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  1. What was wrong with Dobbie today? He’d have loved some of those opportunities spurned today
  2. Unacceptable garbage. If Johnston had anything about him he’d resign after that pathetic excuse of a performance.
  3. Any news on the boxed centenary shirts? Should have been ready weeks ago.
  4. Typical AJ signing then past it and slower than a snail.
  5. Doubt the crowd will make a thousand. Locals won’t walk a mile to watch this.
  6. Worst game of football I’ve seen since the last home game. Can’t wait for the next game at home. Someone rip up that pitch please......
  7. He certainly didn’t I hope it’s just lack of fitness and sharpness that will come. Otherwise it’s off to the glue factory for Sir Stephen!
  8. The reality is we are Falkirk this season without the cash to bring in a new squad in January
  9. AJ has signed an average league 1 squad it’s down to him. No hiding for him it’s his team.
  10. According to AJ our team is full of goals and just unlucky
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