), has the gym open with every second treadmill, rowing machine, bike, weights-thingy etc etc being taped off. Additionally, there's disinfectant spray all over the place for washing down each bit of kit following use. The only thing I can think of is that it's not worth the onshore ones opening if they'd only get half of the income whilst overheads stay the same.
  7. Had to laugh at a guy on a beach in Spain being interviewed on BBC Breakfast yesterday. He was pointing out to the sea with some clouds in the skies repeatedly saying "you wouldn't get a view like that back home in Britain". Errr... what?!
  8. Correct, I was just testing at 6:30am.
  9. Last time I popped in here there was a three page discussion about what qualifies as being a 'qualified historian'. I'm presuming that we've said fuc*ity by to the virus now? (or should that be fuc*itty by?)
  10. Folk that swipe their phone using the index finger (i.e. involve the use of two hands rather than use the thumb of the hand that's holding the phone). People without thumbs are excused.
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