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  1. You'd imagine that the Costa Rican players Douglas Lopez & Joel Campbell might have a drip or two of Scottish blood in them.
  2. Unrivalled steak and red wine, and tango has its charm too. Shame the apple variety isn't as widely available as it used to be though.
  3. When you ask the most basic of phrases in a foreign language in a manner that that strongly suggests that you're absolutely rank at the language in question, and the person on the recieving end fires back a hundred words in quickfire fashion, as if they assume that you're a fluent speaking despite all the linguistic warning flags at play.
  4. Do you think I'd still use it if it was either of those options?!
  5. As did I. Still got the same bag* that I used back then, over 20yrs ago. It even features in a peer reviewed journal paper. What I'm still struggling to deal with though is the youth of today** thinking that using a single strap is something worth slagging. Anybody using two straps back in the day would be hounded out. *I own others **yes, the use of this phrase now officially makes me old.
  6. The irony of shooting being the thing that the USA struggles with the most.
  7. This stuff is delightful. A 6.5% with Innes & Gun oak hints, but done much better imo. A solid 8/10
  8. Yaaasssssss!!!! Been in Cadiz (Andalucia*) hunting down any bar/pub showing games since 11 this morning (missed the Wales game), and just finally found one. Half a million** bars all over the place, none of which somewhat bizarrely seem to show anything.
  9. Currently watching the World Cup in Spain and I can confirm that it's far more fun than listening to the BBC / ITV commentary, even though I can't understand much other than: Suiza... GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Flying to Gibraltar tomorrow and have realised that booking the hotel on the Spanish side might not have been the brightest idea given all the faff going on regrading movement from Gibraltar1 into the EU. I'm seeing online reports of folk being turned away because they can't provide a full itinerary of their tour, or can't show that they have a spare 1,400 Euros in order to stay for 14 days (need a spare 100 for each day, apparently). 1. Note how I didn't say Gib 2. God I hate that word. 2. Fcuk. I said it.
  11. The use of the term 'last minute deal' for something that's a a couple of months away.
  12. The lottery that is United Kingdom vs British when it comes to online forms.
  13. After about 10 consecutive kicks straight into the Main Stand to his right, I'm glad Peterhead's keeper finally worked out that it can stay on the pitch if you hit it a bit to the left.
  14. Flying into Aberdeen this evening was... well, 'interesting' (or sporting, in the words of the pilot) Seriously, how they (ie the computer) stops the plane turning into a fireball when hitting the runway with a single wheel, pointing at a 45 degree angle whilst tilted to one wing is quite remarkable.
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