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  1. Man of the match for us in the play off final a couple of years ago at 17. Took the game by the scruff of the neck, kept probing and probing, always wanting the ball. Superb talent and this should be an excellent move for him and Dunfermline. Already captain of the Palace 23s I believe
  2. C. Muir


    Aye, pretty much this. I've not went them but from other saves you can see it. It'll be a good few pages back now but from one of my saves after FM21 first came out I posted QP's signings in either season 2 or 3. Was fucking crazy edit - FM21 - Page 21 - Football Manager - The Pie Shop (pieandbovril.com)
  3. C. Muir


    They don't move from Hampden until next season, although Id be surprised if that's made it into the game The move to Lesser is in the game.
  4. It was hardly "a bit of punditry", he was the co-commentator.
  5. I'll give it a shot if it's still going ahead/numbers still available Me and 2 others from here had a network game last year which was decent but the only pain was everyone being free at the same time to have a right good few uninterrupted hours at it. Will only be trickier with more users.
  6. C. Muir


    Yeah that happened with me in a few saves in FM20 (not got that far in any saves in 21 yet ) . That's not the only frustrating thing, the substequent Jan and Feb schedule is absolutely ridiculous, especially if you're still in domestic cups and/or Europe.
  7. Would possibly be up for this. Let me know if you get the numbers.
  8. Is there anywhere I can listen to this? Or even better watch but the former will do as it's my own fault I can't watch it for being a tightarse and not buying Dundee Utds stream
  9. Marky Munro joins Clyde having left St Johnstone a couple of months back
  10. We played Bonnyrigg in the cup last season and I thought their goalie was pretty solid. Unbelievable performance from him yesterday though - that save from Afolabi before he knocked in the rebound is one of the best I've ever seen.
  11. You could argue we done that last January bringing in Livingstone and Cunningham (and Lang I suppose but we already knew his qualities) even though it took a few games for us to see a difference.
  12. Do Dundee Utd have players out for this? Their price is massive today
  13. Had a pretty similar coupon only I let it run. Bloody Sociedad! The goal they conceded was utterly seethe inducing aswell. Boy tried to dribble out his own penalty area and lost possesion leaving an Osasuna player to thump home the loose ball
  14. Has the pass back rule changed? Steffen picked up a pass back inside the area but the indirect free kick was taken outside?
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