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  1. Typical AJ signing then past it and slower than a snail.
  2. Doubt the crowd will make a thousand. Locals won’t walk a mile to watch this.
  3. Worst game of football I’ve seen since the last home game. Can’t wait for the next game at home. Someone rip up that pitch please......
  4. He certainly didn’t I hope it’s just lack of fitness and sharpness that will come. Otherwise it’s off to the glue factory for Sir Stephen!
  5. The reality is we are Falkirk this season without the cash to bring in a new squad in January
  6. AJ has signed an average league 1 squad it’s down to him. No hiding for him it’s his team.
  7. According to AJ our team is full of goals and just unlucky
  8. 2 nil up to 2-2 Bunch of imposters in Queens shirts this season
  9. Alloa had some good individual performances. Also actually played as a team with a plan. Well worth their win. Queens were beyond awful.
  10. The only time we looked remotely threatening yesterday was when Dobbie had the ball. Hopefully he gets fully fit and sharp or we really are done. The rest are imposters.
  11. Flip flop taking her time to resign. No doubt be supporting no deal by lunchtime [emoji23]
  12. Definite a must win game. But as we know our record against Alloa is shocking. So no surprise if it’s a draw.
  13. Nice to know refereeing in the championship is keeping up its standards,
  14. Disgraceful refereeing two horrible errors.
  15. Couldn’t agree more awful interview. Sounded like he was doing Queens a favour. Talk about dour.
  16. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/jul/16/the-fiver-transfer-window-lull Queens seagull problem getting in the nationals
  17. Excellent highlights Good views of penalty and should Queens have had one first half?
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