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  1. Dry yer eyes Tiny Tears. Is that the only response you lot can parrot?
  2. They were so piss poor that it was a reasonable to assume that it was a Dundee production.
  3. Irrelevant hubris. I wonder what kind of fuds accept your company.
  4. One sided "Rovers" highlights - obviously provided by Dundee. Laughable penalty award.
  5. Surely we'll replace Connell when his stint is up, he's had enough time to shew what he can do. There has to be better out there.
  6. Strange how often opposing managers say "that's our best perfromance of the season" after they've beaten us...
  7. Just need Dick sent off and a goal chalked off and it'll be the Dens full house
  8. OK. It's what you expect in Dundee, just like them getting soft pealties
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