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  1. Do you mean form an U16 & U18 development leagues?
  2. Astro, should be on unless because of other factors, free last season.
  3. No suprise from me on the result. Uppers are a well organised Glasgow based team, who were Queen of the South Colts last season with some experienced players.
  4. Message sums up Friday nights game exactly ,great set up at Blackburn, first time back for many a year, well done.
  5. Lights must have been given the ok from the Estonian F.A, lol.
  6. Aye your certainly having a laugh buddy, 13th for the Star, hahahahha.
  7. Newtongrange Star would like to announce that co-managers Colin Affleck and Jamie Burrell have departed the Club. The Club would like to thank them for their efforts during the recent transitional phase and would like to wish them best wishes for the future. The Club will announce a permanent appointment to the manager's position in due course.
  8. "The committee of Newtongrange Star have decided that the issuing of new club memberships will remain suspended until after the AGM in May. The committee have made this decision so that the Club can focus on pursuing the actions discussed at the EGM on 5th February regarding the Club's future direction".
  9. He's never really been away Burnie.
  10. Stevie intimated that the club structure was wrong but never said the demise of Newtongrange Star F.C. If the offer is never taken up , the Star will always survive in some shape or form. The pyramid has put new financial pressures on the big clubs that was never really there in the Juniors. Improve your facilities, pay more for the better players etc , so some club systems/structures are going to be tested, for the best mind you. Your correct in that one man ownership has been bad in the past, Ballingry Rovers etc, but it's working so far at Kelty Hearts. It's a fairly new concept the one man ownership at this level of football in Scotland but it maybe the norm in years to come.
  11. 'Demise' Cookieboy, were did that come from? Our issue is not about going out the box buddy, if our issue is resolved it would catapult the Star into a higher level. Watch this space for the outcome of the E.G.M.
  12. New Victoria Park will be in excellent condition for today's game. Stevie the groundsman has worked very hard on the pitch this season , it was in great shape last night for the under 20's.
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