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  1. Maybe if we manage to sneak past BoD we'll get a big money draw at Ibrox or Parkheed to enable us to bring in a forward who can score the odd goal.
  2. McGlynn looks seething, barely containing his rage. His main point which he hints at several times is lack of commitment and being soft touches. In other words Arbroath applied themselves and we went shirked it.
  3. I would have dropped Varian but this is the kind of game that would suit him. Surely a home win.
  4. The lunacy of Fandabydozie and Leech is that the Val McD stand is completely empty of fans.
  5. It's hard to see Arbroath finding comparable replacements for Dowds and Nouble. They could find themselves with the same problem we have, dominating games without taking chances. Pity we couldn't offer them Varian and Poplatnik...
  6. Aye, he seems to habitually have moments of slackness against Inverness for some reason, like the goal last season at Stark's in the infamous Davo - Turdarov game. However, in fairness to him yesterday the ball seemed to take a wicked spin when it looked like going wide.
  7. A great bunch o honest laddies that are a credit tae thur club...
  8. No, we come here to watch Dunfermline's demise
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