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  1. We haven't been outplayed by anyone in the league (apart from maybe the first half against Partick, but we got ourselves sorted out in that match and had the better of the second half), and our inability to take chances and daft defensive mistakes cost us againt Cove, Dundee and ICT. There's general agreement on that. We're doing better now in both attack and defence, and some of us consider that we've the best midfiled in the league - we've certainly one of the best. If our defence can cope with Simon Murray and Dom Thomas we've a decent chance.
  2. It'll be tears of mirth when your luck inevitably runs out Meanwhile I'm more interested in what kind of treatment Ayr get from Colin Steven when ICT start their well practiced antics to get their players sent off
  3. Can you say ANYTHING sensible and relevant at all? Saying any shite is better than saying nothing... Yea, adios fool -
  4. Do you think I sit here all day waiting for your posts, or do you consider there might be other reasons why I'm not here all the time? You seem to live in a world of makebelieve - Is your low life way of replying, devoid of sense or relevance typical of folk up there? PS - I've no idea what you're talking about, can you quote that "R W Service" line?
  5. I'm wondering too. In other words, is he by signing employed by definition or not.
  6. The reason for the "heads gone" was frustration and incredulity at the decisions against us, compounded by the outrageous leniency towards ICT
  7. You've summed up that game to perfection, in fact, that's how the three games refereed by Colin Steven went
  8. My heid was spinning after tthe first game, so you can imagine I was in orbit after the third with Steven in charge, and in the last game our keeper was pole axed and carried off and the ref did nothing, while our players get booked for pointing your antics out.
  9. Tell us about it. Worse still, the ref will be Colin Steven who has refereed us against them THREE times recently and sent off one of our players every time while letting them off with crimes against humanity. All I can say is take beta blockers before the game.
  10. I'm not familiar with him, but I'm sure he's far from unique
  11. We seem to get scandalous refs when we play them too. PS - was this one Colin Steven by any chance
  12. If we have money it's time we did something with the railway stand.
  13. I think Queen's Park are this year's dark horses. I'll be happy if we get a draw but I think they have too much fire power for our defence.
  14. One of the Cliftonville defenders was restrained by his mates at the third goal - any ideas what went on?
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