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  1. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Don't worry, post Brexit there will only be two choices - British or Dirty Foreign Scum*. *white English speakers excepted (see Rep. Ireland, Australia & NZ). They're not real foreigners.
  2. 6870 v 89 Title Decider

    Can see this being a draw. Just enough to send Utd down that road towards a playoff final with Dundee (seeing as I think they'll get past the winner of 3rd v 4th and St Mirren will stay bottom).
  3. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    British websites that don't have United Kingdom/British options tagged to the top of their Select country/nationality drop-down menu. I don't want to scroll down to the bit between U.A.E. and United States Minor Outlying Islands anymore. Eta: also not knowing if they've made the correct answer British or United Kingdom.
  4. You're dealing with people spending £100 more to have a tiny logo just to impress other people. Discovering that other people (quite rightfully) think that this is moronic behavior was probably never going to go down well. I dress to impress nobody but me, away from business at least. Don't mind paying a bit more for a certain level of quality though, i.e. not £5 polo shirts that fade / bobble after two washes. Even £50 would be obscene.
  5. One time my dad was visiting from Oz, we went into M&S for some food and he saw the rather sizeable reduced section. £6 dishes reduced to 50p etc. He cleared out every single item that was freezable as if Supermarket Sweep was back on the box. Quite handy though seeing as I ended up with £100+ worth of M&S food that we'd bought for £10-20 quid. Not quite as impressed when he took it upon himself to choose what should go in the garden to make space for it all in my freezer though. So if you ever see some sparrows attempting to dig into some crinkle cuts, you know who's in town.
  6. Hedgecutter's Dad's rule (and he's very persistent about this): It's only a bargain if 1) half price or less, 2) you need it, and most importantly 3) you were going to buy it anyway. Not 3/3? Not a bargain.
  7. One of my more depressing days of the year is helping with our local Scouts' jumble sale fundraiser. People will haggle over pennies, and I mean 5p for bits of tat. Pretty sure they watch Cash in the Attic all day and feel they need a victory with every item. We usually have one of us on 'security watch' as we've caught people stealing things selling for 50p. Scum, sub-human scum. Every year I wander past the queue and get abuse from somebody who thinks I'm jumping it, only for them to get laughed at when I show my Scout leader uniform under my <£500 jacket. I like that part.
  8. I find it staggering that some people wait for 1p change in a charity shop. Seen it happen. And no, it wasn't me. Late at night, I clearly have drink on the mind rather than Canada Goose jackets. I'll probably be referring to them as Canada Dry next. Far better name for a jacket, don't you think?
  9. Especially when it comes to clothes, there gets a point where I'll say I'm not paying £X for [insert garment], even if I can afford it. I get the impression that it's often the poorest that are the most willing to fork out £30-40 for a t-shirt with a shite brand name on a £5 quality shirt. Keeping up with the Jones' is pretty much rife in all social classes, although one can easily argue that it's far better to play this game with classy German cars rather than Goose Island jackets. Additionally, for this reason, it's also worth highlighting that the big earners are very often the ones that have very little disposable income because of all the shite they feel the need to buy, quite often funded by loans.
  10. On the other hand, there are the jakey b*****ds that smell the combination of a split bill and an attentive waiter from the start. Usually end up with a few bottles more in the knowledge they're only paying a fraction of each one. Personally, I'm a bit of a fast drinker and more often than not end up with more beer (can't quench thirst on a 330ml bottle), so I'll make a point of putting in a bit more, usually by not asking for change off of my notes in order to (hopefully) disassociate myself from these aforementioned types. Extra special f*** you to those that insist on paying by card separately btw. I believe the bar equivalent of these types has been well covered on many other threads.
  11. On the last well I was on, the operator's mud bill was upwards of £1.2million. Yes, mud. Just let that sink in.
  12. Things you want to share with P&B

    If the 'Lewis Hamilton of Pigeons' gets raped by a seagull, global warming will be the least of our worries. We'd be doomed. F***ing doomed. Think I've found my favourite ever pigeon-related quote though:
  13. Surprised the operator of your new platform doesnt frisk yous for stolen goods. Fucking scum.... Judging by the amount of food that can go to waste out there (it's not unusual to have various breakfast and dinner option out at the same time), they'd probably welcome it tbh!
  14. I all seriousness, I just realised that the £8 bus unlimited day ticket that I gave to a guy waiting at the bus stop earlier (seeing as I'm done with my travel today) could have been put through as a company expense. Knew something would bite me in the arse with that as I thought: C*** didn't even say thank you. I'll now be keeping a mental note of ways to save £8 btw. I can be like this (and did this recently when I found out that I could have bought my pair of Sketchers for far less in Sports Direct than in the Sketchers store where I bought them). Eta: Plus £3 for the pie that a seagull snatched from my hand at lunchtime. Not only am I being fleeced by mannerless arseholes, but now even a menacing seagull too.
  15. Do they f***. I'm running at a £24.40 and £15.52 deficit with two of my best mates who I've been drinking with for just over 15 years now, and it's only going up.