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  1. At what level? That might be handy, say when down to ten men, but we need proper defenders.
  2. Murray previously managed (albeit a poor) Dumbarton in the Championship so he'll know what's required. He's also played at a high level and been coached by big names. Moreover, Easton and by all accounts Brown are the cream from the 1st Division. I don't think you should be worried.
  3. Fair enough, but inevitably they can't all be regulars in the team unless there's serious rotation in mind (unlikely). I think it suggests that Spencer might be off. The one thing I like is that whoever we have it's going to be an impressive midfield line-up.
  4. We keep Spencer and sign another two, Easton and Brown. Riley Snow being ditched still leaves us with Matthews Spencer Stanton Arnott Easton Brown and Ross. How many midfielders would you have in a tight squad?
  5. Who knows what Murray's thinking; we must assume he knows what he's looking for as regards the style he wants us to play, and Brown must be a decent enough player anyway. I would still hope to keep Spencer 'tho.
  6. Another midfielder. If Murray runs on a "tight" squad we must be offloading Spencer. I've no idea what Brown is like - better than what we already have?
  7. He's a well known irrelevance. He follows several people around - anyone who "dishonours" Falkirk, currently me and some Airdrie supporters. He even red dots certain Falkirk fans Incidentally, he himself has a negative rating well over five thousand. I suspect he's somewhere at the lower end of the spectrum.
  8. Welcome to our section, you're a "huge" club again!
  9. That was a strong Rovers team. McGurn had a stinker, and no guessing for who was sent off.
  10. Murray said was highly impressed with Poplatnik's performance in the Final....
  11. There's been rumours for weeks that St Murn are after him PS - we'd rather keep him
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