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  1. To be fair it’s the fairest solution with no negative impact on teams. All of the top two in Scottish leagues have a decent gap between them and third. Of course it benefits us as well, I’ll take any solution going that gets us out this hell hole. ETA. Obviously the fairest way if the league season can’t be completed, imo.
  2. Scrap the league cup next season and fit the end of this season into the when the group games and pre season would be.
  3. And they failed to even ask about the one injury we know f**k all about.
  4. What are rules with loan signings for emergencies? Would you be able to sign someone on a short term deal if Thomson's injury was to keep him out for the rest of the season?
  5. No way are we favourites. Rovers are the better side, imo. Both teams will drop points between now and May meaning I think it’ll still be winnable for both come the last game of the season. If we can stay 1 point behind for the challenge cup game and win on the Saturday to put us top it’ll be interesting to see how Raith react to the pressure. Is your postponed fixture the following Tuesday?
  6. This please. Any news on when Todd is expected to return?
  7. What’s with Tait, Bowie and Maclean all sitting out? Out of form or resting slightly for Tuesday?
  8. I’m glad they chose Aidan Connelly to interview; he gave a really good insight into our pre-match plans. Plenty of hard work.
  9. wee_bairn


    Dirty onion is great at night with live music. Harp bar also worth checking out.
  10. I’m heading to Singapore, Thailand and Cambodia in May and absolutely sweating over the coronavirus outbreak.
  11. Hi there. Spent time in South America last year so quite fresh in the memory. I’d definitely push for 10+ days, if 8 I’d be inclined to maybe just do one of the city’s and something closer by. Far too much to see and do between the two city’s. I’d suggest, if possible, throwing in Iguazú Falls as well for a couple of days between the two city’s. Id say 4/5 nights at each would be fine but you won’t have many days just soaking in the atmosphere with a cold one! Really depends what you want to see and do I suppose. Let me know if you want to know anything specific. When you have a set time booked I’ll try help out as much as I can. Both city’s are incredible - you’ll have a great time.
  12. Wow. Even if we had only included highlights which suit our club, what the f**k does it matter? It’s primarily for our fans to watch. Total riddy from a teams official Twitter account.
  13. I’ve got a bad feeling about this game tbh. Montrose have been one of the few teams to impress me over the season, yet we’ve taken the maximum of 6 points from them. Wouldn’t be overly surprised with our luck to change with a draw on Saturday. With regards to the starting 11, I’d swap Todd in Sammon and push LL up front.
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