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  1. Apart from Killie we've actually been quite lucky in this cup for draws as it's only them and now Dumbarton we've faced more than once. The other 2 unseeded sides in our group being from the same division is a pain though.
  2. Aye I don't mind drawing Dunfermline from that aspect. Rest of it is pretty meh from our side though. Before todays draw, Killie were the only side we had previously drawn against more than once since the group stage format came in so a little bit boring getting them (and now Dumbarton) again, although we gave Killie a decent game in the 2 previous meetings.
  3. It's hard to fancy our chances in any group of this tournaments format to be fair when you're always going to get a top flight and Championship side. We should blow Falkirk away easily as usual but will probably lose the rest.
  4. I had a look at who "liked" their tweet announcing the signing. First 4 were a fan of each Aberdeen, Dundee and Celtic followed by the Inverurie Locos manager
  5. Since Cove dont appear to have any fans I will speak for them. Theyve signed Leighton McIntosh
  6. Bain should be a solid enough addition. Hopefully with Grant and McStays futures confirmed and the budget finalised (however small it is) will see more faces arrive. On the striker situation, I would say we could do with another but not an absolute priority. You could have 3 of Johnston, Syvertsen, Love and Goodie starting a game which would leave us threadbare in reserve but starters in defence and midfield are the main priority just now. I don't have anything against the 3 of those players but if they're all going to be starters this season then I can't see us not conceding goals regularly. Hopefully Dunfermline sign a lot of centre backs 🤔
  7. Possibly Alloa moved to unseeded North, QOS into 2nd seeds South with Kelty taking the extra South place? If your workings are correct I'd probably want St Mirren from the top seeds as we've not played them competitively for a while. (Already played Killie twice and Accies in the group stage of this and Livi is a grim fixture). Not arsed about the rest apart from it would be nice to avoid teams in the same division as us from the unseeded lot, although maintaining bitch status over Falkirk nice and early in the season would be quite amusing.
  8. Didnt realise that last year. Was that a first I take it? As I've always remembered the Pars being in the North section.
  9. Would Kelty be in the NE region for this? They play out the same way as Dunfermline and Cowden who are always in NE, but with Brora obviously being in that section too I wonder if they'll put Kelty in SW or change a team that were NE last season to SW this. edit - regions don't usually bother me, but the thought of getting Barry Fergusons mob and them beating us isn't a pleasant one.
  10. Having quite a chuckle at the thought of an 80k seater stadium in a place the size of Dingwall
  11. Patsy Gallacher sounds like an alias name for a cocaine dealer. Kieran MacDonald park as in the ex-Clyde and current Raith left back Kieran MacDonald? Clyde stadium name/capacity? Still in Cumbernauld?
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