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  1. Also has anyone been using the Swissborg app? Their own token CHSB has a great deal of potential pushing past the $1 marker. We've seen with BNB where this kind of use case token can go to. You can also store their own token in a yield wallet which accumulates interest.
  2. A lot of good positive news coming out of Ripple this week. Once the court case gets settled or fully dismissed I think it'll beat its ATH this year.
  3. Absolutely laughable you are concerned about fitness as a full-time side against primarily part-time opposition. It speaks volumes about our current squad of jobbers. We have zero pace and energy in the middle of the park with old man Gomis the only player with a bit about him. Telfer has been our second best centre mid this season by a long shot and should never have been dropped. Hopefully this break has done the likes of Alston, Keena and Connolly some good to get back fitter.
  4. Absolutely. After the first 15 mins I'll be sitting on the telly and watching the couch.
  5. Aye I’m definitely in this boat. I absolutely hate the working from home environment and really struggle mentally to have a disconnect from work each weekday. Obviously lucky to have the opportunity to still be working but long term I want to be back in the office.
  6. Yep the xrp fanatics have crazy predictions which I also believe are pie in the sky stuff. I bought in at around .41c so similarly will be taking profits at the $1 marker which I do think could be seen this year. I think I have missed the dip for BTC as I had hoped it would have dipped a bit further and could have caught it with payday Friday.
  7. Is anyone invested in XRP? By all accounts the pre-trial went very well on the 22nd.
  8. I’ve got funds available to invest more in either Btc or ETH during this dip and I can’t decide where the best value is.
  9. Must have been some pler being at ICI. I was at the fierce rivals (at my age) Gairdoch!
  10. I agree an 18 game season would be the best way forward. However; I don’t understand the criticism of fans and clubs at the other end of the table as if it were back in the season with Ray McKinnon sitting bottom of the Championship I’d be crying for null and void. We’ve got to hope an 18 game season suits the majority which I think it will. Dumbarton and above can all still make the playoffs.
  11. Why should they have to extend players contracts and compete in a relegation playoff potentially one month after their last competitive fixture? They will be at a total disadvantage. This is obviously based on the worst case scenario that games run into June.
  12. The only concern for me is that the Championship clubs kick back on the play offs if our season runs on for too long.
  13. I think the only reason we haven't had any players in or out is because our league has been canned and there is uncertainty as to whether it will restart. I'd be more worried if they were happy to go the rest of the season with this squad.
  14. Agreed. I can't see how the 27 game season is manageable given the break and the potential of postponements with covid cases. An 18 game league is the most likely way of ensuring a season can finish in time to allow the playoffs to be played out.
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