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  1. Luton had a superb season considering their budget compared to the rest of the league. As a follower of Blackburn it's been difficult watching them shit the bed all of 2022 and see a team like Luton end up in the play offs (Forest and Sheff Utd's runs in the 2nd half of the season to get there worth a mention too) but they were there completely on merit. Should be a cracker at the City ground tonight. Thoroughly enjoyed the first leg on Saturday. Nottingham Forest should've been out of sight but Sheff Utds late consolation keeps things interesting. Still fancy Forest to progress though and probably win the final too.
  2. Wonder what EK were watching last season wanting 2 of our centre halfs (assuming Rumsby is indeed off there).
  3. I'm still annoyed that the worst of the 4 options ended up winning the away kit vote.
  4. Heard that about Rumsby too, he'd go with my thanks for his efforts the last few years but I don't think he's good enough for this level personally. Hopefully 1 or 2 new faces soon... also interested to see who Airdrie and QP let go now their seasons done, most of even their fringe players were better than anything we had.
  5. He certainly become a fan favourite aye. Mainly for his ability to score crucial goals. A few in our promotion season including the penalty to ultimately win promotion, winner against Bonnyrigg in the cup to set up a tie with Celtic, final game of last season where we needed a win against EF to avoid the play-offs. Probably shouldn't start every week but will do a job for you. Wouldn't have been short of offers either.
  6. I can remember a Friday night game against St Mirren in 2003 (IIRC was Scotland v Holland play off weekend to avoid a clash), have we had one since?
  7. Did Diamond talk and/or PJ's laptop work this time?
  8. Some more updates to Clyde between yesterday and today for new contracts and new signings
  9. We've signed Kurtis Roberts supposedly
  10. Aaron Dunsmore has signed for Stirling too I think
  11. Didn't even know he was your POTY so news to me. Can't say I know much about him but being able to run is at least an improvement on our last outfield signing from you!
  12. Hearing we're signing Connor Duthie
  13. Did the Edinburgh fans running on the pitch at the end know there's a 2nd leg?
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