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  1. Can then move Todorov in to centre half IMO Don't give him ideas FFS!
  2. That was maybe the final straw if true, but definitely a falling out well before then.
  3. Exactly my point. Celtic and Rangers would expect their young players to be regulars in a mid-table/playoff Championship team, especially given their pedigrees in the youth teams. Great squad players to have from our point of view, but hopefully there's no pressure on the manager for more game time!
  4. Never really impressed with us, but never got a run of games either. Certainly wasn't unhappy when Hearts recalled him. Hopefully he'll impose himself in the team with regular starts, but I'm not surprised he's went down the league based on his spell here.
  5. Feeling confident for tomorrow. Which probably means we'll get absolutely smashed. O'Hara has earned his recall to the 11, Fraser Murray dropping out. Be interesting what we do with Mayo/McInroy as I think the parent clubs will be expecting starts but they don't deserve to replace anyone in the first 11 yet.
  6. You're obviously remembering a different Iain Turner if you thought he played well. That season, both him and Chris Smith were total bombscares. Bit like our keepers this year tbf.
  7. Team submitted. Bit of a reshuffle after a disappointing 2018.
  8. I'm guessing he was the guy who fell over the ball?
  9. Giggs is a boring, pointless, uninformed bawbag.
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