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  1. So is the person editing together our goals to post on the club Facebook a punk fan then? Coz that generic Alkaline Trio-esque soundtrack over the Motherwell highlights was a bit of a surprise.
  2. Yeah, but that's two Premiership teams we've beaten now with you and St Johnstone where we can't get excited because they are in shambles. So long as you both stay in a shambolic shape for the rest of the season I feel okay about our hopes of staying up and that's the first target for the season.
  3. I'm hoping they've just got a couple for each player that we can see in rotation.
  4. I'm a big fan of Brian Graham's jumping out of the frame goal celebration.
  5. Would prefer Baxter played with one arm in a sling and unable to dive.
  6. P&J seems to be saying that we're expecting Nathan Baxter to come back once he's recovered from his shoulder injury and are just looking for short-term cover.
  7. Jesus. That is some of the worst goalkeeping I've ever witnessed. Jesus. We are fucked.
  8. It's so bad it's beautiful. Poor lad was put in front of the camera and had no idea why. That glance to his right, perfect. They are incredibly corny videos but that just makes them endearing.
  9. Excited for competitive pre-season games.
  10. The rumours are we want £200,000 which by sheer concindence seems to be the figure that's bandied about for Lindsay moving to Rotherham.
  11. Good to hear Grivosti is hanging around another year.
  12. I'm really tired and got confused as hell when I read this as "Greg Morrison has joined Barca"
  13. I've not exactly been Chief Executive of the Scott Fox Fan Club, but it's been hard to be down on him this season. And him going without having a clue who the obviously replacement will be is a wee bit disconcerting. But hopefully we get someone Premiership level.
  14. I'm not overly worried because you can't replace literally the whole team. Draper & Midge should definitely be staying, I think Fraser is decent enough. Fox I'm definitely less sold on in the Premiership but then I also don't really know who'd be available to replace him that'd be better. Probably I'd have gone for a 1 year deal on him rather than 2 but it's not my money.
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