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  1. Skid mark? Full blown diarrhea IMO
  2. Some banter having both Hibs strikers to score in a bet builder expecting one of them to take that penalty then Paul Hanlon stepping up
  3. Best of both worlds for Dawson on Saturday. Nice local away game at 3 that should see him home in time for the big game at Tynecastle at 5:30.
  4. I came on to ask about that priest as his name escaped me. That episode had me in absolute stitches
  5. Aye. Wigan (the most likely team Hull will replace in the drop zone) are away to West Brom though so cant see the gap getting plugged further this weekend. Still a bit of work to do for bet to be a winner but glad I got on the price when it was there
  6. Had 11 quid in account last night and spread it across a few bets.
  7. Shame no McKinnon any more as we could really be doing with 3 points. With the league looking like it'll go to the wire, can we see a similar or better Falkirk support as last time at Broadwood? I noticed your allocation was all ticket first before sensibly being changed to PATG so I imagine that'll entice a few more along.
  8. That pretty much seems the nail on the head all season. You just need to look at our record against the sides around us. Woeful. 6 wins all season with 4 of them being against sides in the top 4 seems to paint a clear picture of what games our players can get themselves up for and what games they turn up and expect it to be plain sailing.
  9. He is playing according to the club twitter. Same XI as Saturday.
  10. Both teams are in poor form but surprised to see us favourites for this
  11. McManus has been dire in our 2 meetings with Falkirk so far. Then again that was under their stewardship of jobber McKinnon. Expecting a much improved side on Saturday
  12. Would possibly be up for this. Never played at network game in FM before
  13. Although it wasn't a defeat I would put Forfar away at the start of the season into that category too. Unbelievable we never won that day.
  14. Get the same team out as yesterday and tell Cunningham to put his boots on the correct feet and we should get a positive result here.
  15. Finishing was abysmal but I would be more concerned if we turned in another inept showing ala Forfar and Airdrie away games recently and created nothing.
  16. I'll start doing your highlights if you're getting the drinks in for it
  17. Think about 5 of us at half time said "this has 1-0 Raith written all over it". Not been as scunnered about a defeat in a long time. A real encouraging performance after weeks of rubbish that had everything the last few weeks haven't; winning second balls (and first balls!), confident in possesion, creating a number chances. As a few people have mentioned, Armstrong's introduction turned the game. Had us on the back foot immediately by taking the ball and running at his man, something Raith lacked for the majority of the game up till then. It's usually hard to pick a MOTM from a good team performance but Lang was absolutely outstanding again. I obviously hope not for selfish reasons but he must be a shoe in to be Dunfermlines first choice next season. Mark Lamont really stepped up today too I thought.
  18. Really should be ahead by a couple here. Playing far better than the last few weeks but means nothing if we cant take advantage of it.
  19. Alex Rae should just fuckin propose to Hagi's auld man
  20. Surprised it's took this long for the grass to disappear. Lee Wallace left Rangers ages ago.
  21. One of the games was on a shocking surface which we still won and one was against Celtic. That's not to say we've not been poor recently, because we have been very. This will be my first visit to Starks park, not looking forward to it at all. Hoping Lang's available or we could be looking at the wrong end of a thumping similar to the first meeting. Also hoping at least Lennon gives us a slight chance by naming a decent starting 11.
  22. Goodwillie may not have scored in the 2 Falkirk games but he ran their defence absolute ragged both times. Barely got a sniff yesterday though.
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