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  1. For a club who were liquidated not so long ago they don't seem shy on splashing the cash. Hopefully go the same way only for them never to come back this time.
  2. C. Muir

    FM 2020

    Decided to take a break from the Clyde save for now and start one with Bolton. Start on -12 points at the foot of league 1 of course. No transfer budget and 3.8k p/w wage budget but luckily the squad looks alright. Only problem is about 90% of them are only on 1 year deals and, ranging from just about acceptable to ridiculous, want a wage rise when I offer new terms. They must've signed a shitload of players in January IRL as I'm sure their first team squad was both pish and bare up till then. Only positions I think I really need to add to looking at my squad are in goal and up front. Plenty of youngsters with big potential ability too but again most only on 1 year deals and same story with the wage rise when offered new deal At least it should be fun building a team from basically scratch next season. First team squad as it is.
  3. C. Muir

    FM 2020

    Into January and here's the state of play. I ended up on really good unbeaten run which has been followed up by a really shite winless run. Happy enough with 5th at this stage though and still in the play off hunt. First signing of the new window has been a popular one due to previous succesful loan spells. They were asking for £300k at the beginning of his season but with his contract running down managed to get him for a very small fraction of that now.
  4. Not the same full names but we had a shitload of Scotts at the club a few years ago. Linton, Ferguson, McManus, McMann, Durie, McLaughlin and probably 1 or 2 more I've forgotten. Can't remember exactly how many of them would've been at the club/been on a pitch at the same time.
  5. Your mention of Stranraer got me thinking/remembering. A Mark Lamont on each team in this fixture in 2018 https://www.clydefc.co.uk/match/report/1253/
  6. I don't think he meant it that way. Rather that it was surprising that there's only been 81 contributers considering the amount donated so far, meaning there's been some big, generous contributions.
  7. C. Muir

    FM 2020

    End of September I'm sitting a fairly respectable 6th in the Championship so far. Good home form is keeping my head above the water, away forms been garbage with 4 defeats from 4 without even scoring. Highlight of the summer business was Craig Brysons return. He is retiring at the end of the current season so only got him playing for a year but signed as a player/coach so at least will still be at the club when he retires. Managed to get Lang back on loan as predicted after Dunfermlines promotion. Hylton so far looks a decent addition as a strike partner for Goodwillie. Pleased I've managed to keep the best of the squad together too, Lamont being the only one slipping through my fingers after, yes, Dunfermline met his release clause. Some Australian clubs were a bawhair away from meeting McStay's too but managed to get him on a new contract without a release clause this time. A few fringe players were released too (including Love and McNiff which was a hard thing to do!).
  8. Sevco fans making up news articles that the season is going to get voided. That might actually happen to be fair, but find it funny its Sevco fans doing it as they would undoubtedly be first to bite if a fake article was posted about titles being awarded on current standings.
  9. Just under £7k (£6,911 to be precise) as of yesterday. https://www.clydefc.co.uk/donate/
  10. C. Muir

    FM 2020

    Got the title after a 3-1 win over Raith who join me in the Championship after beating QOS in the play offs. Dunfermline won the championship so might give me a chance to get Lang again but Accies are in the division after failing to get promoted back to the top flight so can't see them giving me Cunningham, who hit some form in the last few games for me after me changing formation again. In other news, there was a big shock in the Scottish Cup as Dundee (who finished 6th in the Championship ) beat Hearts in the final. Celtics 5 trebles in a row quest was ended by Ayr in the 5th round who beat them 2-1 thanks to a double from Rangers loanee Dapo Mebude. Quite amused at the thought of the reaction to that or similar happening in reality.
  11. C. Muir

    FM 2020

    Remarkable. Airdrie have absolutely shat the bed and lost 1 and drawn 2 of their last 3 (against 6th, 10th and 9th in the league) leaving it a final day shootout between Raith Rovers and I for the title. I've won my 3 games but needed a last gasp winner at Inverness. Avoid defeat and the title is Clyde's but a Raith win would see them pip me on goal difference. Airdrie are still in with a tiny, tiny shout, but need Raith to beat me coupled with winning their own game by a cricket score.
  12. C. Muir

    FM 2020

    Just lost 1-0 at home to Airdrie to hand them further initiative when a win would've put me top but table still remains tight with a few games to go. Got Cunningham back on loan too on January deadline day but to be honest I've not really needed him and he's been in and out the side. Just got excited when I saw he was available after his contribution last season.
  13. Forfar still do bovril in a polystyrene cup, excellent it was too. Their bridies are very overrated though. The introduction of the play offs was good and gives more teams something to aim for, but there's something slightly strange about finishing 4th in a 10 team league and still being able to go up
  14. C. Muir

    FM 2020

    Megginson has been in and out the team for me but scored in consecutive games recently. I've sinced changed my formation from 4231 to a 442 diamond though so currently he's backup to Goodwillie and Syvertsen up front.
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