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  1. you used to support them lol , remember meeting you at the Hurlford v Medda semi few years back remember tiger ? first half you were supporting the Medda and the second half you were supporting the Ford ! begs the question how many teams have you supported ? ha ha
  2. bet he does not even know who Willie Frew is ?
  3. well done Darvel ! sure you all will be looking forward to playing the Medda ? where no doubt you will get your traditional defeat ha ha
  4. why not extend invitations to all ex junior clubs from the East to take part in the Junior cup next season ? i know there senior now but junior clubs enter the senior cup ..
  5. looks like being a real tight one for sure
  6. the good old sjfa has messed up the semi finals with the two legged junk , so why not the final as well ? each leg instead of an aggregate score make it two points a win one point a draw , if its a tie on points have a play off at the nearest junior ground to the second leg venue if that games ends up a tie decide the winner by the flip of a coin .. sounds reasonable to me and i'am sure the Sjfa would endorse it
  7. At this moment they can't join the eos even if they wanted to why not ? just asking
  8. Are Lochee good enough to beat Talbot at home ? or indeed win over the two legs ? I think Lochee have set there stall out for the Junior cup , the main reason they never joined the exodus to the EOS League ..
  9. Think the semi finals should be a one off game on a senior grass park , A good friend off mine the Kat says a two legged tie gives the advantage to the bigger clubs and I agree ! good luck to the four teams
  10. ern ? i think's Clydebank Largs Talbot and Troon .
  11. Cambuslang 11/2 in Ladbrokes/Corals , worth a punt ?
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