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  1. Win Counter

    Decent couple of nights for me. Last one not settled yet but definitely a winner as they all scored. Getting a fair success rate with the shots on target bets, reckon its only a matter of time before odds tumble right down on them.
  2. Free Money

    Fiver. Bollocks
  3. Played for 3 or more Glasgow clubs

    Jimmy Gibson- Rangers, Thistle, Clyde
  4. Played for 3 or more Glasgow clubs

    Paul Slane - Celtic, Thistle, Clyde
  5. Win Counter

  6. Clyde FC vs. peterhead

    Firstly that was a really good game. Shame we couldn't grab the winner but at the same time shot ourselves in the foot having to claw back 2 goal deficits twice in the first place. To be fair Peterheads 2nd was a really good goal, the pass across the box to the boy who scored was perfect. Didn't think the ref was as bad as some of the shouts from the stands suggested but was surprised he didn't show yellow to another couple of Peterhead players. The boy handballing for the penalty going unpunished was ridiculous. I've only started going again in the last couple of weeks after a 3 year hiatus but the fighting spirit in this side to keep going to the very end compared to some previous joke sides we've had is a joyus change. It's play offs now for definite but I think we'll win them if the hard work continues.
  7. Win Counter

  8. Win Counter

    Just a small win compared to last nights
  9. Win Counter

    £646, had £3.41 or something in my account when placing it so done a 22p l15 totalling £3.30
  10. Win Counter

    Small stakes but still my biggest ever win
  11. Glasgow Area 5's

    K. Thacker
  12. Weekend Betting

    Couple of small wins on the old firm Just realised wrong thread
  13. The cost of drinking in pubs

    I don't go to pubs as often nowadays but went to a local one for the Scotland game last Thursday and was £2.90 a tennents. Seemed fair enough to me. Some of the pubs down in Blackburn when I travel to Rovers games are dirt cheap. Last time I was down was stunned to see there was change from a tenner for a round of 4 drinks (think it was 2 lager and 2 strongbow dark fruit). The pub underneath my house is pricey though. £4+ a pint apart from 1 special thats usually Fosters and even then that's £3.40 I think.
  14. Football Manager 2019

    My FM playing has gotten a little bit stale over the last few weeks but started an Aberdeen save the other day. Budget spunked on the signing of Craig Halkett and the free agent Jordan Mutch arriving on a decent wage. Had been playing 4321 but reverted to a diamond recently as GMS and McGinn have been injured more often than not with the team shaping up like; Lewis Logan Devlin McKenna Lowe Ball Mutch Shinnie Stewart Cosgrove Wilson Cosgrove had a bit of a slow start but since said formation change he's been scoring for fun in a supporting target man role with Wilson an advanced forward. Currently 3rd but still in touching distance of the Old firm at the top. Beat Rangers in the league and in the Betfred cup semi final and couldn't believe it when I seen I'd be playing Partick Thistle in the final. That should be a trophy in the bag in my opening season. Only league defeat so far was at Celtic Park. In europe I despatched of a couple of diddy mobs then had a freak 3-0 win in Zenit (lost the 2nd leg 1-0 at home but obviously through on agg). The aforementioned RB Leipzig proved a step too far though and I was eliminated in the final qualifying round.
  15. Clyde vs Annan

    Cheers mate. Wallace is still a p***k too
  16. Our keeper Blair Currie was sent off yesterday and upon looking through the rest of yesterday's results I noticed his brother Max seen red for Stranraer too. The thing I find ridiculously superb about that is that they are both goalkeepers. I imagine there will be a few cases when outfield brothers have both been sent off the same day playing for different teams but is it a first for goalkeeping brothers?
  17. Still Game & Best Bits

    1 - Courtin 2 - Brief or Scran 3 - Big yin or Cairds (although I think every episode in this series is absolutely superb) 4 - Dial a Bus 5 - Drama 6 - Recipe If I done another list tomorrow it would probably be completely different!
  18. Clyde vs Annan

    I would ask if you're drunk but with a statement like that I think you're on harder stuff than alcohol.
  19. Clyde vs Annan

    Goodwillies and Swinglehursts faces. Fucking brilliant
  20. Clyde vs Annan

    Wallace was an utter cretin the full game. Absolutely glorious seeing him and all their players trudge back to the half way line after the winner.
  21. Coupon Bursters

    Not so much a coupon buster but saw City at 5/1 about an hour in and just left it alone. Seething
  22. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Wasn't Tierney left of centre in a back 5 that game against England? Pretty sure Anya started at RWB.
  23. Lucky 15 was woeful so onto the patent now
  24. Rubbish as expected for me so far