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  1. "It's still raining. If we play dead then they might not take us out again..."
  2. Tight-rope walking training; Bert's latest Wile E. Coyote-type plan to reach the pesky inaccessible rabbits thriving along the opposite side of the Don.
  3. Going through Dundee last night, I'm convinced that I saw a road sign at this point below (Googlemaps 2021) spelled as 'Couper Angus' (i.e. Couper with an e , not Coupar with an a) Can anyone confirm or deny if there's been a signage f*** up? Junction at E. Marketgait and A92.
  4. Or in the case of something coming to £17, when you give them £22 (in the hope of getting a fiver back): "Sorry, you've given me too much". No amount of explaining can prevent you getting your extra two pounds coinage back plus another three quid in change.
  5. In Paper-Scissors-Stone, do you show your hand on three, or as a 'shoot' following the one-two-three count?
  6. I'm struggling to see the negatives of getting to watch the same-day Wright-less highlights to it's conclusion and still getting to bed before the other half falls asleep.
  7. Taking a pounding from France as well their asylum seekers. Feel the seethe.
  8. They rarely go into that sort of detail anyway. Normally it's just a clichéd "he should be doing better there", or "that's a clever one-two / great cross to [insert player name]" that any football fan could say. When ex-players are paid large sums to appear on the likes on MOTD then they should be providing at least some insights that the likes of myself (who have never played the game) wouldn't spot otherwise, but they rarely, rarely do.
  9. Required cuts have to start somewhere, and laying off the equivalent of 45 employees on £30k pa just to keep a single non-essential personality wouldn't be a particularly good PR look either. I'm just playing Devil's Advocate here btw.
  10. Part of me wonders whether the BBC is looking for an excuse to get Lineker to walk? With the licence fee due to stop in 2027 and the budget being frozen for the next couple of years, they'll be forced into big cuts, and getting rid of their highest earner on a programme 99% of viewers would watch without him would help them massively. Not quite as obvious as "you used somebody else's milk in the fridge so we have to let you go", but maybe somebody's exploring that avenue here? More likely that it's largely down to them being an organisation run by corrupt Tory sympathisers, but a thought worth considering nonetheless.
  11. Get the View From the Terrace cast in. They've already got (at least) a foot in the BBC. Sked wowing the English audience with his analysis of Man City's obliteration of Palace's defence.
  12. Jermaine Judas That'll stick.
  13. Given the shameless self-advertising on Sportsound, it would be a surprise if John Hughes hasn't yet thrown his hat into the ring. I would happily pay the licence fee just to witness the bewilderment of the English audience. "Hello, an' welcum tae Match Eh' The Day. Oan the night's show..."
  14. Yet if you shag one sheep...
  15. The message coming across loud and clear here is that it's fine for BBC presenters to air their views outside of the workplace, but on the strong condition that it fits the right-winger narrative. Andrew Neil on the other hand?. Consistently posting right-wing and climate change conspiracy material via Twitter whilst working at the BBC as one its most prominent political presenters (whilst also being the chairman of the Spectator), but avoided any significant criticism. In the end he became a columnist for the Daily Heil, this of course being one of the papers calling for Lineker to be sacked for doing the same thing with a different subject. Top level hypocrisy.
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