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  1. He's said himself that he prefers playing there and has bagged a decent number of goals and assists in doing so.
  2. McPake must be like Keyes & Nelms' favourite kid who they can't say no to 😂 Or he's like Bart and Lisa on the Simpsons and is at them constantly "please Tim, please Tim, please Tim, please Tim, please Tim" 🤣
  3. Can we keep this one?? It's like that odd dog in the pound who normally nobody would want and is destined for the old euthanasia, but someone takes a shine to as there's something about them that makes them stand out.....the oddball mongrel if you will. Special with a double T-H.
  4. Pretty sure we would've been due a cut as we were in the same division when they qualified for CL for this season. Sure it's based on the season you qualify being part of the main tournament the following season.
  5. Guessing they'll all be youngsters, part of the new beginnings under wee Gordo
  6. Nostalgia Cases have a fair selection of DFC phone cases.
  7. Bit further south than anticipated though. Thought he'd have went to a north west club, Blackburn/Blackpool/Fleetwood/Wigan etc.
  8. Does he also have some cyber-antibiotics to rid us of this dayglo infection? [emoji57]
  9. That looks like a book he's written [emoji23]
  10. Don't think anyone is saying he's checked in to stay there, think it's common practice for prospective new signings to meet with new employers at neutral venues such as hotels.
  11. That was last week, good move for the lad though. Couple of years back, who would've predicted Gourlay in the top flight and Waddell in League 1?
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