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  1. Wordle 223 4/6* Old skool pen and paper job in the end there... and at long f***ing last, a 50/50 that I went the right way on. Rejoice.
  2. I missed the word 'cat' when reading this. Just as well I reread it out of disbelief. Still on the verge of tears laughing at that cat drone btw.
  3. Bound to have been mentioned already, but even if it has, it's worth reiterating that the name Mac 'n Cheese can get so far tae f**k. In fact, this isn't even petty. It's a social catastrophe. Personally, I think there should a public register that names and shames the establishments using this term, making it easier to give them a wide berth.
  4. Have any P&Bers ever make cheese out of their partner's breast milk? I wonder how that conversation with the other half goes. "Now, you know how you're trying to cut down on the shopping bill? Well, we're out of cheese, which got me thinking..."
  5. Yet another 50/50 lost. Bas*ard. Wordle 222 4/6*
  6. Somebody needs to tell Berra that you don't look into the camera when you're on TV.
  7. Thinking I'd done quite well on the cross-trainer thing on high gear through the night, only to be told at the bottom that the power generated wouldn't even be enough to light an energy saving bulb for an hour.
  8. Dan the God Botherer on BBC Breakfast yesterday when he said “now for the local news wherever you’re waking up this morning". As somebody who was preparing to go to bed at the time, I find this to be highly discriminatory towards people working night shift. Yet another facet of BBC bias, and I don’t like it. Tbh, a sacking over this wouldn't be entirely unreasonable. [cue Chewin'_the_Fat_nightshift.gif]
  9. Wordle 221 4/6* Good luck wiped out by bad luck. Grrr.
  10. "We thought nothing of it because Peadar had had heart attacks and all." "He said they let him go at the post office counter and it was only after he dropped to the floor that they realised he had died"
  11. Wordle 220 4/6* Meh. Was unlucky with those bas*ard yellows.
  12. The Lone Ranger's companion was 'Moron', for that is the meaning of Tonto in Spanish, Italian etc.
  13. Wordle 219 4/6* A fine recovery if I do say so myself.
  14. Wordle 218 3/6 Big slice of luck on second line, albeit a thought-out tactical choice. Must admit to feeling like this though as the four greens lit up...
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