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  1. Not even a game against a different side is getting me up for this tournament. Pub nice and early ahead of Hampden tomorrow night.
  2. I'm not overly convinced all these Rangers fans on twitter with names such as Gio van Lundstram 1690 are even real people tbh.
  3. I haven't looked deeper into it but the only member of their squad I've heard of from a quick look on wiki is Dion Donohue who had a few years in the English lower leagues at Portsmouth and Swindon. Still expecting us to lose on Saturday right enough
  4. Confirmed on twitter now. This will definitely go down well.
  5. It went to a fan vote as one of these 4 options and the majority still managed to pick the worst of the 4.
  6. Said it on the match thread just there but Thicot is an embarrassment for the 4th. Just simply bullied.
  7. Saw the goals there. Thicot's a fucking embarrassment for the 4th, just utterly bullied.
  8. Wasn't there today but not even surprised by that scoreline.
  9. The difference this year is we're competing and creating chances in every game but have just been wasteful particularly in our recent run of defeats, and we're still guilty of individual errors leading to goals conceded. 8-3 Airdrie
  10. Airdrie 3-0 Clyde Alloa 2-2 Montrose Dunfermline 2-0 Falkirk Peterhead 1-1 Kelty Hearts QOS 1-1 FC Edinburgh
  11. Great to see Glasgow Branch getting the recognition deserved for all the hard work done and continuing to be done for the club.
  12. I think Peter Grant, Sula and Thicot were always on our radar. McLean brought in pretty last min as we were going into the Hibs game with only Aidan Cassidy as a centre half before him and Grant signed on the Thursday or Friday before.
  13. I missed Saturdays game but by all accounts we were the better side and just couldn't take our chances. That'll happen sometimes to most clubs in the world. Did think it was bizarre that Jordan Allan never started right enough.
  14. Airdrie 3-1 FC Edinburgh Clyde 2-2 Alloa Kelty 0-1 Falkirk Peterhead 1-1 Montrose QOS 1-1 Dunfermline
  15. Will be interesting to see if Thicot comes straight into the side now he's available. The back 3 so far have been largely fine but I'd like to see McLean remain in the side and Thicot possibly coming in for Sula or P.Grant. It's just a welcome change to have good options after years of suffering Rumsby and other diddies.
  16. I've never known such a mentally unstable fanbase in my life than that of Rangers, even more so on social media. There was even someone with a profile pic of Graeme Souness ridiculing the challenge. The same Souness that done this
  17. Alloa 2-0 Peterhead Dunfermline 1-2 Airdrieonians FC Edinburgh 1-1 Clyde Falkirk 1-1 QOS Montrose 2-1 Kelty Hearts
  18. As per? He scored once in 6 meetings with Cove and can only remember a brace at Broadwood in his last couple of years at Peterhead. Mightve been a bit more prolific against us before that when we were rank rotten under Duffy.
  19. Disappointing to lose a goal so soon after equalising but felt it was a fair result anyway. Cunningham was a lot quieter this week and as a result we had no real threat apart from our goal and a couple of chances near the end. Could be doing with another couple of bodies - left hand side an obvious issue and a striker with a bit of presence so we're not chucking Sula up top when chasing games.
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