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  1. Something to do with their management team jumping ship to Dumbarton that made Lamont want to cancel his move I think.
  2. Got them all. Not bad lot there. 14 is an interesting one, just looked completely out of sorts for us most of last season but was an asset amongst a well balanced midfield till they all left (Ray Grant to you lot among that).
  3. Aye by the river mate. Definitely check what? I'm already booked indoors, unless that was meant for Ben45.
  4. Did you notice in the t&cs if the free bets are given ater each goal, or all combined at the end of the tournament? Don't have my first one yet.
  5. The Old Ship. Unfortunately indoor looks fully booked but maybe worth emailing them to see if they'll have screens in the beer garden as there's outside tables available.
  6. Anyone had a look at St Mirrens reserve squad yet?
  7. Aye I done my bets this morning/afternoon. Immobile backed. Because I mentioned Lukaku as well I've went France/Lukaku winner/top scorer at 50s on bet365. Free fiver on sky if you bet minimum 5p on England Croatia game so stuck a daft 50p on Croatia & BTTS just to trigger the free bet and stuck it on Kante player of the tournament at 16s. Guaranteed free bet from Williams Hills daily scratch of the day promotion today. £2 for me which patriotically went on Scotland to win the tournament at 250s. Also backed 28+ and 32+ penalties awarded in tournament at 16s and 80s respectively. Think that's a tad high with VAR and foreign refs. If my calculations are correct then there will be 51 games in total at the tournament so they figures seem more achievable than the odds reflect to me. Like every tournament I've thrown together a few daft other things. Accas of dual forecasts for every group, top nation scorers & top club scorers & couple of skys player goals request a bets.
  8. 9:30 train for us. When we were first thinking about going down we were actually considering the sleeper which I see is now cancelled completely for a few weeks due to strikes. Glad we avoided that in the end no matter how much carnage Waverley's going to be on Thursday.
  9. Some pub in Hammersmith for us for the game. Our digs are within a couple of miles radius from there and Hyde Park so shouldn't be too much hassle maneuvering around on the day. Plus we were pretty late to book so most pubs around Hyde Park had booked out. Looking forward to our boozer being a massive dump. Hopefully not bump into Skull Crusher Henderson.
  10. C. Muir


    At least I lost to the eventual winners. What a superb way to win it too.
  11. Would add Phil Foden to that. Think he's world class. Although Southgate will probably play Kalvin Phillips ahead of him, alongside Declan Rice, in front of a back 5.
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