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  1. Your in for a treat. The seagulls are so big they carry children away.
  2. It’s called satire lighten up. Obviously I’m pleased we won. But our defence. [emoji848]
  3. Doyle gifts a goal every game. Headless chicken wouldn’t be in it.
  4. Laughably this is a professional football match. Woeful standard.
  5. Pitch is littered with frauds masquerading as footballers
  6. 3 2 raith our defence is so bad it’s laughable
  7. Wow a team worst at defending than us
  8. Pitiful start from Queens
  9. Queens definitely the underdogs will find it hard to compete against the big team from Kirkcaldy
  10. Expect a tight contest. Let’s face its Queens defence is very fragile. Even in winning 5 0 on Saturday there were plenty of examples of that. As ever having himself playing again gives hope.
  11. Montrose v Queens / Queens v Montrose

    Certainly no Queens fans doing that. I thought Montrose and their fans were a credit to the club.