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  1. Of the top of my head I would suggest Gaston, Little, McKenna and O'Brien from Arbroath are all better than what we have and are all part time. Then from Alloa you have Hetherington, Grant and Trouten who would all do well for us in League one. From our league I admit most of the players who have impressed me are youth players on loan at Montrose (Mochrie and Ballantyne plus some of Thistles side). Scott Brown from Peterhead is an example of a player who preferred to stay part-time rather than a full-time deal with us. He's better than anything we have in the middle of the park. I'm not saying to go part time altogether but to shut the door on players who are more than capable is insane. Having a pool of 5-8 part time players would be advantageous. PS. I'm not suggesting for a second that any of the players quoted would jump at a chance to play for us, more that there are quality players out there available on a part time basis.
  2. I think a hybrid team should at the very least be considered by the club. You'd assume we could attract the top end of the part-time market if we did and we'd also be securing guys who will have an appetite to play for the club instead of seeing it as a last full-time pay day. With regards to the squad - I hope we only see Mutch, Dixon and Morrison next season. I'd possibly keep Telfer and Keena but a massive clear out is required.
  3. Airdrie 2 Falkirk 2 Clyde 1 Cove 1 Dumbarton 1 Montrose 1 East Fife 1 Partick 2 Forfar 0 Peterhead 1
  4. I actually thought we played better and created more against Dumbarton than we did against Montrose. "Our levels" are fucking appalling.
  5. What's happened to Zanatta? He was highly rated earlier in his career but seems to have lost his way? Is it purely down to attitude or is he not as good as first hoped?
  6. Cove 1-0 Airdrie Falkirk 2-0 Dumbarton Montrose 1-1 East Fife Partick 5-1 Forfar Peterhead 2-1 Clyde
  7. Would highly recommend the favela tour. Remember to go with a reputable tour guide who pay a % of the money to the families and community of the area.
  8. Airdrie 1-1 Partick Dumbarton 2-2 Peterhead East Fife 2-1 Cove Forfar 0-2 Falkirk Montrose 3-0 Clyde
  9. I agree with this line up, in particular the back line. Hall for me has to be dropped. He's an accident waiting to happen and really could have caused 3+ goals last night. It's absolutely vital we win our next two games vs. Forfar and Dumbarton who are arguably the weaker sides of the division. This would put us in a great position going into the Airdrie away game with the sides below us all playing each other over that same week. On paper we have the easiest run in now having played Montrose, East Fife and Thistle already.
  10. If Sean Kelly is injured he may be called upon to start? I'd rather keep Dixon at centre half.
  11. I'd be looking at a centre forward to come in on loan as well. Zero confidence in Keena staying fit until the end of the season and the rest are not up to the required standard. Hopefully Neilson (if rumours are true) can be a bit of a utility player playing RB, CM or CB when required. Could we loan Nathan Austin and if he currently has a part time job then swap him with Akeel Francis to do that during the week?
  12. Was there not a prize money complication last season from calling the league null and void? Would you receive the prize money? And if yes, would it be based on current standings?
  13. I'd take Nathan Austin back in a heartbeat with a similar move.
  14. Also has anyone been using the Swissborg app? Their own token CHSB has a great deal of potential pushing past the $1 marker. We've seen with BNB where this kind of use case token can go to. You can also store their own token in a yield wallet which accumulates interest.
  15. A lot of good positive news coming out of Ripple this week. Once the court case gets settled or fully dismissed I think it'll beat its ATH this year.
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