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  1. Our keeper Blair Currie was sent off yesterday and upon looking through the rest of yesterday's results I noticed his brother Max seen red for Stranraer too. The thing I find ridiculously superb about that is that they are both goalkeepers. I imagine there will be a few cases when outfield brothers have both been sent off the same day playing for different teams but is it a first for goalkeeping brothers?
  2. Still Game & Best Bits

    1 - Courtin 2 - Brief or Scran 3 - Big yin or Cairds (although I think every episode in this series is absolutely superb) 4 - Dial a Bus 5 - Drama 6 - Recipe If I done another list tomorrow it would probably be completely different!
  3. Clyde vs Annan

    I would ask if you're drunk but with a statement like that I think you're on harder stuff than alcohol.
  4. Clyde vs Annan

    Goodwillies and Swinglehursts faces. Fucking brilliant
  5. Clyde vs Annan

    Wallace was an utter cretin the full game. Absolutely glorious seeing him and all their players trudge back to the half way line after the winner.
  6. Coupon Bursters

    Not so much a coupon buster but saw City at 5/1 about an hour in and just left it alone. Seething
  7. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Wasn't Tierney left of centre in a back 5 that game against England? Pretty sure Anya started at RWB.
  8. Lucky 15 was woeful so onto the patent now
  9. Rubbish as expected for me so far
  10. Had f**k all winners in first day and no bets yesterday but back in today e/w lucky 15 first 4 races Lostintranslation First Assignment Un De Sceaux Supasundae e/w patent in last 3 Siruh Du Lac Posh Trish Touch Kick I'm generally usesless at betting on horse racing so just small interest stakes for me
  11. Free Money

    Put my free bet on Henderson and Ribery to be carded, Henderson off injured
  12. Squad face March

    Eh? beaten to it
  13. Squad face March

    Callum McGregor has missed Celtics last few games through injury, don't think he'll be fit for this double header. Should still have enough to beat these 2 mobs comfortably but I'm interested to see how the midfield will start with him and Christie injured. McTominay and McGinn with Armstrong playing further forward?
  14. Win Counter

    Cashed this out for £40 profit, was due to return £56 but happy with that as I was getting fed up with one team bursting me so often recently