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  1. Roberts is away to Alloa, probably been agreed for a while now. Regardless of whether his performances were below par or not, at least he still made himself available for the play off games unlike that charlatan Cunningham.
  2. If you think Duffys recruitment is bad you shouldve seen Lennons!
  3. Aye let's offer new deals to 4 of the defenders from a team that conceded about 100 goals throughout the season. That's a cracking idea. Happy to give Duthie a chance to get fit through pre season if he signs as he was superb at QOS on the opening day before his injury. Scullion also improved a lot through the season and would be content enough to keep as a squad player. Surprised at Cameron although he topped our assists chart which probably isn't saying much considering the 2 players behind him left in January.
  4. Yeah this part threw me a bit too with what context he was meaning. At least "almost completely new squad" is music to the ear that the majority of these utter jobbers will be jettisoned.
  5. The part about the gap being smaller is something I've thought about since we lost to Clydebank in the cup. No denying that was a terrible result but maybe not as big a surprise as some folk (including me) made out. That sums Lennon up in a nutshell considering some of the garbage strikers he did sign.
  6. Ray Grant could be out well into next season which is I never mentioned him when I said I'd only keep Roberts, Mullen and Salkeld. Even from they 3 it looks like only Mullen we'll have a slight chance of keeping. I do like Grant but are we wanting to use a wage up on someone who could only play part of the season and might even take months to get back up to speed again? I thought Scullion was our only player who tried to make things happen tonight even if his final ball was frustrating at times. Had the beating of his man on a number of occasions and has a bit of aggression about him that our other inexperienced players don't have. I suppose it's always handy to have a player who's capable of the former as they've been few and far between so I would maybe offer him something.
  7. What a fitting way to get relegated giving away 2 absolute gifts. Just not enough urgency in our play tonight even after taking the lead. Mullen's been 1 shining light of a dire season but he was in no mans land for the equaliser which ultimately put things to bed for sure. That was disappointing for someone that's looked confident coming for crosses to misjudge one at the most important of times. In saying that, there's not much point dwelling on one single moment as we have been sleep walking to relegation for months (arguably years).
  8. But in the unlikely event we come straight back up then you're back to square one with a team of players who already weren't good enough in L1. Mullen, Roberts and Salkeld are the only players in this squad I'd be very keen to keep and if we go down there's likely no chance any of them will stay.
  9. If we went down I'd probably get used to it and look forward to some changes of scenery but of course I want to stay up. With ambitious clubs down the pyramid then relegation would just be a step closer to the trap door and playing B and uni teams. If we stay up then next season would also be our first back in League 1 without Lennons poor recruitment so maybe whoevers in the dugout can get that right or at least better to give ourselves more of a chance but it's Clyde so that's probably a pipe dream.
  10. Extra time unless something's changed for this season. Ties in last years play offs went to extra time. Brechin-Spartans did go straight to penalties because they felt it was unfair playing an extra half an hour at the team with home advantages ground or something along they lines. Seemed strange to me.
  11. That was the first I've seen of Mullen and I was very impressed with him. I don't think Parry deserved anywhere near some of the stick he got but Mullen does look like an upgrade and obviously has age on his side. It looks like there's been a vast improvement in Liam Scullion too. Full back still remains an area of concern for me though. Have East Fife shortened their pitch since it went to astro? The far touchline looked closer in than it used to when I was last there in the 2014 play off.
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