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  1. Shell garage in Bucksburn was closed this morning so we topped up whilst in Inverurie (needed for heading 'down south'* tomorrow). No queues or issues... until some guy in a Hackett polo shirt rocked up with a pile of cans. *a term my other half uses for anywhere south of Perth.
  2. A quick Google search suggests it might have already happened. The first result up seems about right:
  3. Spending 20 mins hunting through past emails to find the bathroom dimensions that take ~5 mins to measure.
  4. Just organised a nice last minute break away with the other half. Tomorrow we shall be going on my first bus journey since last March, destination: High Valleyfield, Fife. Who says romance is dead?
  5. Last minute planning for somewhere to go this long weekend. Her: I've never been to Yorkshire. Me: Not even driving through it? Her: Well, I went to York on a school trip. Me: Last time I checked... Eta: Turns out our annual holiday is going to be spent at a hotel <1 mile from my childhood home. #jetsetter
  6. Exactly what I said. "maybe he'll pop back around if he has another delivery somewhere else nearby", which is fair enough I suppose... albeit somewhat hopeful.
  7. i) the walk can be achieved by a shortcut through the local playing field as the crow flies, whilst the drive requires a more convoluted diversion involving roundabouts and speed bumps. ii) you're assuming that we left at 18:30, which would be folly. Turned out she was hunting for the Sellotape as she attempted to create a "back in 5 mins..." note to stick on the front door as she was 'expecting a delivery at any moment', which was news to me.
  8. Because her claim that "the tatties will take the same time as the kievs" was a blatant lie. Under my plan in which the tatties were to be boiled, dinner would have been ready earlier. However, with her insisting that they should be oven cooked along with the kievs, this threw an unexpected and unnecessary 10 mins into the equation. Worse still, she kept the kievs in for the extra 10 mins to get the tatties up to scratch, slightly overcooking the former.
  9. Me at 18:10: I have to leave this last bit of dinner as I need to be down at the Scout hall for 18:30 which is a 15 min walk away. Her: Don't worry, I'll give you lift down to save you rushing your dinner. Me at 18:30: Can we head off now??!!! Arrived 10 mins late, would have been 5 mins early otherwise.
  10. Just in case you never worked it out from the 2019 P&B age demographics thread. Based on 196 members.
  11. Having a "young boy missing in Ayrshire" with HOT! written beside it probably won't help matters.
  12. I've not been on a train or bus since early last year and that's not going to change until the mask wearing disappears. I'm forced to wear a snood for 40 min flights offshore and I find it an utterly horrible experience. Difference with that is that I'm getting paid for it, but there's no way I'm paying for a mask wearing trip for anything over 15 mins. That's my absolute voluntary limit, including shop visits as well. There was suggestion of me going to Canada for Christmas with family there later this year (if their govt let us, of course) but any enthusiasm for that idea instantly died with the thought of wearing a mask for hours on end for the flight over. Simply not happening. For avoidance of doubt, I'm not talking about taking my mask off on trains or other places, I'll simply just not go.
  13. Companies that put the likes of 'Est. 1996' under their logo as if that's meant to impress us. Established 1896 on the other hand...
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