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  1. Maybe trying to secure a decent replacement to soften the blow when it is finally announced? Double-dunter of an announcement maybe?
  2. That's why I said "too far off some sort of normality", I'm not naive enough to think we'll be back to business as usual in August, but it does give a bit of hope that we may be in a position to have a number of fans back in grounds earlier than previously predicted. Agree though that it is very encouraging in that it looks certain we will have football as we know it back fairly soon.
  3. After today's announcement of being able to go to shopping centres on 13th July, inside pubs, restaurants and hairdressers from 15th July, I don't think we're going to be too far off some sort of normality in August.
  4. Deadline to respond is 5pm Friday.....what can possibly go wrong? 😬
  5. The SPFL has asked clubs if they would back a 14-team Scottish Premiership for next season and, if not, how might their objections be overcome. In a letter to clubs in the top two tiers, chief executive Neil Doncaster queried if enlarging the Premiership for five years would be more palatable. He also asked clubs what other factors should be taken into account around league reconstruction. Responses have been requested by 17:00 BST on Friday. Doncaster is also expected to ask similar questions of clubs in Leagues One and Two following their divisional meetings on Wednesday.
  6. That's a good point, in theory the only way around that would be for the clubs to lay out a plan based around season ticket holders on their system who share a household and have seats beside each other. Although records the club hold won't always be accurate eg one fan can purchase a group of season tickets for family, have them all at the same address, when in reality they don't all live together. Again though, this would obviously have to be agreed with local authorities.
  7. You can also factor in same household groups of fans sitting together, which would bump the crowd up a bit, still fine margins to be running at though.
  8. Holy shit!! Try reading Twitter!! What a hoot!! They're all turning on their own supporters federation, pinning their colours to the mast of their new overlords who have clearly stated they're in it for the money and to hell with the fans groups [emoji23] Hilarious reading [emoji23]
  9. This is one of the many things from this shambles that is bothering me. Seen many journos and pundits slating DFC for "missing the deadline", despite everyone having 28 days to respond and the 5pm Friday deadline being a 'polite request' and not official.
  10. Your source appears to have been spot on [emoji85]
  11. When did he stop training with the club then? He was with us before deadline day.
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