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  1. Tory MPs, with a higher standard of education, are more qualified / capable of running the country than some average Joe from a seaside town comprehensive.
  2. There was one of these little Englanders on a phone-in on 5 Live (?) the other day talking about how Nicola would make a good Scottish leader, but when asked if he'd rather have Nicola as PM rather than Boris, he replied "I think she'd make a good leader of Scotland, but I couldn't see her managing to handle the UK". You clearly need to be an upper class Etonian to be able to run Westminster, not some state-schooled no-mark from the frozen north.
  3. How do you see Scotland's place within the UK? Are we merely another part of the UK fortunate to have a devolved government (similar to London) that should suck up to whatever the UK voted for as a whole? Or does the UK comprise 4 equal nations that during the current Brexit stand-off should have equal weighting, regardless of population bias? Going by the early 1707 designs for the Union Flag during the initial Act of Union, this key constitutional question has obviously been around for a while. So what's your answer?
  4. Would agree entirely with this. Strolled it, with even Nicky Campbell's weak trip up attempts barely bothering her. She has a natural way with the general public that no other politician has, not even the fabled Corbyn. Although it was always intended as a laugh, both my other half and I noticed how she looked the most comfortable on that Scotsquad Election Special whilst the other looked rather uncomfortable (Leonard the worst, Rennie less so). She clearly has a relationship with people that other politicians struggle to match, with no need for the all too common 'keeping up appearances' act. Worth watching on iPlayer if just for the 'bam or no bam' section.
  5. Forgive me if I believe Sir John Kevin Curtice (Professor of Politics and a Senior Research Fellow at the National Centre for Social Research) over a poster who's clearly digging a deeper and deeper hole for himself.
  6. The way things are going, I for one am considering investing heavily in the pitch-fork market ahead of the upcoming sales boom. Suggestions welcome.
  7. Indeed. They need to be a bit more honest this time around, and if it involves eventually ditching the pound and going down the Euro route as a potential option, then so be it. The main difference is that a No vote was previously a vote for the status quo. Thanks to a now inevitable Brexit, change is imminently upon us whether they want it or not, which'll make a considerable difference to many imo
  8. You really need to brush up on your critical reading skills.
  9. No more than the Tories here made their vote about "say no to Indy Ref 2". I got six flyers/letters from my now former MP Colin Clark, all of which were solely about anti-IndyRef (minus one little bit about how he once wrote a letter for somebody with a leaking pipe). Nothing about Brexit, nothing about the day job.
  10. Yet being content with voting in a new government that has to pass legislation through this mob below for superior 'approval'.
  11. Here's the money shot picturing two UK PMs within the £50 note-burning club. I was surprised that I hadn't seen this until late last night.
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