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  1. Pyramid 2019/2020

    Please remember that clubs in the LL must be licensed.
  2. Pyramid 2019/2020

    Just our of curiosity, does anyone know if the East Seniors and East Juniors have met to see if there are areas of mutual interest?
  3. Bonnyrigg Rose a Junior appreciation

    1978 Junior Cup Final against Stonehouse Violet. One day after the Scotland Squad left by helicopter for Argentina from the same venue. Bonnyrigg have fond memories ... not so sure about Scotland despite the very good programme on BBC this week
  4. New ruling

    If it's enforced, it essentially means that professional players must earn at least £50-60-ish per week on average. Amateur players can be paid tax-free expenses and that is often at least what they get as part-time pros. However, clubs have no security over amateurs and get no compensation for their development. Not good for our traditional part-time clubs.
  5. New ruling

    I believe that HMRC has ruled that NC players are professionals and are entitled to the NMW - even though the NC form says they cannot be paid.
  6. New ruling

    Actually it affects any club that has players on a professional contract. Juniors, East, South, Lowland and Highland clubs are all affected. It applies to time for playing, training and travelling to away matches. So, if a club leaves at 12pm for a 3pm kick-off and gets home at 7pm they must pay all players the national minimum wage for 7 hours which is (I think) over £52 for a player that is over 25.
  7. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    I believe it is 29th April in the Highlands and 6th May in the Lowlands. Play-off against Club 42 is 13th and 20th May.
  8. Lowland Trapdoorwatch 2016-17

    Just to clarify, Preston are now effectively going to finish bottom but there is a fluid situation regarding how many clubs will be relegated. It will be some time before we know if 0, 1 or 2 clubs will go down. Also, whilst Threave 'went down' last season they were not relegated. They would have played in the Lowland League this season if they had not resigned.
  9. Pre-season friendlies 2016-17

    Top four teams from last season. Good reward for the top teams and incentive to the others to get a top four finish.
  10. Team 16?

    You are correct. The timetable for clubs that are not yet licensed, full members of the SFA is that they need to have their licensing applications considered in February which means, in effect, that they must have their licensing audit by the end of this month.
  11. New Preston Manager!

    Whatever the rights and wrongs of recent history at Preston the new Chairman and Secretary are 100% genuine and committed. I am sure their new manager will be the same. Colin Jack has given them enough of a basis that they will probably survive this season so they can rebuild.
  12. Scottish cup

    Agreed. Good post.
  13. Scottish cup

    Well done, East Kilbride - and not forgetting Lothian Thistle who also have done the cause of the Lowland Pyramid proud. Best wishes to both for their replays. Can anyone confirm the dates?
  14. Juniors to join Lowland League?

    Good post. There is plenty room for Juniors and Seniors to work side-by-side. Entry into the Lowland League with its commitment to accept promotion into the SPFL is not for everyone and putting a club at financial risk just doesn't make sense.
  15. Congratulations to Vale of Leithen

    Well done to Vale. They have had difficulties to overcome and plenty of detractors but they have made it. Assuming the report is correct that Hawick and Wigtown also have licences added to Coldstream and Civil Service it makes the possibility of relegation from the Lowland League much more realistic.