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  1. This forum is infested with an odious clique who seem to think they have custody of it and have authoritative opinions. Posts by those who are considered outsiders are subjected to hostile scrutiny. I don't give a shit, sometimes it's laughable, other times it's an irritant. I know who most of you are, bunch of keyboard cowards welcoming each other's approval. It's satisfying knowing that some of us here are not like you b*****ds.
  2. You're not are you? Who the f**k are you? Do you mind if I post without you and your lot contradicting every post I make? How many goals Killie lost is entirely irrelevant to what I said: Did we get out of our half until the late goals - yes or no? You're an arrogant arsehole.
  3. It was a great result with the two late goals but we didnt match Killie at all after half time and the defence and MacDonald kept us in it. We have to keep doing what we're good at and stop hanging back to keep a lead.
  4. Crichton's much better than the raucous woman who does the English games.
  5. Hopefully a chance taken to give some players game time, with Musonda being one of them.
  6. That's what we keep wondering, it's always been like that since I can mind...
  7. A week is a long time in football, especially when he said he's on the lookout for players...
  8. Some of us who are interested in the team like to be updated on developments, without demanding to know the ins and outs.
  9. I was hoping McGlynn was going to say something about players he's pursuing in his interview. Better news about Musonda 'tho.
  10. Dunfermline saying they might have a couple of players out, possibly three. It makes a change for our opponents to have injury problems, for us it's the normal situation. We still have our two best players out, Vaughan and Musonda, until recently we had others.
  11. My drift was that it would be just our luck for stand ins to play blinders. Re Kennedy: he was really good when he came down to us but gradually became less effective. We would still have him, but fortunately Zanatta is much more effective.
  12. And without doubt the stand ins will be standouts. Incidentally, I read that Rangers don't seem too happy with Kennedy's development at EEP compared to ICT and Rovers, and are thinking of recalling him in January.
  13. Its only a goal. The difference is that Dunfermline and Falkirk think that's their true stature as clubs.
  14. Odd how both Dunfermline and Falkirk, similar "aspiring big time clubs" appoint an endless stream of dud managers
  15. Aye, Grant needs to quit the philosophy and concentrate on what he's good at, managing a football t.....
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