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  1. Cracking result even though we weren't out of 2nd gear. No disappointing celtic performances. Could've upped it a bit and took double figures The Rangers are a disgrace. Joseph Anthony is an embarrassment. For 5th game on the bounce "inferior" players have ripped the pish out him. Am glad the monkeys have signed him up for two years. £18k a week HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  2. Someone going to clarify why wearie Dave was raging? The magic hat was of the opinion that Lustig should've been shown a second yellow even though he hadn't a first yellow?
  3. Walk to Charing X rather than Exhibition Centre and get the train to Belgrove is your easiest option. You'll get penned in with the filth if you go to Dalmarnock.
  4. Tragic stuff from Nevin here. When the ball is 20ft in the air, that's what we call a high ball.
  5. Surprised elbows didn't hit the ground, roll about and claim for a penalty
  6. Well deserve to get pumped out the league off QOTS after that display. Absolute pish.
  7. Does your away support only want to watch the champions?
  8. Where's all the Aberdeen supporters that were demanding extra tickets for CP? Must be about 50 there today.
  9. Swings and roundabouts. He got sent off at Pittodrie for a Niall McGinn dive.
  10. Wheres the dig SM showed on Friday? Truly pathetic defending so far. Motherwell have been good mind you, big Erwin putting in some shift.
  11. Funny as f**k watching the sevco fans celebrate like they've won the European cup haha Also. Willie Collum needs to chuck it
  12. Decent enough game so far. First 5 minutes I was thinking to myself who's this clown at left back for motherwell but as the games went on he's looked not too bad.
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