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  1. Can’t say I ‘hated’ any of them apart from Lewis and Haber. Effort on a Saturday was never an issue amongst the majority; sadly they were just fucking hopeless.
  2. We’ve already beaten Stranraer away from home 3-0 under Ray... Ray would have won both games comfortably. Next Saturday away to East Fife is the first real test for M&M.
  3. I thought we were pretty poor today and played exactly how we have been under Ray McKinnon. The 3 at the back is an absolute waste of a player in games like today. Dixon has reaped the benefits from it, who actually had a decent game today and his delivery on the whole was pretty good. Gomis wasn’t at the races again and gave the ball away more often than not. Sammon was another who was dug meat from start to finish, although Johnstone managed to make him look a pler again during his brief cameo appearance. The best of the bunch for me was Gary Miller and, as Russ mentioned, Declan McManus. What’s going on with Tidser? We know he’s got the ability but he’s not getting a sniff at all.
  4. Yes had already edited! You’re on the ball.
  5. This. My nephew plays for the foundation. God love him but he’s absolutely chronic at football.
  6. Totally agree. For the amount of time and space Dixon had last night I felt he was quite wasteful. The ball in for Sammon’s second was atrocious which Gomis somehow rescued. Tidser looked good when he came on which is promising. If we are sticking with this formation he has to start over Miller. I’d be tempted to move Miller to RWB and push Doyle to centre back over Durnan. The c**t is playing heels. Awful footballer.
  7. Probably 100000/1 chance but if anyone has two spare tickets (either end) then drop me a message please! Missed out on the tickets.
  8. Imagine a touch line of John Hughes and Lee Miller. Gow in the stands as a director. Latapy on the commercial side in hospitality. All in Prada suits with a splash of Tom Ford. Hwfg.
  9. He may be interested. I’d take my time as a board if I were them as they absolutely need to get this right. Owen coyle would be a disaster, imo .
  10. That’s easily the best away support, noise wise, we’ve had for a good few seasons now. The last minute winner looked absolutely carnage, fair play! Falkirk take UJs to games as well, it will always split the fans and the discussion has been done to death. I thought we started the game pretty well today with Airdrie scoring against the run of play. After the goal our bottle collapsed and we looked lost for any ideas going forward and no real game plan. Did Hutton have a save to make? I made a rare appearance in the main stand today instead of the south and watched the two managers closely. Absolutely worlds apart as Murray was constantly at the touch line barking orders and showing encouragement whilst Ray looked fucking lost. Empty him, now.
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