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  1. Queens can’t keep clean sheets or defend a cross. Lump a few corners or crosses in and you’ll get 2 or 3 Queens are absolute gutter 3-1
  2. This game has pure comedy gold written all over it. Who can concede the funniest goal my monies on Queens?
  3. Let’s be brutally honest. Going to home matches has been hard work for far too long. The home crowd is dwindling away. The demographics of our support is ageing. I fear a relegation this season would mean a lengthy period in the lower leagues.
  4. A cardboard cutout would offer more than Oliver.
  5. What was wrong with Dobbie today? He’d have loved some of those opportunities spurned today
  6. Unacceptable garbage. If Johnston had anything about him he’d resign after that pathetic excuse of a performance.
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