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  1. I had similar problems as a couple of above posters on chromecast with the stream cutting out every few mins. Was plain sailing when I stopped watching that way and just watched on my PC though. The no commentary option is superb, heard some funny moans and groans from the stands.
  2. Can imagine the hardon Thistle fans will have over this result against our u21s if that Challenge cup tie a few years ago was anything to go by
  3. 1 and 2 bottles per customer really!?
  4. f**k it. They'll be getting plenty business out me anyway.
  5. Aye I was getting mixed up. I had 34g of sugar in mind but after looking it up that was per 330ml can. Per 100ml was 10.3g. No wonder it tastes good
  6. It has 11g of sugar per 100ml so more than the new recipe but less than the original. First few drinks has been more good than bad though 😀 Criminally only got 1 bottle incase it was shit but will be back down at opening time tomorrow for a stock up at this rate.
  7. C. Muir

    FM 2020

    Found the loan market quite tough in last years too (maybe cause Clyde were in League 2 though!). Found myself signing u23 free agents on non contract terms just to fill my squad.
  8. C. Muir

    FM 2020

    Seems to have ironed out in my Clyde save. In November and only been 4 penalties in games involving me all season. And they looked like pens too, none of this clean get the ball interception that gets penalised.
  9. Forfar are probably the side that have surprised me the most this season in terms of expecting them to be much better. Got a decent squad there on paper although I was surprised to see on wiki they've got a player on loan from a team 2 divisions below. No doubt they'll beat us and start climbing the table like Montrose did
  10. Thought Kyle Hutton was a stand out for Dumbarton today too. I don't think he played in our previous meeting? Dumbarton definitely looked a lot steadier in midfield to me today with him in the side.
  11. Dreadful performance. Always going to have a mountain to climb when your better players (Grant, Goodie) aren't at the races. Dumbarton really should've won by more in the second half but a combination of good goalkeeping/poor finishing/McCluskey being utter shite kept it at 2. They managed the game well though including the timewasting which I'm fine with as I would want us to do the same in that position. Home form is starting to become a cause for concern after going nearly a year unbeaten thats now 3 defeats and a draw in the last 4 home games. I fucking hope its not as cold next week! Fingers are still numb. We lost so ask @peternapper
  12. In hindsight aye but if theres an inspection itll probably be called for about 1 o'clock latest
  13. Funnily enough the bit in bold would pretty much sum up his final year with us (the one we got to the play offs). Just his years before that were pretty rank. Looking back at our squad from that final season he should've probably been knighted if he managed to get that promoted Unbelievable that we used to think most of them were semi competent players at the time just because we had been used to utter tripe the years before it. But only Kieran MacDonald from that side would've got anywhere near last seasons promotion winning squad. Onto Saturday, we could really be doing with a win. 3 clean sheets on the bounce is encouraging so a fit Johnston and Goodie from the start and I'm confident
  14. Wonder if Duffy and McCluskey will get the same reception as Kevin Nicoll did
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