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  1. You've clearly not seen many Brechin games this season.
  2. I've found myself by cliffs and felt random urges to jump. Not in a "the world would be better off without me" type way, just more just for the sake of it (if that makes any sense). Another one is just wanting to stand up in a meeting and just shout out career-ending obscenities.
  3. I was walking past a burn there and suddenly felt this strange compulsion to just throw my phone in the water. I like my phone though, very much. Sometimes I'll see somebody about to run past, and just feel compelled to stick a leg out. Sometimes I'll randomly feel compelled to just cross the road and back for no apparent reason. Sometimes I'll write a document and then feel compelled to delete it for no particular reason. Never do though. Is there a name for this, other than 'mental'? Eta: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Imp_of_the_Perverse?wprov=sfla1
  4. Ernie Els told me off for having my shadow in his way. He talks funny.
  5. I think the takeaway one will tbh. Most takeaways I see have at least some folk waiting inside beside one another. One that my other half saw the other day had the delivery guy maskless just sitting on his phone beside folk in the waiting room.
  6. Simply because they think that a capital I has a dot above it, slam it so hard that the people of Edinburgh are phoning the police about the resultant bang.
  7. ... and couples will undoubtedly just go in one after the other with a trolley each, ultimately cluttering up the shop even more and exacerbating the problem further.
  8. Judging by my neck of the woods at least, there's almost certainly a laziness factor too. Every time I've been to or passed my local corner shops of late, I've seen somebody without any face covering (pretty much exclusively men in their ~40s) which is a very different situation to Lockdown 1.0. On my last visit, one maskless guy was standing right next to his workmate at the till, munching away on a sandwich. Unless I missed some massive wave of asthma, more folk evidently just can't be arsed abiding by the rules this time around. I can only imagine that these folk have some form of underlying "they don't know what they're doing and making it up on the fly, so why bother" attitude.
  9. Actually that could be a perfect outcome for OF haters. Celtic were well ahead last season whilst Rangers are streets ahead this term. Were this season to be aborted fans of the bigot sisters would blow their brain cells for eternity agonising over the what-ifs, in the knowledge that the other mob will never accept their version of events. Make it happen. They're going to have the '55th title' / same club debate anyway even if the league carries on to completion, so let the great hilarity commence, preferably whilst it's still mathematically possible for Celtic to win it.
  10. For me it seems to be a relatively simple case of the government's "only leave if it's essential for work" policy, hence why the full-time leagues are seen as tenable. Players in the seaside leagues on the other hand largely treat this as a hobby and get little other than a nice-to-have, but crucially non-essential top-up wage. There may indeed be some who rely on that top-up wage on top of their normal wage for whatever reason, but I would imagine that these folk will be in the great minority. On the other hand, the vast majority of players in the Championship will see this as essential for their main line of work. Obviously Falkirk and perhaps QP are the anomalies, but you can't seriously expect the officials to keep both Leagues 1 & 2 going simply to appease two diddy clubs who chose to be full-time teams in part-time leagues. What they've done is the simplest solution to the problem.
  11. Was half expecting her to put a ban on all football there when she was talking about Celtic and the special privileges that football has just now.
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