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  1. If we can get a striker and our players fit I think a top four is a reasonable expectation.
  2. It'll just be like Dunfermline to beat ICT, start them on a run and Grant will be the best thing since Steven's pies.
  3. Every game looks tight - could all be draws, but here goes: Dungfermline 2 - 2 Inyerneesh (goals for Turdurov and Duku) Hamilton 2 - 1 Ayr Utd (two stuttering teams, could go either way but home advantage for me) Morton 1 - 1 Raith Rovers (but I'm hoping for better) Partick Thistle 1 - 2 Kilmarnock (that keeper...) QOS 3- 2 Arbroath (close scrap between two teams of bruisers) ...so I reckon every team will score, even us and Morton
  4. Great insight there, I didn't realise that. For those with less insight, I'll point out for example that I don't know any other side which has had our run of major injuries these last few years.
  5. Nothing new - yet; just the constant injuries and disappointments. The Ayr result seems to be the only break in the clouds
  6. I'm getting pissed off with our constant bad luck, it's like we're cursed....
  7. Comparing us and Celtic to us and QOS? You're confirming that we were much the better footballing side.
  8. We were powder puff as several have already pointed out, and midfield was well below our usual standard but even at that nothing went right for us today and we're a far better side than QOS in footballing terms. Once we get midfield players back and the forwards don't have to do two jobs at once we'll rise up the league.
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