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  1. Think 6/4 on Hills for 2+ cards each team in Hearts v Celtic tonight is a great bet. Always a feisty encounter particularly a midweek under the lights at Tynecastle. Beaton reffing.
  2. According to our squad list on wiki, Cunningham has taken the vacant 7 giving Jamieson 10.
  3. Thought similar. Like a better version of QP but with the same lack of a 15-20 goal striker up top. The amount of balls across goal Airdrie and QP on Saturday have both put in with no takers has been quite astounding. A draw was pretty fair on Saturday but we snatched one tonight. Was excited to see a Goodie and Jamieson partnership when the teams news came out but in truth it never really happened for either of them. Jamieson is an excellent signing though and will get better with more minutes. Hope Goodie's injury lasts until 1st February. Thought Docherty, Nicoll (where was Gomis?) and especially Livingstone had good games. Docherty was poor at the start of the season but has been pretty solid since we've went more rigid. Livingstone really has excelled in a more advanced role. Happy for Jones as although he was awful on Saturday some of the shouts were embarrassing and it showed character to bounce back from that with tonights goal. I could name a dozen strikers we've had that have offered less than him. Despite an assist Tade looked done from the minute he was introduced after starting at the weekend. f**k knows what that effort was at the end Missing Watson stealing 10 yards every throw in in the first half then speaking to Love the first time he done it in the 2nd half was strange from the ref as was turning down a quite clear Airdrie penalty. Boy perhaps too honest not to go down but I still expected it to be given.
  4. What a ping by Scott Agnew for Airdrie's 2nd tonight. Straight into top bin from the away dugout.
  5. BBC have Hearts and Hibs both pencilled in at home at 3pm this Saturday coming. Firstly, is that correct? And secondly, when did that last happen?
  6. Clyde 1-0 Alloa Dumbarton 1-3 Cove Rangers East Fife 1-2 Peterhead Montrose 1-1 Falkirk QP 0-2 Airdrie
  7. Not sure Parrys at fault for that goal at all tbh. Looks like he's pushing it out wide but Splaine's in the way. Bit of a stretch awarding the goal to Doyle watching it back Was a definite corner aswell when originally it didn't look so.
  8. Thought a draw was a fair result. Neither keeper really had a great deal to do that wasn't routine other than Parry's excellent save with his feet near the end. Can't really comment on the QP goal as I didn't see the scramble very well from the other end but by all accounts Parry should've done better. Despite having a mistake in him I still think he comes in for some unfair criticism. Our horrid game plan of not playing the game does seem to suit the likes of Rumsby and Docherty better as they (and Splaine as mentioned earlier) aren't turning in anywhere near as bad performances as they were at the beginning of the season. Thought Livingstone had an excellent game and seems to fit in well at left mid with less defensive responsibility and has a burst of pace to get us forward too which this team desperately lacks. Other than the run and foul won at the end, we'd have been as well bringing Andrew or Mortimer on than the trialist and that's saying something.
  9. CM.


    How long did that take you? I decided to wipe my FM slate clean a couple of weeks ago because I wasn't properly getting into any saves (unfortunately that meant goodbye to the Kilsyth Athletic journey) so all I've been doing recently is updating all the transfers as they happen and starting a fresh Clyde save a few days ago (4th and lost in play off to QOS first season, currently 3rd midway through 2nd season). Might give something like Wrexham or another National League side a go.
  10. The summer window started off well too with Gomis. Don't think there's many that would've thought that was a poor signing. Then the same day we announced Mark Docherty (who by all accounts has had a marked improvement in recent weeks but still a big ? of a signing). The season we came up I could see the thinking behind the likes of Johnston, Wallace and Smith (up there with the better L2 players) but it just didn't seem to happen for any of them.
  11. CM.


    May aswell show you how it finished. QOS despatching me then Airdrie with ease in the play offs to stay up.
  12. CM.


    With 2 games remaining, Dunfermline and Morton guarantee survival. Every game was a draw except ICT 0-1 Killie
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