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  1. Can't believe you'd do Mark Yardley like that
  2. The Glasgow press would be very upset about that. Should merge the teams too. And why stop at 100,000? Think of the untapped potential of Glasgow United, Catholic & Protestant alike coming together in their 100,000s to hold hands & sing Kumbaya while running rampant on the English top flight with a stadium that can dwarf the North Korean national stadium, 150,000 fans. Can't believe Graeme Souness is thinking so small
  3. Useless racist etc shite of a manager. In fairness it was always going to be next to impossible to replace our 3 top scorers from last season but it's hard to imagine doing a worse job. There's been a lot of hoofing the ball up the park in what seems like a rather aimless manner. Absolutely baffling Dhanda isn't one of the first names on the teamsheet.
  4. There's only so many times I can say "Malky out" before it gets deeply irritating, and let's be honest, I hit that point about 2 months into his first season
  5. I love we live in an era where not ignoring the guy who indulged in racism & has never bothered showing contrition as far as we're away is painted as a bad thing. Genius take. Because what I really crave is the approval from some football fans I've never met on a forum I barely post on.
  6. That was some staggering "kids these days" boomer shite. I can't deal with Pat Bonner anymore
  7. Shame he can't (won't) throw enough money at the wall to make Malky f**k off. I know football fans like to spout nonsense but Jesus this reaching. My out of touch capitalist is more willing to burn piles of cash than yours! Personally I'd rather McGregor worked on securing the club carries on after he kicks the bucket but that doesn't get him interviews on Radio Scotland I suppose.
  8. Eh, he's getting paid to be totally ignorant, posters aren't. If you're not willing to do the bare minimum at work then you'll find yourself on the unemployment line, unless you're an ex-pro on BBC Scotland which case it's just banter. Christ, watch a couple of highlights with the annual team photo & a list of squad numbers and you can at least work who "the big guy" rather than sounding like if you just mic'd up a random fan
  9. Tat leggy chat was so utterly dire that even the world's biggest pub vote would have been ashamed to come out with it. Some of the country's stupidest men trying to play pedant is neither entertaining or informative.
  10. Was Alan Creer the lad who lost a finger? Be as well bringing him back as playing Eastwood
  11. It was an utterly bewildering signing, we all remember how pish he looked at Killie. Be as well having some 15 year old who starts for Dingwall Academy on the bench
  12. It's fine, they can just copy some of Roy MacGregor's shite press statements when County hired him, some absolute drivel about 2nd chances & forgiveness & some patronising shit (that also ends up being true) that fans will be willing to get behind him when the results start coming. Throw in some insincere pish about community and thanks to the fact that everyone in the Scottish football media seems to like Malky you get away with it. Please Dundee United, take him, I want to go back to the football
  13. Maybe your team could try not hoovering up disproportionate sums of the TV money then. Even do something radical like sharing Gate revenue. Oh wait, you don't actually give a shit so wheesht
  14. Rangers avoiding a certain booking that should send a player off, truly shocking, I am aghast
  15. It is amazing how a crew of barely literate ex-pros who presumably left school with 2 or fewer Standard Grades is the best the BBC can be arsed to find. I doubt it'd be any worse if they mic'd up one random fan at a game for open all mics
  16. Have they previewed any more than 2 or 3 3pm kickoffs this season? It's pretty clear that rest of Scotland are just a nuisance getting in the way of chatting more about the fucking Old Firm
  17. Listening to this before Cosgrove is the first time I've ever thought I was being gaslit. Are they that thick and unimaginative?
  18. It's absolutely pathetic. I'm dreading when they actually bring in VAR because even without it they can't stop going on about it. Just another excuse, as if Kenny needs it, to go on about Old Firm games at the expense of every other team in the country. They've barely talked about anything else on any of the Saturday Sportsound's since the league season started. Aye, our referees are shite, this isn't a new development.
  19. That is extremely on-brand for Stagecoach. Well, letting you on for free isn't, but being a total shiteshow is.
  20. "Football for a fiver" is a bold tag line when tickets still cost £28. Mind you, still not going back regardless if tickets were £5 or £500 until the manager is gone
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