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  1. Fucking nora, you've made me almost want to keep Malky at Victoria Park.
  2. If you can afford to waste £750 on garbage I hope you're already giving hundreds to local foodbanks. I know, I know, I'm extremely boring.
  3. Some of those goals you're left wondering if St Cuthberts even had 11 players on the park with the gaping holes in their defence. Bizarre stuff.
  4. Mine too! My second was an absolutely fucking brutal game at Telford Street against Caley that I'm 80% sure was a 0-0 & that 9 year old me was convinced County should've gotten a stonewall penalty. I don't know about getting Hungbo back. Watford are one of those teams that loan out 30 players a year. If they stay up I'd say there was a chance (though I have no idea how likely that is because English football is about as interesting to me as cricket), not a big one but 5% is more than 0%.
  5. It was an incredible finish but the concern about Malky's appointment (and I speak for myself rather than anyone else) wasn't about results on the park, though when they were bad it was certainly easier to call for his head. And finishing in the Top 6, an incredible achievement, does not actually change any of that. Which is a shame because I'd like to enjoy what is an absolutely incredible turnaround, especially as it's inevitable he'll be around for a while. But it'd be pretty pathetic for someone to spend months being mad about the racism & homophobia & sexism like I did only to shrug my shoulders and go "oh well, time to enjoy the good times" because things turned around. Purely from a footballing perspective the appointment has paid off, but none of my concerns have changed. I don't go on about it quite as much because I'm mostly resigned to the fact he'll still be in Dingwall in 12 months, that's all
  6. Top 6 finish considering that start to the season is nothing short of remarkable.
  7. At least he sounds bloody miserable most weeks
  8. It's certainly possible for County to make the top 6, but even being optimistic it's hard to imagine coming away with better than draws against Celtic & Hearts & a win at Aberdeen, & the draw at Parkhead is being mighty optimistic. And being realistic Comrie's prediction of 2 points from the 3 games is far more likely. Meanwhile it's much easier to see Dundee United getting 2 wins from their final 3. Then again they could absolutely get beat by St Mirren so it's a crapshoot really. But I think Hibs, Livi & Dundee United are the most likely to make the top 6. County could do it if they get very lucky with other results & are still able to get at least 1 win & 1 draw I suppose, but I'd not bet on that.
  9. I mean, it's unlikely a club that hires a racist manager is going to do anything about someone facing charges of domestic abuse. It's a shit state of affairs with no real defence. Yeah, it's shit. Number of teams who he played for between the news coming out that he was accused of rape & him being found guilty of rape in civil court is depressing. Football is a bad business.
  10. Just noticed, this is the Caley fan who is desperate for them to sign Goodwillie, oooft
  11. "Mr McPake"? How did you get here from 1925? Didn't know they had a time machine back then.
  12. The Challenge Cup is a pointless Diddy competition until your team makes it to the final and then it becomes great. Because you have a great chance of winning silverware and having a fun day out. Always fondly look back on the years County won it.
  13. As you say, long way to go yet. ICT could easily finish 5th & not have a play off to worry about.
  14. Hopefully they sack the idea of hiring Jack Ross & cough up for Malky Mackay instead.
  15. I see that Derek Adams has not mellowed with age. Before getting sacked by Bradford he said to local media "If they're going to get a new manager in they're not going to get a manager as successful as myself in the door"
  16. May as well ask Alex Ferguson to come out of retirement.
  17. Three teams (at least) who'd have added more to the Scottish Football League than a bunch of vile bigots. Missed chance.
  18. Trying to calm him down so he doesn't have another heart attack by the looks of it.
  19. I just want the racist out so I can go back to Victoria Park mate.
  20. Ukraine's top flight has been won by Dynamo Kiev or Shakhtar Dontesk going back to 1992/3 season. Only one I can think of. Even Moldova, which Sheriff have won 19 years on the trot, have had 3 winners
  21. I preferred the big fat thumb man "the big hoose must stay open". Or the big daft guy playing "We Don't Do Walking Away" on his kid's keyboard. So many magical moments to choose from.
  22. Inshallah. Would be very nice to have a football club to watch again.
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