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  1. Why did Peterhead even need to release this info? It could have been as little as gauging what kind of money he’d be looking for to allow him to go full time which we couldn’t meet.
  2. We scored the most goals in the league and conceded the fewest. I think our biggest problem last season was having a plan B if we couldn’t break a team down. We seen how vital Miller was giving us another option up front when McManus was having an off day. Sammon and McMillan were like a man down.
  3. Bantabairn called it last night on here... then you posted the time after Falkirk tweeted it.
  4. Rangers midfield 3 have been brilliant and totally dominated this. Agree with someone earlier feeling sympathy for Bryson as Ojo and Ferguson have been so far off it. Aberdeen play with zero style or game plan. Anderson helpless up top on his own.
  5. Just imagine Tam Robert in that top. You might do shite next season but by f**k you’ll look sexy.
  6. Good point. Glad we dodged that bullet.
  7. My only worry is what kinda nick he’s in after the past four months. He was never the fittest.
  8. Not sure who’s worse for ITK insight; you or Keithgy?
  9. They did release him for free according to the article which broke the story and had quotes from the manager.
  10. I can only imagine the hold up is to allow the media department time to put together an absolute porno of an announcement featuring Alston's Falkirk highlights to the sound of Supersonic.
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