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  1. Yea, I realise that. What I'm getting at is the predictions of Partick and Ayr fans about his attitude and lack of application, which some on here have been influenced by. I get the full back support bit, but I haven't seen any suspicion of lack of application. I do get frustrated by his tendency to put good chances over the bar, something he needs to work on.
  2. I don't like that some folk are turning against Zanatta. After being a standout he was heavily marked in games but even then looked like he could get goals out of nothing. I don't see anything amiss in his attitude as was predicted when he came.
  3. Nothing confirmed about any of our out of contract players. Probably a combination of players on holiday and showing us a bit of courtesy while we get a new manager in. Good, I hope we can re sign Tumilty, and Spencer of course.
  4. What became of the rumour that Tumilty had agreed to join St Murn?
  5. "Slick style of play" - that's what I like to hear; he'll inherit players who have been coached his way
  6. I'm sympathetic to Airdrie losing Murray after feeling the disappointment of McGlynn and Smith going to Falkirk. I hope likewise you find a decent replacement.
  7. While it's superficially similar it's not a German font - it's called Roman Black.
  8. Aye, he does. I suspect the board aren't that brave though and for that reason I think they'll go for Murray (assuming it's between these two).
  9. Nothing like feeling like spewing looking at the Val McDermid sign. I hope it's ATF for the start of the new season.
  10. Exactly my thinking; Thomson looks a greater risk but could be a real winner. I'm not bothered that he's a Rangers fan, but maybe not such a stable influence on the dressing room as Murray. I think the latter is a safer pair of hands. It's a hard choice.
  11. They're obviously different in many respects but both are advocates of attacking football and can organise a team. I can't say who I prefer but will be pleased with either.
  12. I wish, but naw, probably still too many i's to dot even if they know the man they want.
  13. Well, I'd rather have a skelp in the pus than a boot in the goolies
  14. A good whoosh attempt - Nicholl recommended Jimmy Thomson....
  15. Good, if it's authentic. I expect references for all those on the short list will be checked. But Murray would do me fine, as would Thomson.
  16. I'd be surprised if Dunfermline don't go for McPake, he's their sort and they're that daft
  17. I do my best to avoid reading your posts tbh. Aye, you never know what you're talking about
  18. I thikn St Johnstone would have taken a draw before the game, but it must feel like a defeat letting a two goal lead slip. Still, home advantage to come, with maybe officials that don't hand them an advantage
  19. Inverness getting help from the officials, fuckme do bears crap in the woods....
  20. I don't actually jump at chances to interact with prats like you
  21. It goes without saying that your dug is smarter than you.
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