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  1. We were unlucky in the end there but to be fair we didn't deserve anything from the game so would've been a bit of an injustice had we nabbed an equaliser. Too many players had an off day. Looking at Lang and Otoo in particular, the latter had a really tough time of it against a proper winger with pace but he'll learn from it. Still think it was a mistake subbing him for McNiff in that position though. I was perhaps a little harsh on Cunningham in the first half as nobody else could hold on to the ball either, just seemed to be him at the times I was getting frustrated the most over it Good strike from Jack (after thinking it was Thomson for ages), this is the first I can remember him doing anything of note so far though. Games seem to pass him by pretty easily. Hopefully that goal will give him some confidence.
  2. Bernabeus under renovation. This is their training ground where their B team also play.
  3. A goal down McNiff's side as soon as he's on. I get that Otoo hasn't had his best afternoon and is probably knackered but that was a strange sub that. Just handed them the game on a plate now.
  4. Aye he's finding it difficult against a proper winger this afternoon.
  5. Cunningham needs hooked at half time. Then subbed. Gave the ball away nearly every time he's had it so far
  6. I was going to go through his too as I thought him and Stuart Malcolm would've had a similar turnover over the same periods of time but decided against it because of the above
  7. I'm bored so had a quick study. Took over on 10th November 2019 according to BBC sport which would make the Scottish Cup defeat at yourselves on the 23rd his first match in charge. According to my quick skim of soccerbase (unless I've added anyone twice by accident), 51 players have played minutes under Stuart Malcolm at Forfar. List is in the spoiler below. Dare say there will be a few more too from subs who never took to the field to players never involved in a match day squad at all. Forfar fans should be able to add anyone missing from the list for they reasons (I could've added unused subs from soccerbase myself but I had already gotten into the rhythm of "used" players so couldn't be bothered restarting).
  8. Don't see why not. He's not going to be anywhere near Celtics first team. Only thing is they might've seen how good an impact he's made and decide to loan him out to the Championship to test him in a higher league.
  9. Terrible opposition but good to win with a bit of style. 3 really good goals. Good timing of the goals too, one relatively early to settle us down and a couple more either side of the interval to make the majority of the 2nd half a cruise. If I'm being selfish I thought we could've went for a couple more to help the goal difference further but no complaints at all about the evenings work. The obvious stand outs have been covered but I think Marky Munro deserves a credible mention. Came in at right back and done a very solid if unspectacular job. He's a signing I was unsure about too after completely selling a goal in that Glasgow Cup match.
  10. TEAM v FORFAR ATHLETIC 1. Mitchell 22. Munro 23. Otoo 5. Rumsby 15. Lang 6. Cuddihy 12. Howie 19. Nicoll 9. Goodwillie 14. Cunningham 11. Love SUBS: 21.Wilson, 18.Thomson, 17.McGlinchey, 10.Jamieson, 2.Bain, 4.McNiff, 20.Jack, 8.Lamont, 16.Robertson. Howie in midfield or Lang and Goodie up top?
  11. We actually struggle to break down teams who sit in. Will certainly be interesting tomorrow night to see how we do in a game we're expected to be on the front foot.
  12. Not a great watch that but good to reply so soon to going behind and it could be a crucial point come the end of the season. Can only imagine Lennon continued with Love at left-back and moved Otoo into midfield to get more energy alongside Nicoll on the bigger pitch but I wasn't really a fan of him in that role. Get him back to left-back tomorrow.
  13. Cove 2-0 Dumbarton Falkirk 2-0 Clyde Forfar 1-2 East Fife Montrose 3-2 Airdrie Peterhead 0-0 Partick Thistle
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