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  1. To be perfectly honest, it's an embarassment for a professional team to not muster a single attempt at goal, whatever the handicap. I have no doubt that Bonnyrigg Rose would have put on a better show.
  2. You're more ot less saying we went out to hand Hearts the game, or at least accept or expect the inevitable. I think you're right.
  3. We froze like a rabbit before a weazle. Not a shot to Hearts couple of dozen. I'm not accepting the excuses, we had no belief and no effort. This is the second time this season and reveals an underlying attitude problem.
  4. It seems that once teams have played us theyve figured out how to baulk our style - ICT QOS and now Hearts. They've all pressed us hard from midfield, giving us no time on the ball in the rematches..
  5. I would imagine that Rovers will be a bit fitter (or rather, a bit less unfit) than they were on Saturday.
  6. I think we'd all take McGlynn over any manager right now because of what's he's achieved. But let's not forget the massive contribution Paul Smith has made too.
  7. Hearts have lost at East End and Dens and struggled at Gayfield in the league. They're not so threatening away from home. I'd still make them favourites but not by much.
  8. I thnk we need to give as many of our top players game time.
  9. To be truthful I had a hunch we would get something from the game, possibly even a win, because I thought Hearts would think we were in disarray and thought it would be a stroll. They did that in the first half, but the two early second half goals left them just too much to do. They won't make that mistake on Tuesday, but we'll also be better prepared.
  10. Because of Ann Budge Hearts are a loathsome club, but you can't blame the Hearts' fans and players for her.
  11. We did better against Hearts at Tynecastle than Celtic managed in 120 minutes in Glesga
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